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Betrayed: The Bush Plot To Divide Jerusalem Exposed!

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

WOW! Mike Evans is finally speaking out now. I just got a letter from
him yesterday and in it he tells about his new book ot called BETRAYED,
dealing with Bush’s betrayal of Israel. PRAISE GOD FOR THIS BECAUSE ALL
GOD IS SHUTTING THE LIARS’ MOUTHS! Even though Mike doesn’t come out and
say that Bush is an antichrist it is amazing that he is saying this
much. Makes me wonder about the members of his JPT, them being all
devout bushbots and all. The enemy is running out of excuses. I
confronted my dad about this and he really had nothing to say. ALL THE
ENEMIES OF GOD ARE SILENT! You know Mike even pointed out about
hurricanes Katrina and Rita being judgments for this wicked nation’s
policies against Israel. And he says 9/11 happened after Bill Clinton
funded the Palestinian Authority. He is urging everyone to pray for the
peace of Jerusalem, which I have all along. I seriously doubt that Bush
would ever give it up because this deal is his legacy. But if this
country repent for ever supporting such an antichrist (which I did a
long time ago) and get right with God then He will intervene however He
must. And yes, Mike even calls it a conspiracy. The neocons (NECROCONS)
must really be fuming now that their idol is getting exposed from every
kind of source, even within his own administration and the Pentagon. So
be of good cheer because you know God will not put up with with all the
evil nonsense forever. The wicked’s time is growing very short. Thank
God that finally it seems Mike Evans has come to his senses.

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Billy Graham: A False Shepherd False Prophet

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

This goes deeper than anything I have read about him. This says that even though he has multiple personalities he knows what he is doing. I had heard a very long time ago about his defense of communism. I remember during Clinton’s administration he made a comment about Clinton being a harmless ladies man. There is no doubt that he is a plant by Satan as well as all the popular TV evangelists. Billy Graham has done for religion what Bush has done for politics. They have destroyed both very effectively. This might make the crazies come out of the woodwork. Both him and Oral Roberts have been involved in satanic rituals. You know even many deceived know that it is wrong for religious leaders to name their ministries after their own names. But yet these
are the very same ones he supports like Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. They all do it, which tells you something is not right with all these so called ministries. Many Christians rebel
against his own wisdom on these matters. These people will not have an excuse when they stand before God knowing that they deliberately rebelled against Him. What is so dangerous is those like my family think
that such things are trivial when they are not. The very things that send people to hell is the very stuff they rationalize as trivial. That is not to say that what they believe is true about it being trivial is trivial. Some trivial matters truly don’t make a difference, such as a matter of food. But what they call trivial is not trivial. Spiritual
matters are not trivial. Those like my family know the truth and I see how they react to it. They are not innocent. Many of those who you may think are deceived know in full that they are in rebellion. Just like those who continue to support Bush after he has denied Christ is proof of willful evil. It is not likely that such will ever change. If the church won’t stop this idolatry of these false shepherds then the church for the most part is done for in every way. The more I find out about these devils on the pulpit the more I realize just how deep we are in
the age of apostasy. These are not just some slick con men that are in it for the money, but are extremely satanic. Just like that article that exposed Kenneth Copeland speaking in satanic tongues for his master
Satan to release the money. After all this I really don’t believe in coincident. Especially when it comes to televangelists. Those who do well and are rich don’t get that wealth from just regular doners but are
paid off by extremely wealthy satanic groups. Wow! Now people are really warned not to give to these because they are actually giving to satanists. It is no wonder that my family is taken over by the devil. FOR THOSE WHO WANT DELIVERANCE STOP GIVING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THESE FILTHY RICH SATANISTS! I believe this is why my family endlessly suffers because they constantly bring curses on themselves. I know as christians we occasionally suffer but not as an endless relentless cycle that never stops. But yet fools are willing to die for the very lies that will send them to hell. You know in the past I did not post
articles similar to this but I thought it may be a bit outlandish and so had reservatons about it. Well this time it is important to put this on. This really bears with my spirit. You Christians can probably confirm a lot in this
as well. This explains why the church is so messed up because of all the mind control and witchcraft. Time is short and we have to get the truth out. All churches have probably been infected with all these lies. Those
who love the truth need to gather outside of all the corrupted influences of the church. Christians need to expose this to pastors to see whether they will accept the truth. We can change the nation if people would stop being silent and take a bold stand for the truth. It may cause an outbreak of persecution but we can’t just sit on the
sidelines while most all are going to hell, even in the church. It is not divisive to expose false churches but serves to edify the true church in truth because only the truth can set free. Thank you for your
dedication to the truth and Holy spirit of conviction in your life. God bless you for all your trouble in getting the truth out.

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Check Out Newswatch Magazine Christians!

Posted by soldierservant on January 3, 2008

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My Most Important Message Of The Year by Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

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Back in October, I brought a Sunday address to the people of Crossroad
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This video address just might be the most important message I have
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George W. Bush, countless numbers of both Christians and nonbelievers
have been duped as to who God is–and isn’t. I urge you to obtain this
video address.

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includes contact information and a method of removal.

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