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Bob Jones and Paul Cain Claiming To Be The Two Revelation Witnesses: The Latter Rain FALSE Revival!

Posted by soldierservant on May 26, 2009

This latter rain deception is exactly what my folks are plugged into. My dad
gets newsletters from the likes of ENDTIME HANDMAIDENS, who are in the
thick of this demonic deception. That particular ministry never felt
right to me in my spirit and for a number of other different reasons,
now I know why. Man, when you read this you will realize just how
serious this is. These dominionists sound like they are literally
plotting murder, just like Jesus said in Matthew 24. So many like my
family have no clue to the evil they are involved in. It will be these
dominionists that will usher in the antichrist. No wonder Jesus gave us
so many warnings about vigilance in the last days and against false
christs. But you see the complete hypocrisy? Those who dismis the old
testament but will still use it for their purpose such as tithing or
latter rain. These fools can’t have it both ways. The only way they can
interpret scripture is falsely, proving their wicked hearts. Wow, the
irony of those who think they will either escape through a secret
rapture or oppose the antichrist are the ones who will be his very
slaves. In just flipping around I heard a little bit of a TBN preacher
Casey Treat, and was blabbing so much newage garbage, you know, the
usual positivity cult stuff. Man, TBN is pure demonic. I can easily see
that they will be a tool of the antichrist. This is information
important to get out. Most of the kooks you probably deal with are these
latter rain dominionists. They will be easy marks for the antichrist.
You was surprised in the past about Bob Jones university involved in
political corruption. Well this here lists him as one of the false
prophets along with Paul Cain and Rick Joyner. Both Bob and Paul are
egotistical in thinking that they are actually the two witnesses of
Revelation. It is ironic that it will probably be them that will oppose
the true two witesses. It is these followers of the antichrist that will
be tormented in the presence of God and His holy angels. They will face
more severe humiliation than others in hell. Thank God our eyes are open
in not following this godless bunch because those who follow the beast
will have the worst of punishments for all eternity.

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