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Now We Know Why Wall Street Wanted Eliot Spitzer Gone!

Posted by soldierservant on September 30, 2008

Savage really hit a homerun the other night. Now we know why Eliot Spitzer
was a target. He was going after the corporate crooks of Wall Street.
Well, as of no surprise we see that Bush has sided with the Wall Street
crooks, just like he has sided with so many other criminals and
terrorists. And hypocrites try to raise concern over Obama being a
muslim when Bush celebrates Ramadan more than him or anyone else,
especially among nonmuslims? Bush is a muslim president. He has more
friends in Saudi Arabia than he does in Israel. He stands up more for
muslims than he does christians. Bush goes after anyone who harms a
koran, but not the bible. The fact that so called christians don’t
notice that proves that they are imposters and do not belong to the Lord
DAY OF RECKONING IF YOU ARE ONE OF THEM! Savage pointed out how corrupt
both parties are because they only blame each other and neither take any
responsibility. What really irritated me was that his substitute, Rick
Roberts, who filled in for the rest of the night is the typical
hypocrite neocon, always blaming democrats without one word about
THEIR WICKEDNESS EXPOSES THEM. This Rick Roberts fool says that
democrats had 2 years and did nothing. WELL, REPUBLICANS HAD 6 YEARS AND
IT DESERVES! Fools like Rick Roberts actually believes that we still
have a representative democracy. Where has this fool been? Does he not
even know who he is filling in for? Even Savage says that we no longer
have representative government. I know this first hand because I have
written my representatives countless number of times and countless
petitions that got absolutely nowhere. Those who say that we still have
a democracy are flat out liars and will burn in hell! Same goes for
those who judge hypocritically. Roberts always points the finger at
everyone else, blaming everyone but himself, just like an arrogant
sefrighteous neocon pharisee. He is a liar when he says that we do not
get involved. I have, and probably countless number of others have too,
proving that we do not have true representatives. Savage has said
repeatedly how much we have become like socialist Russia. We are in a
dictatorship but most are too stupid or too distracted to notice. That
is why all the debates are controlled. That is why McCain or Palin will
not be confronted with the immigrant issue. If McCain is all for family
values then why does he have homosexual supporters? Everything about
these candidates is all lies. Well, I made it through most of Hagee’s
book, and sure enough, he denonces Christ. He tries to make a point that
Jesus was only to bring redemption to the gentiles. If that is the case
then why does he say that no man can come to the Father except through
him (John 14:6)? Are not jews human? Most of whom he was addressing at
that time and place were jews. He did not say that no gentile can come
to the Father but through him, but refering to all. Jesus and his
disciples always made a point to preach to the jew first, then the
gentile. Why would the jews need to be preached to if they are already
saved? Hagee makes it sound that it is antisemitic to tell the truth.
No, it is the opposite. To deny the jews the only true savior is the
most hateful thing towards them. I don’t deny his claims of the church
throughout the ages being antisemitic, but that has nothing to do with
with ackowledging the truth of Jesus being savior to all. The church as
been corrupted with paganism since the time of Constantine. That is the
source of corruption and evil, not aknowledging that Jesus is lord of
all. The church has taught hatred for the jews, but Jesus never taught
hatred for anybody. He even tells us to be kind towards our enemies. I,
myself, am a staunch supporter of the jews and Israel and I ackowlege
Jesus as lord of all, and yet I do not hate, which proves how wrong
Hagee is. Anyone would have to be biblically illiterate to believe
Hagee’s hateful lies by all the scriptures he omits. There are an awful
lot of the that he dodges to try to prove his twisted lies. Well, Paul
said it. Anyone who teaches another Christ is condemned. If you want to
know who is false then look towards scriptures because it is easy to
tell who is condemned by them. We are in the last days of false
teachers, false prophets, and false christs. Hagee is proof of that, as
well as most of TBN.

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the land of endless hypocrisy: Arkansas compound raided in child porn case

Posted by soldierservant on September 30, 2008

This goes to prove about the rising fascism in this country. Shows
you the hypocrisy of legal homosexual marriages while against polygamy.
This is the land of endless hypocrisy. The bible is lot more outspoken
against homosexuality than polygamy. Of course I can’t say for sure but
imagine this may be a trumped up charge about the child porn. It seems
that only the mormons have been outspoken about our government. It is so
ironic that you can find more truth in false religions than the
supposedly true protestant republican churches. Even radical muslims
recognize the evil of abortion. No wonder they call us the Great Satan.

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The Hopelessness Of Hypocrites Who Vote For The Lesser of Two Evils

Posted by soldierservant on September 30, 2008

Everyone now knows what I have been saying all along about both parties
being crooks, republicans even more so because they are all for these
bailouts and say there will be more of them, while democrats at least
pretend to try to do something about this. THESE BAILOUTS ARE NOT
towards globalism that nobody can deny. What is hypocritical is the idea
that we can’t do anything about this. Yes, we can! This is an election
year with the election right upon us. We all know that there will be no
more real change from either party because they both benefit from these
bailouts and their cronism knows no bounds. The real an only change can
come from a third party, the CONSTITUTION PARTY, which Chuck Baldwin is
running on. Those who ignore the this advice are admitting that they do
not care for our own constitution. I got so frustrated hearing Savage
last night acting like there is nothing we can do. This hypocrite,
Savage, has refused to credit any third party, but maybe now he has
awaken to to the truth. I have been saying all along about our true
options. Those that are so full of lies cannot admit the truth that is
right in front of them. So after all this that is going on, if the
majority of americans elect more of these very same crooks as either
McCain or Obama, then we deserve to be a dictatorship because you would
have proven these crooks right that the american people are too stupid
to recognize the truth or too cowardy to do anything about it. If the
american people elect the crooks that got us in this mess then they have
absolutely no excuse to whine. I think the american people are so
selfish and complacent. None of them really care what is going on as
long as they are doing good. Well, with all these bailouts and a new
loss of freedoms, this is bound to effect everyone no matter who you
are. Our government is the opposite of Robin Hood. They steal from the
poor to give to the rich. Hypocrite neocons always talk about how bad
communsm is by its redistributing wealth by taking from the rich and
giving to the poor through welfare. This is much worse. All these Wall
Street tycoons should be prosecuted by the fullest extent of the law but
instead they are rewarded with “golden parachutes.” Why do these crooks
need bailouts? Why not bailout the poor, those who are in true need? It
is a total lie that bailing these crooks out will preserve our economy.
It is the opposite. It will further destroy our economy. It was the
policies of Bush and the neocons that brought us this mess and yet they
act like they are going to fix it? If anyone believes that I have a
bridge to sell them. They are not fixing anything but only making it
worse. If the american people had any sense we would have impeached Bush
a long time ago. Well, here is Bush’s legacy: worst economy ever since
the Great Depression or even surpassing that, the growth of socialism
and globalism, outsourcing numberous jobs, turning America into a third
world country, supporter of terrorism and a traitor to the israeli
people. Yes, Bush will go down in history for what he is, the most
wicked and pathetic president in american history so far. I can’t help
but say a big “I TOLD YOU SO!” It is a guarantee that Bush will
constantly get worse before he is out. There may not be a country left
before he gets through with it. He would have sold it out to all our
enemies. We might well become the UNITED STATES OF DUBAI. One thing is
sure is that our debt now will leave us at the mercy of the rest of the
world to which we are indebted, thanks to Bush. This crazy fool has done
everything in is power to bankrupt this country. Bush keeps giving loads
of money to foreign countries, money that we do not have and to
countries that oppress their people. Like recently Bush gave $48 billion
to the bogus Africa AIDS scam. Who is actually paying that? We, the
american people. Bush has done so much damage to this country that it is
nearly irreversible. And fools who still support him are traitors to
this country and support his destruction of this country. Don’t think
that you will get away with not reaping what you sow! Your support of
this wicked man has brought all this chaos and destruction on us all.
Well, now that the undeniable true fruits of Bush and them are all
showing is proof that we are now reaping what we have sown. There will
be no escape from even you neocon rats at the top. Judgment Day is soon
coming. Those who have the sense to see clearly what is going on now
better change and repent while you can. Repent while God is still found
because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Anyone of you could die in an
accident. Those who haven’t repented will be cut off from God forever
with no hope for all eternity. STOP BOWING TO THESE WICKED NEOCON
Only then can there be hope. It you do the same stupid things as usual
nothing will ever change but get worse. That is the definition of
insanity. Look at the flawed logic of “lesser of evils” brought us with
this disaster of a president. It is beyond stupid to still adhere to
that insane logic. It only proves that there is no lesser of evils.
McCain is rotten to the core. We know what he is because he has been in
the spotlight for years. We all know what evil policies he is for. He
has even called christians “agents of intolerance,” and yet fools who
claim they are christian (but are not) will vote for him. Obama is not
much better. Voting for the wicked such as these is partaking in the
deeds of darkness to which you will be judged for. Especially in this
day and age, there is no excuse for ignorance. Those who truly serve the
Lord will not conform to the wickedness of this world. Christ’s kingdom
is not of this world, so those who are caught up in all the lies and
hypocrisy do not know Christ or seem to care. Those who admit
hopelessness and defeat are a victim of their own lies to which I have
no pity for. Fools bring on their own sorrows because they despise
wisdom and truth. They reap what they sow. I have offered hope by
telling you that there is an option by voting for Chuck Baldwin. Those
of you who refuse that advice will suffer from your own stupidity.
Praise God for those who listen to reason, however few that may be.

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John McCain’s Ties To Freddie Mac: Do Evangelical Christians Care?

Posted by soldierservant on September 30, 2008

Well, what do you know. The Wall Street corruption traces back to
McCain. This is what I have been saying that he is all a part of the
corruption. Oh, for a while he sounded like he was going to be tough on
the crooks but is either insincere or a hypocrite, or both. One thing
right that McCain said was that Christopher Cox, former republican
congressman and Bush appointee, should be fired. They are all a part of
the good old boys network. Even Savage mentioned about them going back
to Skull & Bones. I was surprised at that comment because I thought that
was too conspiratorial for the likes of him. I hear some say that we
should fire all of congress. Well, I sure would like to know how in the
world you do that. What I do know is that we can start by voting the
right president in. If the american people are too incompetent for just
that simple task then how are they going to deal with the whole of
congress? So either we will have a dictatorship or there will be a civil
war if people are truly fed up. Like I heard Savage say last night that
revolutions don’t happen until people get hungry. So things will have to
get to the point of waiting in bread lines or worse before they really
do anything. The only good thing about this is that maybe the illegals
won’t want to get over here so bad when they see how screwed up we are
becoming. I also heard that the FBI was investigating 4 of these firms.
If they are sincere, and not just doing this for show, then there is
hope for justice. I heard that there are 26 executives in this bailout
mess. Man, this makes you think what in the world is going on. It is one
thing for just one or a few, but when a whole bunch of them collapse at
the same time, something must be up. I heard that these sneaks became
banks overnight so they could dip in the federal reserve. Can you
believe the nerve of that Hank Paulson that wouldn’t settle for a
little,but the whole amount, and then threaten that this affects the
american people, which I do not believe? He is just covering his rear.

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With Their Support Of Susan Palin, The Religious Right Proves That Character Never Mattered … It Was Always All About Power!

Posted by soldierservant on September 4, 2008

I remember back during the Bill Clinton administration how all the
republicans were saying how much character matters. This was over
Clinton being an adulterer. Well, now these republican hypocrites that
say character matters doesn’t seem to matter to them anymore. John
McCain divorced his first wife, who was faithful to him, so in order
that he could marry the rich beer heiress. Jesus said that if you
divorce, with the exception of infidelity, that you are an adulterer. So
McCain is as much as an adulterer as Clinton. Where are all the
hypocrites that tell us that character matters? These lying neocons are
not for real but use everything for their own political expediency. So
lets get this straight. The majority of the church wants to vote in a
heathen that is pro-abortion (murder), an adulterer, a globalist
(antichrist), rather than supporting true righteous candidates like Ron
Paul or Chuck Baldwin. What is wrong with that picture? Those who can’t
figure that out prove that they do not know God or his word and are
headed for eternal damnation. You cannot support the false and the
godless and get away with it. Light has no fellowship with darkness.
Those who bow to the dark are dark themselves. Satan is their father.
Jesus said that the world would know those who are his true disciples by
their love for one another. He also said that the world accept their
own. Yes, that is right! Every one of the religious hypocrites that
support the godless heathens of the republican or democrat party while
opposing the christian candidates like Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution
Party, are imposters and headed for damnation. Woe to those who call
evil good and good evil! Anyone who knows the gospel knows that the true
christian walk is not one of popularity. The modern church defies
scripture at every point. For those who haven’t known the gospel, there
is hope for you. Do not get deceived by all the televangelists,
religious right, and most of the churches that are imposters that are on
the broad path to destruction. I would say to find a good church but
that is nearly impossible these days. None seem to care for the truth
that is found in the bible. All the churches seem to be lawbreakers at
some point or other. Most all seem to violate the true sabbath
(Saturday) by observing a false sabbath (Sunday). Most all of society
bows to this false system, like businesses closed on Sunday, instead of
Saturday. Well the Ten Commandments say that to keep the sabbath holy
means to not work, but rest on that day, the last day of the week in
which God rested from His work of creation. This is all supported in
Hebrews, the fourth chapter, which is the new testament after Jesus’
resurrection, which no one can use the excuse that the original sabbath
changed with the covenants. Nowhere in God’s word does it say that the
sabbath changed to Sunday, or the first day of the week. Ask yourself
which of any of the ten commandments has changed under the new covenant?
None have changed. If all the others haven’t changed under the new
covenant then why would the fourth commandment change? The church will
have no excuse for all their defiance against the scriptures. All I can
say is to get in God’s word for yourself and let no one twist its
interpretation for you. God has opened my eyes to so many things just
because I got into His word and let no one pollute the truth that is in
it. All the church these days teach greed and war to which the bible
teaches against. Those who are deluded in this deception think that
somehow they are sanctified by anything they believe just because they
add Jesus’ name to it, but the bible confirms that it is the other way
around. Those who misuse the gospel or Jesus’ name will be under extreme
condemnation for the blasphemy of doing evil all the while claiming to
be His (Matt.7:21-23). This proves how wrong the false positivity gospel
is that think they can sanctify anything through positive thinking.
There is no biblical basis for such fooish thinking. The bible says that
a little bit of leaven corrupts the whole batch. There is no mention of
sanctifying the leaven, but wouldn’t be surprised if that is what they
are teaching in church these days. 1Cor.15:33 says that bad company
corrupts good character. 1Cor.15:34, “Come back to your senses as you
ought, and stop sinning; for there are some ignorant of God-I say this
to your shame.” I had been born and raised in church and when I came of
age I knew in my spirit that something was terribly wrong with church. I
had visited church after church and never found any that are true, and
this is coming from the buckle of the bible belt. How pathetic is that?
They should call it the unbiblical belt. I had a good friend that got
polluted by all their lies. The church will answer for all the lies it
spews and souls it leads astray. The disobedient children are appointed
unto wrath. But you see, the bible makes it clear that this is exactly
what would happen. We are living in the age of apostasy as mentioned by
Jesus in Matthew 24. 1Peter 4:18 says how hard it is for the righteous
to be saved. Liars in the church would not have you know such
scriptures. Like Ezekiel 34, which tells of wicked shepherds (pastors,
teachers, and religious leaders). They especially don’t want you to know
that since it is self incriminating evidence against these cowardly
wolves in disguise. Jesus said that his people perish for the lack of
knowledge. Anytime the bible talks of perish, it means eternal. The
temporal, which is our bodies, refers to as sleep. The only way to get
knowledge in order to avoid the eternal perish is by studying His word.
Those who want the truth must turn to the bible because there is no
other source. Like his own word says “Let God be true and every man a
liar.” If you can find a biblical church then that is good. You can tell
by if they observe the true sabbath over the false one and not sold out
to political hypocrisy. But do not be led by false guilt of just
attending a church for the sake of conscience or legalism if they are
not true because then you are partaking in the table of demons and
participating in the deeds of darkness. Ancient Israel not only fell
because of innocent bloodshed but also injustice to the poor. Those who
support the neocon/liberal machine are not only supporting murder
through abortion but also supporting rich oppressors. Neither party will
end the outsourcing. Oh sure, they all pretend to be compassionate with
all the relief from these major storms, for appearances only, to be seen
of men, just like the Pharisees of Jesus’ time. If they are really this
compassionate then why are they doing all the outsourcing, which cost
many their jobs and homes, as well as allowing the high gas prices and
bad economy? McCain voted against drilling but now all of a sudden he is
for it. He is pretending to distance himself from Bush but has said that
Bush was 90% right. Both McCain and Palin have done a lot of
flip-flopping lately. Palin, back in February of this year praised Ron
Paul for his independence and said she was the same way. Well not
anymore because she has sold out to the neocons. I like to hear her
thoughts on Ron Paul now. She would have to denounce him just to stay in
the republican party. How can anyone trust those who constantly change
their positions? Chuck Baldwin hasn’t changed any position. If we want
steady country we need steady leadership. Isn’t it so hypocritical that
the neocons judge everything of the liberals, even their children, such
as Clinton’s Chelsea, but yet not judging Palin’s daughter. Jesus said
what happens to hypocritical judgers. Those who support rich oppressors
are the goats mentioned by Jesus in Matthew 25, who care not for the
“least of these.”

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McCain and Susan Palin: How Can They Walk Together Unless They Be Agreed? By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on September 4, 2008

This is interesting. I didn’t know any republican that opposed the war
except for Ron Paul. But Chuck is absolutely right. This was just what I
was saying recently about the scripture that says bad company corrupts
good character (1Cor.15:33). As far as Palin being able to run on the
ticket in the future as a true independent conservative, not happening.
Chuck should realize that because we all know that the corrupt power
structure of both parties will not allow that. Look how they got away
with demonizing Ron Paul and all the idiots ate it up as though it was
gospel. The fools fall for every trick in the book. Even Chuck proves
their predictability. Look at how the neocons schmucks used Joe
Lieberman for the first day of their convention. They have to use a
democrat, and the very same one at that that would have destroyed
McCain’s chances. How dumb can you get? But apparently it works for all
the kool-aid drinkers out there.

This column  is archived at:

John McCain’s selection of Alaska Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice
Presidential running mate was exactly what he needed to do to make himself
competitive against Barack Obama in the November elections. (For the record,
I predicted three weeks ago that Palin would be his choice.) As a result
(and right on cue), conservatives throughout the country–especially
Christian conservatives–are now fully supporting McCain’s candidacy for
President. Even James “I-will-never-vote-for-John-McCain” Dobson has
endorsed McCain.

By all appearances, Governor Palin is a true conservative. She is pro-life.
She is pro-Second Amendment. Alaska is one of only two states (Vermont is
the other) that recognize the right of their citizens to carry handguns
without a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit. She was rightly critical of
the invasion of Iraq, once calling it a “war for oil.” Speaking of oil, she
believes we should drill for oil in Alaska and throughout the U.S., and is
critical of the federal government for allowing America to become dependent
upon foreign oil for our energy needs. She even heaped praises upon the
Republican that Republicans love to hate: Ron Paul. Beyond that, Lynette
Clark, the chairman of the Alaskan Independence Party (the party under which
yours truly is on the Presidential ballot this year) reports that Sarah
Palin was a member of the party back in the early 90s. This is very
encouraging in that the AIP is a patriotic, states’ rights party that holds
strong sentiments opposing the New World Order propensities of the two major
parties. In essence, Sarah Palin is everything that John McCain isn’t. Which
leads to the question that was asked long ago by the Hebrew prophet: “Can
two walk together, except they be agreed?”

When the no-compromise constitutionalist, Ron Paul, was asked by CNN’s Wolf
Blitzer if he would consider being John McCain’s running mate, he said no.
His reason for that was that should McCain do something fundamentally
counter to his constitutional convictions–such as bombing Iran without a
Declaration of War (or other possible unconstitutional actions that Paul
knows McCain is predisposed to)–he would have to resign. Knowing this, he
(Paul) could not in good conscience accept a McCain invitation to join his
ticket (not that McCain would ever ask him to be his running mate; Ron was
not even invited to participate in the Republican convention, for Pete’s

Herein lies the problem for Sarah Palin. How can a principled conservative
support the policies and actions of an unprincipled globalist such as John
McCain? As Vice President, Palin will be required to promote and defend
McCain’s big-government, liberal, and globalist plans. For example, what
will she do when John McCain proposes amnesty for millions of illegal
aliens, which he is certain to do? What will she do when McCain proposes to
close gun shows, or at least the private sale of firearms at gun shows? What
will she do when he proposes to increase federal spending for abortion
providers (which he has done numerous times as senator)? What will she do
when he promotes federal spending for embryonic stem cell research? What
will she do when John McCain proliferates Bush’s police state machinations
by expanding the Patriot Act and similar legislation? What will Palin do
when McCain decides to nuke Iran (and who knows what else), not only without
a Declaration of War by Congress, but also without provocation or
justification? What will she do as John McCain expands the Security and
Prosperity Partnership with Canada and Mexico? What will she do as McCain
opens the door of the NAFTA superhighway and the North American Union? What
will she do as John McCain allows the United Nations to dictate and
manipulate America’s foreign policy? Again, can two walk together except
they be agreed?

Let’s face it: John McCain is using Sarah Palin as inducement to trick
conservatives into accepting his liberal, big-government, globalist
candidacy. And, sadly, it is working.

As I have said before, today’s national Christian leaders are among the most
gullible people on the planet. They are so desperate to be invited to sit at
the king’s table that they will compromise practically any principle. But
accepting John McCain was a not only a bitter pill, it was a BIG pill, one
they could not get down without a major dose of syrup. And that is exactly
what Governor Palin brings to the table: sweet syrup to help conservatives
swallow John McCain.

Unfortunately, the things that make Palin so attractive (her conservative
principles) are the things that she will be forced to surrender in order to
be John McCain’s running mate. The best thing that can happen to Sarah Palin
is for John McCain to lose the November election. This would allow her to go
into the 2012 elections as perhaps the Republican Presidential frontrunner.
If McCain wins in November, and Palin is forced to serve at the pleasure of
this globalist insider for four years, she will be forever ruined as a
genuine constitutional conservative. Remember, “No man can serve two
masters.” One cannot be faithful to the Constitution and a constitutional
apostate such as John McCain at the same time. That is an absolute

What our conservative friends need to wake up to is the depth of duplicity
and wickedness that permeates Washington politics (in both major parties)
today. There is nothing that these globalist insiders at the Council on
Foreign Relations (of which John McCain is a longtime member) will not do to
fulfill their power-mad plans. There is nothing too evil, too sinister, or
too iniquitous, including using, abusing, chewing up and then spitting out
good people such as Sarah Palin. Even more unfortunate and sad is the fact
that the James Dobsons of this world are too blind to see it.

*Disclaimer: I am currently a candidate for President of the United States
on the Constitution Party ticket. My official campaign web site is located

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Religious Right Predictably Hypocritical On Susan Palin Selection

Posted by soldierservant on September 4, 2008

You see, these neocons are so predictable. I felt like this hypocrite
would respond like this. These hypocrites act like the VP has more power
than the president. The fact that she accepted proves that she is a
phony. Here we go through this all over again where so called pro-lifers
are claiming victory where there is none. It has nothing to do with
pessimism. When you understand the nature of a thing you know how it
operates. If the truth is too negative for most then most hate the truth
because they are not willing to face the facts but want to live in a
fantasy world by believing their antichrist messiahs are sent by God. So
be it to their own destruction because they detest the ways of the Lord
as well as the Lord Himself, whom they blaspheme. The gospel admonishes
us to beware of the devices of the enemy but yet most despise such
wisdom, proving themselves to be fools. Like the parable of the foolish
virgins, all such fools will be cut off from the kingdom when it is too
late. I admit that Obama’s speech was a good one, but either party is a
part of the same corrupt establishment. His speech was half-truths
because he was right about all that is wrong about the neocons, but
still he lied about McCain being a war hero, which proves they are the
same and that the democrats do not stand for real change. They just use
this because they know people are desperate for anything other than this
administration. If people want real change they need to vote for the
Constitution Party. That is a revolutionary idea, to stand up for what
our forefathers stood up for. They were not only revolutionary for their
time but still are for today. Who has the courage to stand up for what
is right and not cower to these old socialists of both parties who lie
to you by telling you that you have no other choice than these two loser
parties who have failed us with the Clintons and the Bushes? Go ahead
and vote for a republican or a democrat if you want the same old vomit.
Those who do are dogs and dogs will not make it into God’s kingdom as
mentioned in Revelation 22:15. Those who cower to wicked will heap up
wrath for themselves.

Rev. Rob Schenck was present on the platform in Dayton, Ohio, today and just spoke personally with both Sen. John McCain and his newly announced running mate, Gov. Sarah Palin of Alaska. 

Rob was a VIP guest at John McCain’s campaign announcement in Dayton, Ohio, when he named his Vice Presidential running mate. Rob, who just returned from the Democratic National Convention, personally congratulated Sen. McCain on his choice. McCain responded warmly by telling Schenck he was deeply honored by the compliment. 

In his conversation with Gov. Palin and her husband, Todd, he asked about their church life. They told him they were active members of an independent Bible church. 

Both exchanges were caught by Fox News Network and CNN among others. 

According to Rob, “Since Governor Palin has been selected as John McCain’s running mate it is reason for pro-life conservatives to rejoice. Sarah Palin is a formidable and experienced executive who is also a woman. The combination is powerful and will prove irresistible to many religious and other conservatives.” 

To hear Rob’s on-the-scene comments, click here: 

Rob will attend the Republican National Convention in Minneapolis. 

To support Rob in his efforts to bring the Word of God to bear on the hearts and minds of our public policy makers, please make your end of summer contribution now by clicking here. With your help, we will continue to challenge our nation’s leaders and future leaders with Biblical truth! 

To express your thoughts on the Sarah Palin selection, go to Rob’s blog at 

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How the State Encourages Immorality

Posted by soldierservant on September 4, 2008

This article is so correct. I slightly disagree about the death penalty.
While a lot of crime might come from those who are oppressed, there are
rich people that kill too, like a lot of the serial killers. So one size
does not fit all. Besides in Romans 13:4 says that he does not bear a
sword for nothing and is a servant to bring punishment for the evildoer.
Scripture sounds pro-death penalty to me. But besides that, this is
right on everything else. Like how they mention about the morals of
sailors. I had a friend that was in the navy that got corrupted by the
pressure of the other whoremongers in that service. Also like how this
points out about the demonic psychotic training that the military goes
through. We always hear these stories about soldiers commiting some act
of cruelty and the military leaders lie by saying that they are not
trained like that. I imagine that there are a whole lot more that we do
not hear about, but those cases we do hear about are just a few that
manage to leak out. So yeah, there is all kinds of hypocrisy like the
government punishing killers while they are killers themselves. All
governments are failures and is why our allegiance should only go to
Christ alone, not this corrupt worldly system. Those who depend on the
system have more faith in it than they do in God and will be betrayed in
the end. It is no wonder why Jesus said that those who love this world
the love of the Father is not in them. Romans 13 is only refering to
righteous government because why then would it say in verse 3 that
rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do
wrong? That sure isn’t talking about tyranies. Hitler held terror for
those who did right. Those who twist Romans 13 out of context try to
make it sound as though God deifies the world leaders. If that is the
case then Jesus would not need to return to put all these authorities
underneath his feet as mentiond in 1Cor.15:24. Sure, scripture says that
God raised up Pharaoh, but it also says that God hardened his heart. God
also raised up Moses to oppose Pharaoh. Those who know the story know
how Pharaoh ended up. So there is no logic or balance from the godless
imposters that glorify evil government. So yes, even these imposters God
may be raising up only to be destroyed. Think about that the next time
you see one of these arrogant televangelists brag about God raising them
up, maybe only to be made an example out of by God.

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