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Howard Fineman: The mess Obama or McCain will inherit

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This is like what Michael Savage was saying that this country is run by corporations rather than government. He ran a mock pledge of allegiance, the pledge of allegiance to Goldman Sachs. A lot of sci-fi stories of the future seem to be right when they portrayed this country will be run by corporations.

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Michael Savage: Just Another Lying Neocon Shill!

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

Michael Savage is nothing but a lying neocon shill. I couldn’t believe
the lies I was hearing from him last night. He so infuriated me that I
could not listen to him for very long because he got my blood boiling.
Talk radio is absolutely worthless because every last one of them are
necrocon goons doing the bidding of their evil masters. They are all
damned to hell. Savage was defending Hagee and had a guest on there to
which they both were flat out lying about what Hagee admitted to saying,
about the catholic church being the great whore of Revelation. We know
it is true what he said or why then did he make an apology and changed
his mind? He did not apologize for a comment he did not make. THESE
liars do not keep up with the likes of Hagee. Savage is just a whore who
sold his soul to the necrocons and is taking marching orders just like
Rush and the rest. Besides, Savage is a heathen swine that hates Christ
and he will get what is coming to him, PRAISE GOD! That liar will have
Hagee on his show, but nobody like Mike Evans, because he is a coward
and a weiner (Weiner is his real name, not Savage). I know, you have
people from opposite sides claim he is one extreme or another. Reichwing
necrocons accuse him of being a leftist in disguise but lately he has
proven to be one of them. It is just rivalry among the neocons. They are
divided. He is a total fraud as far as being independent. I don’t know
if he ever was or if so then bought off by the neocon regime. I see his
true colors. He also had a guest on there in which they both attacked
McClellen and accused him of being bought by Soros when he came out and
spoke the truth. This lying weiner won’t say that Soros is funding
McCain. This lying weiner pretends he hates Bush so much but then ends
THEY ARE A  TRAITOR LOWLIFE THEMSELF. I have never witness such a schizo
that speaks out of both sides of his mouth. In the past he said that
Hitler was an extremist rightwinger, now he is saying the opposite that
Hitler was a leftwinger. You see, he has become a tool for necrocon
propaganda. Those who know the truth know that both parties are
communists with slightly different tastes, but both amount to about the
same. They are both wings of the same bird of prey. You do not fight
commies with commies. It is funny too about that Weiner fool talking
about who Soros is funding because I have heard that Soros is funding
him. What comes around goes around. I don’t know about that but I know
that the savage weiner is full of slander. That fool doesn’t even know
what he is saying half the time. He will even contradict himself in the
same sentence. The more crap like this we have to take makes me all the
more looking forward to God’s coming kingdom where no such fools will be
allowed. The Savage Weiner is nothing but a hateful warmonger and will
reap what he sows. All these dreadful necrocons deserve each other. I
hope they eat each other alive. Just like when Gideon blew the trumpet
in the enemy’s camp the enemy turned on each other.

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John McCain: The New World Order’s Setup Man

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

Michael Savage believes that McCain is a set-up to hand power over to
the democrats. I don’t know, because there are a lot of lunatics
desperate in their own lies that senselessly back McCain. I also hear
people are really getting fed up with politics. I don’t blame them to a
degree. But as christians we are not to be weary in well doing and
should come out strong for the constitution party. It is not enough to
just curse the darkness but to shine a light in the midst. But since no
one wants to accept the truth we will be stuck with darkness because we
are a nation of wimps that don’t want to fight a real fight, like our
own corrupt leaders. They would rather engage in fake fights like this
war. Any fool can take up arms to fight a fictional enemy. A real man is
not afraid to take a stand for the truth and fight the real fight. The
martyrs and the prophets of old had great courage to stand against all
odds. These military wimps have nowhere near the courage of those
saints. The bible says we will reap if we faint not. Those who won’t
admit he truth or even try to fight our own corruption are those who
faint. They will not reap because they refuse to listen to truth and
wisdom. I don’t care if the deck is stacked against us by rigged voting
machines and voter fraud. If we do all we can do without making excuses
then we can stand boldly without shame and have a clear conscience
knowing you did what was right instead of being a wicked and lazy
servant which Jesus will cast into hell. Hypocrites gripe and moan but
yet will do nothing to fight the evil. Like Edmund Burke said that all
it takes for evil to win is for good men to do nothing. Of course that
becomes a paradox because those who do nothing are not good. The bible
defines love as hating evil. Those who do not hate evil have no love.
All those who cover for evil or not willing to fight it prove to be on
the side of evil.

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The Double – Minded Michael Savage And The Coward Sean Hannity!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Even though I am really losing patience with Michael Savage, he is half
truthful. The thing about him is that he is so schizo. One minute he
sounds like a truthful independent, then the very next minute he sounds
like a lying neocon. What I heard was interesting from one of the
callers. There was a caller on his show that called Hannity’s show and
mentioned Michael Savage. But on the radio Savage was omitted. What a
coward! Afraid to just mention a name. All these neocons are being
exposed for the sniveling cowards they are. Definitely blog this stuff.
I want to make an example of all these cowards, hypocrites, racists, and
strife sowers. What is a shame is that I cannot enjoy most of these
sites because of this webtv limitations. I really can’t enjoy any of the
live video stuff like youtube. Well I hope you can enjoy them. I was
particularly curious about the one where Hannity is literally running
from Ron Paul. Whenever his name is mentioned on these shows I have
never heard of such contempt and hatred for anyone. These neocons hate
Ron Paul so much that even Wright doesn’t come as close as being as
hated. Those shows you listen to probably hate Ron Paul with a passion
too. I really wouldn’t have the patience to listen to them, really none
of them, only Savage because he is half right. Are Hewitt and Medved
cowards to mention Ron Paul or Michael Savage? That is one good use of
Savage is that he riles these neocons, not that he is their polar
opposite, maybe just afraid of competition and maybe even the slightest
hint of truth. I guess they think in their minds that if they even
mention the name of Savage that their own listeners will dump them for
him. Same thing with the cowardly politicians. They are afraid to go on
the Savage Nation. Back when Rudy was running some of Savage’s fans
confronted and asked him if he would go on his show and he had a
terrified look on his face and didn’t answer. They are literally
cowards. They are afraid of the truth. They don’t want to be exposed for
what they know they are. They know that they are no-good sleeze
themselves. I don’t know how they sleep at night, especially knowing
what they are. This proves my family are empty souls that are filled up
with this garbage because of the spiritual void in their lives. That is
why they end up like carbon copies of these satanic neocons. That is why
they hate Ron Paul too. They can’t even tell me why they hate him so
much, only that they do. Well we know that Jesus said that anyone who
hates their brother (for no reason) is a murderer. There is no excuse
for those who claim to be christian to be so full of hate. They will
reap what they sow. They either sow to life or to damnation. Like that
recent article I sent you about the church exalting evil is that their
sins are piling up to heaven. They are storing up for the day of wrath.
Not just on a regular basis, but inceasingly and escalating. I hear from
so many sources how unbelievers are so turned off to anything christian
because of all these satanic neocons and televangelists. Satan has been
very successful in using these imposters to try to discredit
christianity. I really hope to undo all the damage they have done. That
is why I am dedicated to exposing this darkness. This is why satanism is
growing because of all the liars and cowards that bring a shame to
Christs name. Those who do that cannot expect any mercy for all the
souls they have corrupted. If any like this are truly repentant then
they will try to reverse the damage they have done. Like anything else,
repentance is not mere words, but action. Anyone can say that they are
sorry, but it takes real character to change.

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Oprah Winfrey: New Age Heretic

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Last night Michael Savage mentioned this, comparing it to the Waco
incident under Clinton. This proves how much alike him and Bush are. He
said that this is just a distraction to cover up all the corruption
going on like the Bear Sterns scandal. When I start hearing about this
on the news that is exactly what was going through my mind, like another
Waco all over again. I know polygamy is wrong, but why is the government
so concerned about this when much worse is going on? We know the answer
to that. I also caught some of Oprah talking abot the NEW EARTH book she
is pushing. It is a bunch of newage psychobabble. It does mention
Christ, a false one, that is. They had all these testimonials praising
this book. Both christians and catholics said that it had opened their
eyes about Jesus. They said that it wasn’t about his mission to
sacrifice himself on the cross but only as teaching a way of life. Well
of course that is in it in part but to deny the cross is flat out
satanic. There was one that was a cancer survivor that was a christian
or just religious and she said that this book has opened her eyes to the
truth of Jesus. Then she was quite enthused when she talked about going
to Vegas (SIN CITY). Well we see the fruits of this for what it is. This
book does not go into what Christ really taught but came up with
nonsense phrases like “Christ-consciousness,” which is not in the bible.
Oprah claims to be a christian but is just another satanic imposter
doomed to the blackest darkness that is reserved for all false teachers.
Her fruits are so obvious. She has transexuals on her show and pushes
all kinds of filth like that. Also that this book is so widely accepted
is proof of how false it is. You can tell just by the mere terminology.
Whenever most talk about biggotry and tolerance or not being judgmental
they are talking about all religions being equal. These liars are not
following Christ because they would know that he said that he was the
only way. According to the world we are judgmental for following the
true Christ and obeying his word and believing him when he said that he
is the only way. What I can’t understand is why these hypocrites even
pretend to follow Christ when they ignore all his teachings and call him
a liar. What will these fools say when they stand before ALMIGHTY GOD?
You think they will lie to his face and say that he is intolerant? I
don’t think so. The will mourn at his return. But yes He is intolerant,
intolerant of sin. So if you don’t take up your cross to follow him then
you are not worthy of him and tolerance of sin will condemn your soul to
hell. So yes in order to be saved you better be intolerant. When God
restores righteousess he will first purge the earth of all the effects
of sin. In 2 Peter chapter 3 talks about the heavens melting with
fervent heat. This proves how much God hates sin. Those who do not hate
sin are not of God. They do not love him but hate him. Another one of
the testimonials came from a soldier in Iraq and Oprah and her audience
basically was bowing down to him like the catholics that venerate their
saints. All this idolatry and lies proves what direction we are headed
in. It will not get any better if all this nonsense keeps up. Also other
stuff from that book spouted a bunch of psychology nonsense that sounded
like it was written by a moron. You know neither of us have anyhing to
worry about because we are so sick of all this crap and prove that we do
not love this world. You are right about Oprah. She is as false as false
can be. She had an actress on there that was in a common law marriage,
which is not a marriage at all but living together, and Oprah praised
that. That proves that she does not know the bible and stands for
everything that is against it. This proves any fool can claim to be
christian. The way things are going I think Satan probably claims to be
a christian. Those who buy into all this garbage like Oprah, New Earth,
Bush, warmongering churches, and all other corrupt ways of this world
have much to worry about because those as such are not really saved
according to the bible. This is the broad path that leads to

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Statue Of Liberty Is A Babylonian Goddess!

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

Even though this guy is in the newage I found it curious that he says
the statue of liberty is a babylonian goddess. I did not know that. The
way things seem to be does not surprise me much now. I know both of us
just a few years back would have said that he is crazy for saying such a
thing. Not so crazy now though. I have heard that it was supposedly the
mother of the french artist who made it, but apparently that was a lie
to cover up the truth. He has said that both parties are controlled by
the illuminati. He said that there was only one candidate that was not
one of theirs. I know you can guess who because he came to mind before
he came out and said it. NONE OTHER THAN RON PAUL! He is definitely the
one to vote for. I know they will try to do all in their power to keep
him out, but with God all things are possible. I tell you a good way to
test those around you. Ask what they think of Ron Paul and see what kind
of response you get. If you get the typical scoffing sneers then you
know they are of the devil. That is why my family is adamantly against
him. Those who cover for evil delght in evil and have no truth in them.
All the talk show hosts are pushing the masonic agenda. Even Michael
Savage has oppsed Ron Paul because he is not a warmonger. Savage is too
stupid to understand about this globalist agenda. In times past he did
not seem this bad,but he must be getting paid off by the illumnati or
something. Even at times he appears to oppose Bush but he will not touch
the truth with a ten foot pole. His fans are trying to convince him to
run but he would be a bad choice because he is given to divination like
the Reagans. He had some palm reading psychic on his show that
blasphemed by saying Jesus was an astrologer. I guess fools like this
try to use the “signs in the heavens” as a arguement for astrology.
There are all kinds of signs in the heavens that has nothing to do with
divination or astrology. If you see an asteroid approaching earth, that
has nothing to do with astrology. It is like fools will use anything and
everything to damn their own souls because of their hatred for Christ
and the truth!

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Laura Bush – Confessions Of A Desperate Housewife

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is a good site to forward to any bushbots you know. Then ask them why they defend him with their silence. Ask them if they think they are any better than the democrats. This is very revealing and exposes the true nature of Bush. None of these bushbots have any legitimate excuse for him over this as well as so much other. That is why those neocon shows totally avoid these topics. It sounds like those you know that will not
speak out about Bush despite their feeings about him are really no better than my family. They are in danger of hellfire if they even claim to be christian. The Bible is clear that we are not to cover for the evil but expose them. This is proof that these hypocrites delight in
wickedness and love falsehoods. This is not gossip or rumors. I have the actual audio recording of this speech, so I know this is true. Michael Savage is the only one that has the guts to play the truth like this, as well as the COAST TO COAST show. I know I have mix feeklings about him but he still goes a lot further than any lockstepping bushbot show. I
guess those bushbots you know are malicious like those who mocked the tasering of Andrew Meyer. It is sick, but there are a lot of those neocon sites that are making merchandise through there malicious mockery.

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George Bush’s Law of The Sea Treaty Is Part Of The Anti – Christ Agenda

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

Have you heard about this LAW OF THE SEA treaty of the UN that Bush is trying to pass but few senators are fighting it? This is something we really need to pray against because this is the thing that the UN will use to enforce the one world order. All these stupid bushbot fools are running around like chickens with their heads cut off over Hillary when
they need to be concerned over Bush. Hillary is no threat at all. Even most democrats can’t stand her. That is why can’t undersand why they are so paranoid over her. Much like the liberals,the bushbots don’t make any sense either. This proves that Bush is on the same side as Soros (who all the hypocritical bushbots love to demonize). What is it about Bush that these morons can’t understand?

I almost pull my hair out even when listening to Michael Savage. While he points out the corruption of Bush he says he can’t understand why he takes opposing sides. Even a
braindead moron can figure this out. It isn’t rocket science. What is so hard to understand that Bush is not what he pretends to be?  When I see such stupidity even among the brightest of talk show hosts I feel it is all hopeless. Bush has everyone under a witchcraft spell to make them stupid and it is working.

According to that recent article I sent you that the so called evangelicals are supposedly waking up but I am wondering if it is too little too late. This treaty is serious stuff and
need to get word out a soon as possible. All the scoffers will be wetting their pants when they finally figure out what we have been saying all along is true but probably too late to do anything about.

It really doesn’t matter what Bush’s intentions are. He will not be judged by his intentions but by his actions. He has denied Jesus before men and so he will be denied by Jesus before the Father. Bush’s sins stack up like the tower of Babel, and like that tower it will topple. If this country can’t turn from it’s wickedness then we will get what we

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Why Andrew Meyer REALLY Was Tasered And Silenced

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

Have you also heard about that Andrew Meyer? He is a student that was tasered for asking John Kerry a question,the question was about the SKULL & BONES that he was in. These phony conservative talk shows were siding with Kerry and saying that this
student asking this question deserved this to be tasered. This nation is seriously heading towards fascism.These phonies are showing their true colors now but these Bush supporter locksteppers still swallow their garbage without any thought.

They are certainly damned. This shows you that they are all in with the SKULL & BONES. The brainwashed fools that listen to this stuff are damned and don’t even know it. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells in these locksteppers then they are beyond all hope.Michael Savage was great in dealing with this subject. I disagree with him on some things but he recognizes injustice when he sees it and speaks out against it. There is even another talk show host that I usually can’t stomach because he is too much of a lockstepper and is real cocky, but even he spoke out against his so called conservative brothers in talk radio and was shocked by how they they were treating this case.

He is noticing that these self proclaiming conservatives are acting more like liberals. I
hope these radio host get a clue to what is really going on.These shows like Rush are total frauds. They were never conservative and have sold their soul to greed. We are living in the last days and God is revealing the wicked amongst us that pretend to be otherwise. They are all cowards sold out to Satan and are on the losing side. This is proof right here
whe they defend a SKULL & BONES SATANIST like he is one of them, which
means he is.

Rush, Kerry, Bush all serve Satan and they will get their just rewards. Those in the public eye like them will have a most severe eternal punishment for all those they have brainwashed and souls they have corrupted.

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