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Let’s Hear It For The GOP! by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

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I think it is time that we all stood up and gave the Republican Party
a big round of applause. I mean, they have done us all a huge favor.
By an overwhelming majority, the GOP has prevented a potential plague
from enveloping these United States of America, and I think it is time
that we acknowledged it. Yes, the GOP stopped a potential catastrophe.
Without the combined efforts of millions of Republicans, there is no
telling what kind of disaster might have ensued. Let’s hear it for the
GOP! Hip Hip Hooray!

For a few minutes there, I thought the GOP might have lost its mind,
but I am glad to report that all is well with the Republican Party.
The international bankers and oil companies, and the
military-industrial complex, as well as the presidents of Mexico and
Canada, can breathe easy. With John McCain as the presumptive
Republican nominee, the globalist power brokers who have dominated the
last three Presidential administrations can know that they are still
in charge. There will be no changing of the guard this November.

It was scary there for a while. You see, there was this kook who was
running for the Republican nomination that had the potential to upset
the applecart real good. But thankfully, the fine people within the
GOP rose to the occasion and beat back the attempts of his nutty
supporters to vault him to the nomination.

After all, just think what would have taken place if this kook Ron
Paul had won the Republican nomination for President. This nut case
actually believes that the U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the
land. Imagine that. That means he would never take America to war
except with a Declaration of War by Congress. Think how such a thing
would prevent America’s meddling and interventionism worldwide. Think
of the billions and even trillions of tax dollars that would not need
to be spent overseas. Think of how much money Halliburton would lose.
Think of how much money the Federal Reserve bankers would lose by not
being able to loan money to the U.S. government. It is too ghastly to
think about.

Furthermore, this Ron Paul nut might have actually insisted that the
federal government declare unborn babies to be “persons” under the
law. Think of it. This would mean that every unborn baby would have
the immediate protection of law. And this would have happened without
the necessity of appointing a single Supreme Court justice. Whew! The
Republican Party dodged a bullet on that one. Now they can continue to
talk about being “pro-life” for the next thirty years in order to fool
Christian conservatives into voting for them without having to
actually do anything about it.

This Ron Paul kook would also have put a stop to the incessant spying
on the American people by their own federal government. Egad! This
Paul character would have set America back two hundred years. Think of
it. No more illegal wiretaps. No more reading private emails, letters,
and telegrams. No more harassment by the BATFE of law-abiding firearms
dealers for honest errors in paperwork. No more using the wars on
“terror” and “drugs” to violate the Fourth Amendment. Think of the
money that would be lost by the feds not confiscating the private
property of the American people.

In addition, if this Ron Paul nut had actually become President, he
might have succeeded in abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and
overturning the Sixteenth Amendment. Holy Horrors! Can you imagine the
tragedy that would have ensued? No more income taxes. No more tax
forms to fill out. No more IRS agents arresting hard-working citizens
for “tax evasion.” No more government tracking of our private
financial transactions. Think of the US attorneys whose services would
no longer be necessary. Imagine that. The federal government would
actually be required to live within its means; it could no longer
raise taxes, because there would be no more taxes to raise.

And if all of the above is not bad enough, this Ron Paul kook would
actually demand that the federal government obey the Tenth Amendment.
This, all by itself, would reduce the size and scope of the federal
government by at least fifty percent. Imagine if the American people
suddenly had the federal government out of their pocketbooks and off
their backs? What would they do with all that newfound freedom? It is
too scary to contemplate.

Do not worry, however. Thanks to the fine men and women of the
Republican Party, John McCain will carry their standard into the
November elections. Yes, my dear friends, David Rockefeller and his
fellow travelers at the Council on Foreign Relations can rest easy.
Should McCain win the general election, they will retain their
influence in the White House. Indeed, we can all rest easier knowing
that John McCain will be the Republican nominee for President.

After all, John McCain will see to it that our borders and ports
remain open to illegal aliens. In fact, a McCain Presidency will
ensure that illegal aliens become permanent U.S. citizens. Or better
yet, that the U.S. and Mexico will be merged into a North American
Community, thus eliminating the need for U.S. citizenship altogether.
This will greatly help the Chamber of Commerce and Big Business. Think
of the money they can save by hiring cheap Mexican labor. Think of the
plants and factories that can be moved to Mexico. Think of the cheap
Chinese goods that can be loaded onto Mexican trucks from Mexican
ports and shipped into the United States on the NAFTA superhighways.

And did I mention the advantage a John McCain Presidency will provide
to incumbents in future elections? Because John McCain does not
believe in the U.S. Constitution, the First Amendment means nothing to
him. This is good, because he can use the bully pulpit of the
Presidency to promote his McCain/Feingold bill that would make it
illegal for citizens to voice their concerns and opinions regarding
the voting records of incumbents during a general election. That means
those sinister organizations such as the National Rifle Association
and Gun Owners of America will no longer be able to publicly promote
their views regarding the anti-Second Amendment voting records of
congressmen and senators.

That Ron Paul kook would never have tolerated such a law as
McCain/Feingold. But thanks to the fine men and women of the
Republican Party, we do not need to worry about these little
inconveniences such as the First and Second Amendments (or any of the
other articles within the Bill of Rights, for that matter), because
they wisely selected John McCain to be their standard-bearer.

Furthermore, because the good men and women of the GOP decided to
nominate John McCain, we can look forward to one hundred years of war
in the Middle East. We can all anticipate the opportunity of sending
our troops into harm’s way all over the world to promote the interests
of international corporations, nation-building, and other U.N.

Had that nut Ron Paul been elected, he would have practiced a
non-interventionist foreign policy. He would have sought peace with
all nations. And, instead of preemptively invading foreign countries,
he would have dealt constitutionally with terrorists, resulting in
their capture or death, the protection of America, the absence of
long-term war, and the respect of nations throughout the world.
Furthermore, that nut Paul would have refused to use U.S. forces to do
the bidding of the United Nations and other international entities.

However, we do not need to worry about old-fashioned, out-of-date
ideas such as constitutional government, conservative principles, or
common sense, because the fine men and women of the Republican Party
wisely chose John McCain as their presumptive Presidential nominee.
Yes, indeed. Let’s hear it for the GOP!

 (c) Chuck Baldwin

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