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Dominionism: False Christian Fascist Imperialism!

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This is really good in how it explains dominionism is actually the
forces of the antichrist. The dominionists have effectively done the
bait-and-switch routine in which they have convinced nearly everyone
that islam would be the driving force for the antichrist, when there
really is no scriptural proof. Oh, I’m sure there are those who claim
that muslims are the false jews or synagogue of Satan, but just doesn’t
hold up. For one thng muslims don’t have synagogues, they have mosques.
When the bible speaks of the endtime apostate condition of the church,
it is not speaking of islam. Heresy is subtle, not a total complete
departure of scripture as islam would be. If it was islam then why would
Jesus warn against false christs (like Maitreya) since islam has no such
person in their beliefs? Satan used the church in the dark ages and will
use the church again in the new dark ages of the tribulation. Things
never change. It was Ancient Israel that killed the prophets (not
muslims), Pharisees that killed Christ and the apostles (not muslims),
the crusades that slaughtered the jews (not muslims, though some would
debate that), and will be church of today once again that will
persecute. All throughout history teaches what will happen by what has
happened. I have always understood that when the righteous reign is
after Jesus has returned and rulership is a reward to those who are
faithful in the small things of this life (not big). It seems like a
weird sort of insult that they have to prepare the world for Christ’s
return. Who is more powerful? Us or Christ? Christ is the king of kings
and lord of lords to which we are nothing without him! He does not need
our help but we need his help. Besides, this doctrine is totally
contrary to scripture. Christ isn’t returning for rewards as much as for
judgment because he will put every power and DOMINION underneath his
feet (1Cor.15:24). That is the purpose for his millennial reign. You
see, even the very choice of their terminology betrays their true
motive. The dominionists is one of the dominions that Jesus will crush.
There are signs like this everywhere to which God is warning us. Fox is
always used in a derogatory sense in scripture, like where Jesus said
that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine as well as using it as
an insult to Herod, and this is what the hypocrites choose to listen to,
Fox news. Like Jesus said that we will know them by their fruits. It is
because of wickedness that Christ is returning, not the opposite. In
Matthew 24 he clearly said that wickedness will increase, not
righteousness. One has to really evaluate yourself if you are
comfortable contradicting the words of Jesus and where you think that
will lead you to. Just like the hypocrite warmongers who defy 2Cor.10:3,
which tells us not to wage war as the world does. Where do you think
such disobedience will lead you? Prayers for the military are wasted
prayers. Why do you think so many end up dead or in pieces if this war
is blessed by God? That is proof that this is blasphemy. That is like
engaging in sexual immorality and praying that you won’t get STDs. Those
who are sold to lies cannot tell light from dark. The very ones who
think they are patriotic are the very traitors to this country. They
believe lies that they are spreading democracy and freedom, when it is
the exact opposite. Those who stick by Bush cannot explain why we are in
a mess that has never existed in times past. There has been endless
corporate corruption and greed under this administration, and the
imposters who call themselves christians say that greed and treachery
are a good thing. They say that people losing their jobs and homes are a
good thing. That outsourcing is a good thing. The economy is worse than
it ever has been. Only a lying fool would deny the signs of the times.
All the dominionists’ agendas of ending AIDS and poverty are so
disingeniune. They haven’t come close to any of these goals because they
are all lies. Jesus said that the poor you will always have with you, so
you know it is a lie when anyone claims to end poverty. Just like they
pretend to be pro-life but yet oppose those who are true to the cause
and support the republicans who have increased funding for it. Both
democrat and republican are genocidal murderers and those who bow to
this system are partaking in this satanic massacre of the unborn. A vote
for either is a vote for Satan. YOU BLASPHEMERS THAT SAY AMERICA IS NOT
neocon domnionists bring the way of truth into disrepute like mentioned
in 2Peter 2:2. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these liars are
following Christ. They are working against him! Just like Bush is a
satanist working against God’s chosen people of Israel. Satan and his
servants masqerade as angels of light, which means that we cannot take
everyone at face value. Those who are not into God’s word will fall for
every lie. You can tell those who are not in the Word by how they are
given to all the religious and political frauds. Only His sheep knows
His voice. The rest are clueless. Every religious leader that bows to
the frauds of democrat or republican are frauds themselves. They only
acknowledge the wicked while denying those that are righteous. This
proves that the dominionists are not righteous because they are given to
lies and under the control of Satan. Why is it that they display so much
carnal hatred for muslims, who only attack physically, while having no
hatred for those who kill spiritually by teaching lies from within?
Because they are the very ones, selfrighteous hypocrites that love to
point the finger elsewhere, trying to ease their own conscience.
Murderers will have a price to pay, but spiritual murder through lies
will be much worse price. So while the hateful warmongers point the
finger at muslims it will be them who suffer far worse than they because
they are guilty of both lies and murder while having the knowledge of
truth in the bible that they pretend to follow. All this stupid shell
game of right versus left. Proverbs 4:27 says to not swerve to the right
or the left. Jesus said that the way to his kingdom is the straight and
narrow, not the righthand path. Jesus said that the broad path leads to
destruction. Those who make fun of those in the minority is the same as
making fun of Christ. Guess who will have the last laugh? Vile
hypocrites expose their true nature, which is nothing like Christ. God
will mock them in the day of their calamity. Jesus told us how to treat
our enemies, which is the opposite of the hateful and cowardly church
teachings. They know not of spiritual things, but only carnal. Well
scripture says that sowing to the flesh will reap destruction. Who are
the liars that think they can get away with refuting God’s word? Those
who live carnally are not spiritual and so will not inherit God’s
kingdom. Those who have not become new creations in Christ are not
really his. Only the things of Christ are eternal. This wicked world
will pass away with all its idolatry, such as the fanatical americanism
idolatry that infects most churches. Jerusalem is the eternal capital,
not America. It really doesn’t matter what wicked neocons think. Only
what God thinks. The neocons will be eternally forgotten as they burn
throughout eternity. Those who are true to Christ will have the last
laugh. Jesus called the materialistic greedy Pharisees a bunch of
vipers, just like the neocons of today are nothing but vipers. They will
have hell to pay.

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George Bush’s Top 40 Lies About The War and Terrorism

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

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Fake War On Terror: The CIA Gave Us Al Qaeda!

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

This goes deep into this subject. This says Al Qeada is a CIA invention.
This proves how satanic this administration and our government is. So
many lies from their father the devil. How can those who claim to be
christian think they will not be punished for their love of these lies?
Everyone in their heart knows the truth because it is evident. There are
just so many who despise the truth among the babylonian churches.

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The Conspiracy To Divide Jerusalem

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

Mike Evans is right on in this. He is wondering why our government is
cooperating with all these terrorists organizations. Maybe his eyes are
finally opening to the truth. For him to be able to admit these things
means he has not sold his soul to the neocon propagandists. While our
enemies in this false war may be fake, the enemies of Israel are not.
They are the real terrorists, which proves that Bush is a terrorist
himself. Those who support him are oppressing Israel themselves and are
cursed and damned. Mike pointed out that it was when Clinton try to
divide Jerusalem that led up to 9/11. Just think if Bush succeeds in
dividing Jerusalem. It will be far worse than 9/11. What Mike and others
don’t understand is that those like Bush (he is not alone) do not have
consciences to appeal to. Denouncing Christ, as Bush has done, is not a
forgiveable sin the way I understand scripture. Besides we know that
these secret societies like SKULL & BONES commit the unpardonable sin.
We know that most leaders are beyond hope because the reason they got to
where they are at proves they have sold out to the god of this world. If
Jesus said that believers will betray each other and the love of most
will grow cold then what hope is there for godly leaders? Even the
religious leaders are antichrists. That proves how foolish it is to put
trust in man. Hypocrites act like trusting evil men is trusting God. No,
that is the opposite. Most everyone knows that McCain is corrupt, so
there are no excuses for vote for him. Those who believe in the lesser
of evils prove they do not know God or his word. Those who vote for
McCain or Obama bring condemnation on themself. Both will continue
abortion, betraying Israel, promoting terrorism, deny Christ as the only
way, among so many other treacherous things. Those who vote for them are
partaking in their sin. I have found that many republicans are voting
for Obama, which proves what nonsense this all is. The way so many are
sold to these two great evils proves the wicked hearts of the people. In
one of Jesus’ parables about subjects of a kingdom that did not want him
as king were to be brought before him and killed in front of him. People
had better wake up and take Jesus seriously because they are headed for
a nightmare that they cannot imagine. Coming from my background I can
have a pretty grim imagination and even mine cannot touch the reality of
hell. That is why Jesus warned against it so much to even dismember a
part of your body to make to escape it, and yet people are such wimps
they can’t even do without their hypocritical politics, which is stupid
lies. It seems like their is no way to get through to them. Even if they
could know exactly what they are headed for they still would be too
stupid to change.

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A Muslim Letter to Christians By Rod Parsley???

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

In this you will see that Rod Parsley calls both christians and muslims
God’s children. I knew in my spirit that he is a phony. Whenever I have
seen him preach I am thinking “what is wrong with him?” You see, I knew
something would come the surface for someone to be so wicked as to
endorse McCain. The world accepts their own. But he does seem to
contradict himself since he also preaches a lot of hate and
fearmongering towards muslims. I guess he is like Savage, a two-faced

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Hypocrite George W. Bush Negotiates With And Funds Terrorists (Hamas!)

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This article proves the hypocrisy of Bush and his doctrine of not
negotiating with terrorists, which he himself is he biggest violater of.
He not only negotiates to the palestinian terrorists, he funds them,
$150 million. Why can’t anyone catch on to such obvious lies? If Bush
and his administration are such zionists then why are they funding their
enemies? None of the lying, anti-semitic crackpots can answer that. Both
sides are so full of lies. Both the right and the left will not expose
the true corruption because they both are all a part of it. The left
doesn’t attack Bush for his pro-illegal policies or his pro-homosexual
policies, because they are in agreement. Both sides are against Israel
and so none of them present a true arguement. That is why this partisan
politics between the left and the right is such a scam and a joke. They
are all about nothing. It is just a charade to divert people from the
truth, much like how ancient Rome did. It is no coincident that our
government is pattern after Rome, and like them we are headed for the
same downfall as them. That is if everyone buys into their lying

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McCain’s Spiritual Guide: Destroy Islam!

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Here is how I found out about Rod Parsley’s endorsement of McCain. This exposes his fleshly warmongering and hatred. I believe those like him are not ignorant but are deliberate plants of Satan to destroy the
church. He can lie with a bold face and say McCain is conservatve and christian proves that he is a lying devil. Everyone knows where all liars go. Most of the comments on this is good too, even though there are heathens and muslims. You will see how stuff like this brings Christ’s name into disrepute. There is no doubt that all these televanglists are damned to the lake of fire!

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My Most Important Message Of The Year by Pastor Chuck Baldwin: Do Christians And Muslims Worship The Same God?

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

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Why Are Lies Being Told Against Ron Paul?

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

There are lies going around about Ron Paul.I heard a lockstepping show
that the host said that Ron Paul was anti-israel.When I heard this it
didn’t ring quite true to me because I could hear the divisive tone of
this host.This host is a warmongering idolater.This hypocrite puts down
what he calls a one issue candidate while he himself is all about one
issue,WAR.I will not even dignify this host by naming him because he is
a nobody with no following.All I’ll say is that he is a Rush wannabe.The
ones who claim they support Israel are liars,like Hillary Clinton.We all
know how the Clintons hate Israel.This host accused Ron Paul because he
didn’t believe in funding them.But he also believes in not funding any
other country either.What this article here seems to bring up that our
monetary help of Israel is just a tactic of manipulation.It is no wonder
that Ehud Olmert is eating out of Bush’s hands.THIS IS BLACKMAIL!So
actually those who say they are supporting Israel are the very same ones
against them because they seek to manipulate them.If funding Israel was
done out of all honesty then I would be for it.But it is obvious by the
way our government treats Israel that they do not have the best
intentons.Those who try to justify this blackmail by pretending it is
benign help saying that this is blessing them is flat out lying.It will
be much worse for those who give out of a duplicitous heart then one who
doesn’t give at all. I am sick of all these bushbot liars that pretend
Bush is supportiing Israel when his fruits prove the opposite.These
liars have nothing to say about Bush dividing up Israel or that he has
given to their enemies.God will try every impure motive.ALL YOU BUSHBOTS

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More Evidence That War On Terror Is A Fraud: CIA Panic Alerts To Keep People Distracted

Posted by soldierservant on November 13, 2007

I find articles like this
amusing.I thought Bush has defeated the terrorists in this war on terror
the way the propaganda goes.I hear these phony Bush worshipping shows
that talk like our miltary has really defended us.Defend us from what?If
the enemy is over here and the CIA is worried about terrorist attacks
then our military hasn’t done squat for us.If anything we have them to
thank for the rapid spread of islam that is taking over the world.You
see how these fools have it all backwards?These idiots think they are
free but are in total bondage,like scripture right out of the bible.If
those who call themselves christians would read the Bible they would
realize how much of it applies to them and convict them to get right
with God.I guess americanism and bushism is the new american gospel.It
doesn’t matter what the bible says,only what Bush says.I find it so
hypocritical that they have these memorial services for the 9/11 victims
while not one word of all the victims of abortion.Most of the so called
christians buy into this idolatrous antichrist propaganda.I get really
fed up with all the talk shows,even the ones I thought were fairly
decent are now sounding like locksteppers.They are all a bunch of
godless unstable lunatics.Before that Michael Savage spoke out against
General Patraeous and now is defending him like a typical bushbot
would.This idiot speaks out of both sides of his mouth because he talks
about how the war is so terribly mismanaged but yet defends it.Of course
this fool is admittedly heathen so his doom is certain.I recently got
campaign mail from that Fred Thompson.He is a total phony.He says he is
strongly pro-life.Well apparently you can be pro-life but not
anti-abortion,they aren’t the same thing.It is just a watered down way
of saying they prefer life but will do nothing to stop death.This
hypocrite said that he would oppose an ammendment to the constitution
banning abortion.He is a sellout to greed.He must be getting paid off by
the abortion racket.Duncan Hunter is supposed to be strongly pro-life
but he seems more concerned about the war than stopping abortion.In
2KINGS 24:4 talks about King Manasseh shed so much innocent blood that
the Lord was not willing to forgive him.This is a constant lie we hear
from church that God will forgive all,no matter what.This scripture
proves that to be a false assumption.There is a point where someone sins
too much beyond the hope of God’s grace,trampling on it.They heap up
their own judgment for the day of wrath.I have heard liars on the pulpit
saying that Hitler could’ve gotten saved.After killing God’s chosen
people in a massive genocide I don’t think there would have been any
forgiveness for him.Just like there wasn’t for Haman.This proves the
false teachers sympathize more with the devil than they do with all the
suffering innocents.The bible has very strong words for such
people.Yes,even good kings like David slipped into sin at some point but
he did not continue on in sin.The Bible defined wicked kings as those
who continued on in their sins.This is how we know Bush is a wicked king
because he continues to sin unrepentedly and all the liars that pretend
to be christian eat up all his lies.Besides God would only have mercy
for those in sin who don’t know better,not for those who know
better,like Bush,who tries to use his false claim of being christian to
get away with everything.That is deliberate sin against God and
trampling on his grace.Those that continue to follow him because of that
are giving credit to his lies and partaking in his sin.Heathen dictators
would stand better chance of entering God’s kingdom than Bush would.That
Tommy Thompson,who was running in the 2008 presidential campaign but now
has dropped out,was a part of Bush’s cabinet and also involved in that
verichip program.That is the microchip that will become the mark of the
beast in the Great Tribulation.More of Bush’s fruit is showing. I know the
antichrist can’t come to power before his time but he is an illegitimate
bastard son of hell that will try to get in before his time and is our
duty to put him in his place.

CIA Director Says Al Qaida Has ‘High-Impact’
Terror Attacks Planned in U.S.

In a rare public address Friday in New York, CIA Director Gen. Michael Hayden warned of new attacks by al-Qaida. “Our analysts assess with high confidence that al-Qaida’s central leadership is planning high-impact plots against the U.S. homeland,” he said.  Read the Full Details — Go Here Now.

Special: Terror ‘Chatter’ Extremely High, Prepare Your Family

Special: 6 Days of Hell: the Coming War With Iran

Important: Homeland Security Has Advised Every Family to Have an Emergency Radio — and one not dependent on electric outlet power. Please check out our free offer for one of the best emergency radios available — Go Here Now.

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