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Pat Robertson converts to ‘global warming’

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Guess who is joining the global warming bandwagon? Also Rick Warren. No
surprise there since he is a satanic communist. These phonies are
revealing themselves more and more. Maybe this is an answer to prayer
because less people will follow these kooks now that they are getting
exposed for what they are. PRAISE GOD!

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Rick Warren – One of America’s most Dangerous Preachers

Posted by soldierservant on March 27, 2008

This is unbelieveable. This guy is not just a little off. He is worse
than a nazi. This game is LEFT BEHIND:ETERNAL FORCES that Warren is
promoting. This exposes LEFT BEHIND heresy as well as Warren himself.
This guy is a terrorist. You will never hear a neocon talk about this
because they are all a part of it. You can tell the mentality of morons
who attack articles like this as attacking christians when it clearly
isn’t but attacking antichrists like Warren. We seem to be living in a
braindead kneejerk lockstep society. These wicked conformists to the
antichrist will reap what they sow. They can’t understand truth that is
right before them because they hate it. This also talks about Bush’s
support. Morons can’t put 2 and 2 together. I just heard my brother’s
pastor leave a message on our answering machine talking about Easter egg
hunts for Easter. That exposes what a fool he is. Easter has less to do
with Christ than even Christmas. Eggs and bunnies has nothing to do with
Christ’s resurrection. Even my dad recognizes that. He calls Easter,
Resurrection Sunday. Of course that is inaccurate too because Easter is
not the actual day of his resurrection. I try not to be too critical but
I can’t help but see those who are deceived are usually deceived about
everything. Some heathens are compelled to go to church for either
Easter or Christmas. I don’t bow to that mentality. So that is supposed
to respect God by going to a house of lies like a Warren church (how
many these days aren’t?, not many) for these holidays (which aren’t even
the actual days) ? I think that is worse. I heard a muslim cleric on the
radio explaining that a theocracy, whether muslim or christian, is not
religious but political. It is apparent that there will be extremists
christians as there are extremist muslims. You see, this is what all
this warmongering leads up to. Nothing but death cults on both sides.
The bible is clear that fruits of carnality are evil. This war is
evidence of that. It is inspiring extremism of all kinds, and Bush and
the church are in the thick of it. You know this country is headed
towards inevitable judgment when they not only allow the likes of Warren
but are 100% behind him in the churches. This corruption is everywhere
that it cannot be avoided. Sad to say that even our christian rock
station here bows to this freak. That is the management or sponsors, not
the music itself. I don’t even care for their DJs because most of them
are ignorant imbecils themselves that are even hardly in the milk of
God’s word, much less the meat. They are wicked conformists themselves.
There may be a few neocon bands but most expose that kind of crap.

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