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A Miracle at the Capitol Building

Posted by soldierservant on July 7, 2009

Oh man, I know you can recognize the cleverness of the enemy right here.
You can see where these evil imposters will be puffed up full of pride.
With this talk about anointing the places where Obama will walk. If
Obama does a good job then these imposters will take the credit for it.
Reading this turned my stomach but I thought it was important to use
this as an example of the tactics of these evil imposters, exposing them
for what they are. Fine if you pray and anoint, but what is the point
about bragging about it? It smacks of Pharisee arrogance and hubris,
bragging about their deeds to be seen of men. Great will be the reward
of those who do good in secret. The hypocrites reward is right here on
earth, not in heaven, which of course they will not inhabit anyway. I
believe there is hope for Obama, not because of any prayers or
anointings of mine, but have noticed a difference in him. Why haven’t
the prayers of these hypocrites changed Bush any? I guess according to
these deluded apostates Obama will be good if he is just like Bush, but
wait, no, neocons blame democrats when they do act like Bush. There is
your catch 22 because there is no pleasing these hypocrites. Mark my
words! No matter how good Obama might end up being the malicious talk
against him will never cease from the likes of Rush Limbaugh. All these
newage neocons prove how phony they are when speaking of positivity when
they are full of negativity and slander. All they know is manipulation
and deceit. Their very tactics and mentallity betray and expose
themselves. Beware of any religious leader bragging about their deeds.
Their very nature exposes what spirit they are really of. It is the
spirit of this world that brags in their flesh and about self. Since all
Rush ever does is brag about himself it is easy to see what he is. He is
guilty of the original sin of Lucifer himself.

Dear Terry,

Some doors only Heaven can open.

That was the case yesterday when I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to do something that in my mind I knew could not be accomplished. When we notified the Capitol Hill police of our intentions they told us in no uncertain terms we would be arrested for our actions. Yet, in obedience to what I knew to be a divine prompting, I proceeded, along with my colleague, Rev. Pat Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition, to the Capitol Building…and there experienced a miracle.

It just so happened (as it so often does for people of faith), when we entered the Capitol complex we met Congressman Paul Broun of Georgia, in the hallway. Congressman Broun is a dynamic and unapologetic Christian. I told him what God had prompted me to do. He immediately agreed and joined me, along with Rev. Mahoney and our chief of staff, Peggy Birchfield, as together we held a prayer service inside the US Capitol that included anointing the doorway President-Elect Barack Obama will pass through on his way to the platform to be sworn in as the 44th president of the United States on January 20th.

To see this brief but powerful prayer and anointing service, please click here.

Anointing with oil is a rich tradition both in the Bible and in the history of the US Capitol. Oil symbolizes consecration, or setting something apart for God’s use. George Washington used oil during the dedication of the US Capitol. We used the oil to set apart the walkway and doors that will be the literal right-of-passage for Barack Obama as he ascends to the highest office in our land. Bear in mind this is one of the most cordoned off and highly secured sites in America. It is virtually inaccessible. Yet, there we were, holding a consecration service in obedience to God – the very thing He had placed in my heart.

Rep. Broun delivered a short sermon-like talk on the need to obey God and His will, and for the future president to do what is right. I read Bible passages and applied sacred oil to the doorposts of the arched doorway leading out of the Capitol and onto the inaugural stage, immediately in front of the riser where Obama will stand with Chief Justice John Roberts who will administer the Oath of Office. Rev. Mahoney read a powerful inaugural prayer by Dr. Billy Graham, delivered 40 years ago.

Congressman Broun referred to the location of the prayer service as "the doorway that (President-Elect Obama) will enter through to start of his presidency."

That doorway has now been consecrated and anointed for the purposes of God.

You and your friends, family, and fellow church members can now join us in prayer for our nation and the transition to a new administration by simply watching the video and praying with us.

The more people who watch this video, the more powerful it becomes. That’s why we also need you to forward it on to as many people as possible.

If Christians across the nation will join together in prayer, I know God will “hear from Heaven and heal our land.”

Please watch this amazing video yourself by clicking here and then forward it on to your family, friends, and fellow church members so together we can raise our voices to God on behalf of our nation in an act of repentance and dedication.

Your missionary to our nation’s leaders,

Rob Schenck

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