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Revival Deception

Posted by soldierservant on May 26, 2009

I think you will find this interesting. I found out through this that
the concept of revival came from postmillennialists who think they will
prepare the way for Christ’s kingdom. Jesus isn’t returning to a perfect
world but returning to make it perfect. He is returing for the sake of
judgment, not reward, as scriptures so say. Even back when I was
attending church I thought revival was an odd concept. I knew it was
like admitting that you were spiritually dead if you had to be revived.
I am sure that such thoughts had probably crossed your minds. All this
nonsense proves what a number the enemy is doing on all the minds of the
deceived. The rapture is the biggest deception that even those who
acknowledge most truth are still deceived. All this nonsense is manmade
tradition, which the bible tells us to forsake.

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