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Image of the Beast ALIVE in the USA

Posted by soldierservant on May 26, 2009

This is some really eye opening stuff here! This explains, at least to
some degree, about the silence among the churches. But even if all the
pastors and church leaders are a part of this corruption you would think
that their congregation would catch on, at least some of them. I just
cannot understand the mob mentality that is blind to the obvious. All
those who think the are good christians just because they attend a
church are the ones so easily corrupted. Thank God we do not belong to
these godless churches! Who knows, we might have ended up like the rest
who are spiritually dying and have no clue. I guess it was God all along
that got me out of church a long time ago. Now I am not saying that this
information here is absolute, or their conclusions about it, but it
makes an awful lot of sense. it is like pieces of a jigsaw all coming
together. This is why church is so demonic and why there are demoniac
apostates running around like Copeland and Hinn. I don’t hear or see
much of Benny Hinn, but I do Kenneth Copeland. I cannot stand him. He
always has such a crazy look in his eyes. He is certifiably insane and
belongs in a rubber room. Those who look up to such a fool are equally
as insane.

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