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Posted by soldierservant on August 24, 2008

I checked out this site and it is thorough and consistent in its interpretation of
scripture. The only place where they may miss it was then just
mentioning Babylon ending up in flames, when that will be the fate of
the whole world. Other than that I am in total agreement with it. I even
sent this to my family in hopes that it would wake them up. If this
doesn’t nothing will. I have been catching a few of the COAST TO COAST
shows and learn something new every time. The stuff they reveal on there
falls in line with this. I find out that the nazis were not defeated in
WW2 but have infiltrated corporations and areas of the government. They
also had secret technology even back during the holocaust. Hoagland
calls NASA, NEVER A STRAIGHT ANSWER. I had realized why Jack Van Impe
twists scriptures like the ones dealing against the magic arts, like
mentioned in both Rev.21:8 & 22:15. Remember how he try to interpret
that as drug use?   That is not defending drug use because the bible
talks about those who pollute their own body, but has nothing to do with
magic arts, so is a separate issue. It seems like he is defending an
abomination to God. The only thing I figure why he is doing that is
because he is appeasing all the false, like catholics and muslims and
through this I guess he is appeasing the native americans since their
culture seems to revolve around shamanism. It is as though Jack is
trying to unite all the false to create a false body of Christ. This
site makes it all clear that this is the agenda of these wicked
imposters who even deceive themselves. All this positive newage gospel,
which in all actuality is negative because it is lies that lead to
damnation, neglect the importance of repentance. This site is right on
because it points out the jew hating white supremacy that is widespread
in the church. This site also brought up something I never thought
about. Like where Jesus talked about the days of Noah being like the end
times we assume he is talking about the Flood, but this mentions that
Noah saw the rise of Babylon after the Flood. I have also found out that
freemasonry predates Nimrod. That has to make it one of the oldest
religions in the world. But there are some waking up. I recently got the
new CD from POD and was impressed by their lyrics. They pointed out the
cowardice and hypocrisy of religion and politics. Through their lyrics
they ask why is everyone so blind and so full of hatred and war. Praise
God for the likes of them that have the honest conviction for the truth.
Man, you know this country is going to pay. Our goverment is responsible
for radicalizing the islamists in he middle east. It is the plan of our
satanic government to pit one group of people against each other for
decreasing the population of the earth down to just these satanists. The
satanists are not just the government but also the church itself. When I
fell into extreme darkness in my past it was when I was still attending
church. Church itself contradicts God’s word because God causes all men
to be drawn unto Him, not repelled. Chruch has always caused me to be
angry with God, whether it was legalism, false doctrine, or just
hypocrisy. They will pay for that as well as all those who they lead
astray. I pity those who believe hese lies but have no pity for those
who teach them. They will be most severly punished and reserved for the
blackest darkness (2Peter 2:17).

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John McCain Pro Life? What A Joke! by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on August 24, 2008

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Once again, “pro-life” Christians are doing back flips to try and justify
their compromise of the life issue by trying to convince everyone (including
themselves) that John McCain is truly pro-life. However, these same people
know in their hearts that John McCain shares no fidelity to the life issue
in any significant or meaningful way. Like many in the Republican Party,
McCain’s commitment to life is about as deep as a mud puddle.

Dare I remind everyone that the “pro-life” GOP controlled the entire federal
government from 2000 to 2006 and nothing was done to overturn Roe v. Wade or
end legal abortion-on-demand? When George W. Bush took the oath of office in
January of 2001, over one million innocent unborn babies were being murdered
in the wombs of their mothers every year via legal abortions in this
country. And when George W. Bush leaves office in January of 2009, over one
million innocent unborn babies would still be murdered in the wombs of their
mothers every year via legal abortions in this country. Eight years of a
“pro-life” President and six years of the “pro-life” GOP in charge of the
entire federal government and not one unborn baby’s life has been saved. Roe
v. Wade is still the law of the land, and abortion-on-demand is still legal
in America.

Had John McCain and his fellow Republicans truly wanted to end legal
abortion, they could have passed Congressman Ron Paul’s Sanctity of Life
Act. Year after year, Dr. Paul introduced this bill, and year after year, it
sat and collected dust in the document room on Capitol Hill.

What would Congressman Paul’s bill do? It would do two things: 1) It would
define life as beginning at conception and, thus, declare the personhood of
every pre-born child. 2) Under Article. III. Section. 2. of the U.S.
Constitution, it would remove abortion from the jurisdiction of the Court.
In practical terms, Dr. Paul’s bill would overturn Roe v. Wade and end legal
abortion-on-demand. So, where was John McCain? Why did he not support Ron
Paul’s bill and introduce a companion bill in the U.S. Senate?

How can John McCain, and his fellow Republicans in Washington, D.C., look
pro-life Christians and conservatives in the eye in 2008 and expect that we
take them seriously when they say that they are “pro-life”? If the GOP had
truly wanted to overturn Roe v. Wade and end legal abortion-on-demand, they
could have already done it. They controlled the White House, the U.S.
Senate, and the House of Representatives for six long years, for goodness
sake. The reason they did not do it is because they did not want to do it.
They merely want to use “pro-life” rhetoric as a campaign tool to dupe
gullible Christian voters every election year. And the disgusting thing
about it is–it works.

The vast majority of notable “pro-life” leaders in the country are now
trumpeting the candidacy of John McCain. And the best challenge they can
come up with is “McCain better not pick a ‘pro-choice’ Vice President.” Oh,
shut up (to quote Jay Leno)!

John McCain openly embraces embryonic stem cell research. In 2000, he boldly
said he did not favor the overturn of Roe v. Wade. John McCain was a member
of the infamous “Gang of 14” senators from both parties whose purpose was to
oppose pro-life, strict constructionist judges.

Speaking of judges, John McCain voted for the pro-abortion justice, Stephen
Breyer, and the radical, pro-abortion, ACLU attorney, Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
So much for the argument that we need John McCain for the sake of appointing
conservative justices to the Supreme Court. For that matter, Republican
appointments dominated the Court that gave us Roe v. Wade and the one that
later gave us Doe v. Bolton. Proving, once again, that the Republican Party,
as a whole, has no real commitment to the life issue.

John McCain also gave us McCain-Feingold. This is the law that keeps
pro-life or pro-Second Amendment organizations from broadcasting ads that
mention a candidate by name 30 days before a primary election or 60 days
before a general election.  This proves that John McCain believes neither in
the right to life nor the right to keep and bear arms. (This is one reason
why the Gun Owners of America gives McCain a grade of F.)

In a debate with George W. Bush in May of 2000, John McCain attacked Bush’s
support for the pro-life plank in the Republican Party. Still today, John
McCain believes that babies who are conceived via rape or incest should be
murdered. I remind readers, however, that there are no “exceptions” in the
womb, only babies.

If all of the above is not enough, as a senator, John McCain has repeatedly
voted to fund pro-abortion providers such as Planned Parenthood with federal
tax dollars. In fact, McCain has voted to use federal tax dollars to support
abortion providers at home and overseas. Yes, this “pro-life” senator (along
with “pro-life” President, George W. Bush) has significantly increased
federal spending for abortion providers to levels eclipsing even the
appropriations authorized by President Bill Clinton and his fellow

John McCain also supports the United Nations, which not only works to strip
the United States of its independence and sovereignty, and banish our right
to keep and bear arms, but is also the most radical, pro-abortion
organization in the entire world. More babies have been aborted around the
world under the auspices of the U.N. than any other single entity.

Tell me again, Mr. Christian Leader, how “pro-life” John McCain is. What a
joke!  (c) Chuck Baldwin

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ur Military Needs Real Support Not Empty Rhetoric by Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is pretty good. He is right about our government betrayal of the
military. But who is accomodating them? It is our military. So they heap
this abuse on themselves. I realized this abuse back in Clinton’s war on
Serbia. The corruption probably goes way back beyond that, even with
Reagan. Those who choose to serve under this corruption bring problems
on themselves. Choosing to serve under the likes of Bush or any of these
other globalists is really no different than choosing to serve under
Hitler. Well what do you expect? God is not mocked, you will reap what
you sow. Jesus said that no good can come from evil so these arrogant
mockers that think they know more than Jesus get what they deserve. I
used for feel sorry for the military but now I rejoice at their problems
because these blasphemers will get what is coming to them. These fools,
willing tools, prove Henry Kissinger right. They prove to be the dumb
animals and pawns. Why should I feel sorry for fools who contribute to
their own undoing? I would like to know if you have a good answer for
that. Even Chuck doesn’t, so I don’t totally agree with him. Well at
least one thing can be assured of the military undoing is that we may
not have to worry about martial law coming from them. Maybe these
globalists are working against themselves because it is not too smart
coming from their perspective of trying to take over with a weak

This column is archived at

As we approach Memorial Day, we can anticipate the usual speeches and photo stunts from various and sundry politicos, each of them touting their heartfelt “support” for America’s men and women in uniform. I submit that much of this political grandstanding is merely empty rhetoric.

Most of us probably recall that former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger is quoted as having said that soldiers are just “dumb, stupid animals to be used” as pawns by the political and commercial elite. Obviously, even the most anti-military Democrat would never be so brazen as to say what Kissinger said. In practice, however, both Democrats and Republicans demonstrate disdain for our brave military people by the way their unconstitutional policies abuse and misuse them.

Whenever the White House sends our troops overseas to serve as United Nations “peacekeepers,” they abuse our military. Whenever our troops are put under foreign commanders, our military is abused.

I remind you that back in 2003, Bush announced to the U.N. that the reason he had invaded Iraq was for the purpose of securing “the credibility of the United Nations.” Unfortunately, various Presidential administrations–both Republican and Democrat–have also used our armed forces for the benefit of the U.N. Such conduct constitutes an abuse of our military.

When our politicians use our military to interfere in the internal affairs of other nations, our military is abused. When our armed forces are sent off to war without a Declaration of War by Congress, our military is abused. When our politicians use our military for the purposes of nation-building, empire-building, and international politics, our military is abused.

When our federal government can spend billions and even trillions of dollars for building and construction costs in Iraq, but cannot maintain safe and sanitary veteran’s hospitals, our military is abused. When our combat-wounded veterans must wait weeks, months, and sometime years to receive the medical care they need, our military is abused. When our veterans have to labor harder to obtain the medical benefits that they were promised than they did the enemy they were sent to fight, our military is abused.

Remember, our President (and every member of Congress) takes an oath to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” This includes not allowing our armed forces to be the pawns for conniving politicians and international conglomerates. It also includes only using our military for the safety and security of the U.S. population or territory. It does not include facilitating the personal political agendas of whoever happens to occupy the White House.

Peace in the world is not the purpose of the U.S. military. Their purpose is not to protect 27 European states. (Yes, I am saying outright: we should withdraw from NATO. Let the European nations pay and bleed for their own defense!) Their purpose is not to fight U.N. wars or enforce U.N. decisions. (Yes, I am saying outright: we should withdraw from the United Nations!) Their purpose is to defend the people and property of the United States of America. Period. Anything other than this is an abuse of our military.

To keep our forces in Iraq as an occupation force, year after year, maybe decade after decade, is an abuse of our military. To cancel their retirements; to demand our troops fight year after year, denying some of them the opportunity to even see their own children grow up; and to reduce the standards of recruits in order to accommodate criminals (even those charged with felonies)–constitutes abuse of our military.

To send our National Guard troops to protect the borders of Iraq, while leaving America’s borders wide open to potential terrorists and criminal elements, is an abuse of our military. To not provide adequate health care coverage to retired service members is an abuse of our military. To require disabled vets to give up their military retirement pay in order to receive VA disability benefits is an abuse of our military. To not have a concerted effort by our government to find and bring home America’s MIAs is an abuse of our military.

I could go on and on, but you get the point.

If our politicians in Washington, D.C., really wanted to “support our troops,” they would follow the Constitution, stop meddling in the internal affairs of other countries, restore the benefits and medical care for our veterans, and never send another American soldier to bleed and die for the United Nations. Anything less than that is only political grandstanding and empty rhetoric.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Republican Corruption At State And Local Levels!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is a great site exposing the republican corruption. The majority of
them are serious crimes like child rape of boys and girls from those who
tout “VALUES.” This proves how phony all this “values” crap is. This had
links in here connecting to the scandals brought up in this. So I will
have to look more into this myself. Well, we already knew of some such
as Mark Foley and few others but there are a whole lot more than what
was covered by the national news. And here these neocon liars tell us
how the mainstream media is biased against them when they are covering
up the evil of republicans. Well I hope you get around to blogging this
to expose these liars for what exactly the perverted monsters they are,
even for your own blog. I know this is coming from a democrat, but they
aren’t as hypocritical, pretending to have good moral values. Some of
the stuff brought out in this we do know of, like Schwarzenegger, who we
know is pro-homosexual and pro-abortion. This is proof that republicans
are going to hell for all the child rapists that they are and those who
support these monsters. Corrupt man us willing to turn a blind eye to
all the evil and corruption. God isn’t! The republican’s days are
numbered. They are all the more accountable for pretending to be the
opposite of what they actually are. I encourage you to spread this info
to all republicans you know as a warning of where they are headed if
they do not defect from this wicked evil party. This party is on the
level of Sodom and Gomorrah. Of course both parties actually are, but
republicans lie and pretend they are against it, which makes them more
dangerous to the gullible.

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McCain, Obama, and Hillary: Three Peas In A Pod By Pastor Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is the kind of stuff I have been saying. It was Albert Einstein
that said insanity is when you do the same thing over and over again,
expecting different results. Hypocrites say to just pray. Well if they
believe in the power of prayer then it shouldn’t matter to them who to
vote for, but they still stick by McCain, proving their own hypocrisy.
They cannot answer why their prayers only work for one party and not
another. They are proven wrong in even that assumption. What good did
their prayers do for Bush? Absolutely nothing! He continued on with his
corruptioin and is ever so much continuing on with it now. That proves
what liars all these religious frauds are. I will not even give them the
dignity of the title “christian” because they do not follow Christ, but
only follow Satan. The likes of TBN are dedicated to Satan and are
promoting his kingdom and they are reserved for the blackest darkness as
mentioned in 2Peter 2:17.  Those who are affiliated with them had better
separate from them or they will end up being judged along with them for
partaking in their wickedness. I believe they may be the great whore of
Revelation. They seem to deceive more than the catholic church itself.
Of course they promote that heresy too. It is evident who all the lost
are by who they choose to listen to. If they are sold on imposters like
Rush and are endorsing McCain, then they do not know the Lord Jesus
because those who they listen to are not his. They listen to the voice
of a stranger. Christ’s sheep knows his voice. They know his word. Those
who do not know his word are not his sheep. Anyone who would support an
antichrist like McCain prove they are of the same spirit. We know that
republicans are lying imposters because when they were all in power in
the majority they did nothing to stop abortion but instead promoted more
funding for it. Even a fool can understand that you do not fund
something you are against. All republicans are ever as much guilty of
murder as the democrats. We have satanic televangelists promoting
pro-abortion candidate John McCain. All such are damned to hell for the
hellish imposters that they are. They will receive no mercy. Those who
choose to follow all these liars will share in the same fate. God is
against all you wicked imposters and your time is coming! Col.2:8 says,
“Let no one take you captive by hollow and deceptive philosophy, which
depends on human tradition and principles of this world rather than on
Christ.” This two party political sham is a good example of worthless
human tradition. There is no Christ in the repubican party than there is
in the democrat party. The are both hollow and deceptive. Gal.1:10 Paul
makes clear that a servant of Christ is not pleasing to man. Isn’t that
what most preachers these days are, servants of man, not of God? God
commands us through his word that we are not to conform to this world.
Those who are so willing to ignore and forsake scripture do so at your
own eternal jeopardy. I would not give anything to be in the place of
all these worthless compromising cowards. Those who forsake the truth
will receive no mercy because they know better but still rebel against
God and all wisdom. God is willing to forgive all those who will put all
the foolishness of these lies behind them. I was once a fool of the
republican party but God has woken me up to all the lies and hypocrisy.
I realized that most republicans didn’t even claim to be christians.
Those who pretend such are delusional and not connected to the real
world. I pray that all who read this and Chuck’s messages will have
their eyes open too.

This column is archived at

I realize that is extremely difficult for some people to think outside the box. The vast majority of people are prone to be followers, to “go with the flow,” to follow the path of least resistance. This appears to be the nature of human nature.

Therefore, I think I understand the reasoning of many who are so reluctant to step outside the two major parties and vote for a third party candidate. I seem to recall that I, too, was just as hesitant (though not for nearly as long as some people) as they are.

We have all heard it before: He doesn’t stand a chance; it’s a wasted vote; we must work within the party to make it better, etc., ad infinitum, ad nauseam.

Now, I will be the first to admit that the deck is stacked against an independent candidate succeeding at any political level. The two dominant parties do not like competition. And they have made it EXTREMELY DIFFICULT for third parties to have a fighting chance to prevail. My brief experience in third parties convinces me that the old state parties of Eastern Europe had nothing on America’s two major parties, when it comes to dominating and controlling elections.

The media, too, is a co-opted and controlled environment. They refuse to cover minor parties and then attempt to justify their manipulation by saying something along the lines of, “We won’t let you participate until you reach ‘X’ percentage points.” But, of course, their refusal to give an independent candidate any time to present his or her views directly contributes to the lack of percentage points.

I believe that any candidate who has obtained ballot access in enough states to theoretically obtain sufficient electoral votes to win the election (an arduous and expensive process all by itself) should automatically be included in any and all debates and should be given an equal opportunity to present his or her views to the public. Anything less than this is deliberate manipulation of the election. And that is exactly what the two major parties and their collaborators in the mainstream media are doing.

That aside, one would think that sooner or later the American people would wake up to what is happening right in front of their eyes. One would think that they would realize that no matter which party wins the White House or wins control of Congress, most things stay pretty much the same.

All this talk of “conservatism” or “liberalism” is–for the most part–nothing more than campaign rhetoric. It means absolutely nothing. No matter which party wins, the federal government continues to get bigger and more intrusive. American manufacturing jobs and industries continue to be outsourced overseas. Our military personnel continue to be used as the personal militia for the United Nations. Our borders remain open to illegal immigration. The creation of a North American Union marches forward. Construction for the NAFTA superhighway continues unabated. The tactics of the IRS get more and more egregious. Americans continue to work harder and longer for less return, while politicians and CEOs of multinational corporations get richer and more powerful.

It just does not matter one whit which major party “wins.” The American people, freedom, limited government, and the U.S. Constitution lose! One would think that at some point the American people would say “That’s enough” and stop drinking the Kool-Aid from these two major parties. And if there was ever a year when the time appears right for such a revolution, one would think this would be the year.

Look at the three leading candidates: they are three peas in a pod. There is no substantive difference between them. Neither Obama, Clinton, nor McCain have any desire to stop illegal immigration. On this issue, there is no difference between McCain and the Democrats. None. John McCain even voted to grant Social Security benefits to illegal aliens. He joined with Senator Ted Kennedy to provide amnesty to illegal aliens.

Take the war in Iraq. The only candidate among the top three who even hints at bringing our troops home is Obama. And if anyone believes that he is serious about it, I have a bridge I would like to sell you. Neither of the two major parties has any interest in bringing our troops home. No matter which party wins the White House, our troops will continue to be used for U.N. missions all over the world. We will continue to stick our nose wherever it does not belong. We will continue our utopian plans of nation-building, empire-building and international meddling.

No matter which of the two major parties captures the White House, the C.F.R. will dominate the President’s cabinet appointees. Good grief! John McCain, himself, is a member of the C.F.R. Even in the area of federal judges, John McCain was one of the original “Gang of 14” Republicans who joined liberal Democrats in opposing the selection of strict constructionist judges to the federal bench. Anyone who believes that McCain will appoint someone such as Clarence Thomas or Antonin Scalia is living in a fantasy world.

Regarding the Second Amendment, Gun Owners of America rates John McCain with an F-. It doesn’t get any worse than that, folks. On gun issues, John McCain is not the “lesser of two evils.” Not in any manner, shape, or form.

Just recently, McCain committed himself to supporting the U.N.-sponsored global warming treaty. As with so many of McCain’s policies, this one is right out of the Democratic playbook.

Regarding the loss of America’s sovereignty and the merger of the U.S. into a regional or hemispheric government entity, noted columnist Cliff Kincaid writes, “McCain’s strange rhetoric about ‘North, Central, and South American life’ reflects a view that nation-states are disappearing and being replaced by regional alliances and institutions. He referred to ‘the powerful collective voice of the European Union,’ as if the U.S. response would have to be submersion of our voice in a larger hemispheric entity. But McCain seems to be calling for something beyond even a North American Union (NAU) of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada. He talked about ‘creating the new international institutions necessary to advance the peace and freedoms we cherish,’ as if they would be built on top of the EU and the NAU.

“Earlier, McCain had declared, ‘With globalization, our hemisphere has grown closer, more integrated, and more interdependent. Latin America today is increasingly vital to the fortunes of the United States. Americans north and south share a common geography and a common destiny.’ But why should trade with America’s neighbors necessarily lead to a ‘common destiny?’ This implies a political merger of the U.S. with other countries.”

Does that sound like John McCain is the “lesser of two evils” to you? Have you heard Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama talk like this? Again, in regard to the loss of America’s sovereignty and independence, there is no “lesser of two evils” between the major parties.

Can conservatives, Christians, and constitutionalists really go to the polls this November and vote for someone such as John McCain? Do they really not see what John McCain would do to this country? Do they really believe that Clinton or Obama would be any worse? If they do, they are living in a fantasy world.

Take the issue of abortion. John McCain has made a career out of opposing pro-life candidates and causes. Just recently, Jill Stanek wrote a revealing column regarding the duplicity of John McCain’s position on the life issue.

See Stanek’s column at

McCain has steadfastly opposed the Republican Party’s pro-life plank. He has even stated his opposition to overturning Roe v. Wade. He said, “But certainly in the short term, or even the long term, I would not support the repeal of Roe v. Wade . . . .”

How long will conservatives, Christians, and lovers of liberty continue to blindly follow these two parties? Can they not see that our constitutional republic and our liberty is hanging by a thread? Do they not realize that Democrats and Republicans alike are willful participants in the destruction of our way of life?

Ladies and gentlemen, please wake up! Get your heads out of the sand! Our country is imploding and we keep electing and re-electing the same scoundrels who are culpable. The media provides them cover. Many of our pastors and Christian leaders provide them cover as well. But it is the people of this country–you and me–who have the power to actually do something about it.

How about this year–just this once–let’s think for ourselves? Let’s vote our principles. Let’s forget what the pundits and experts say. Let’s quit allowing the radio and TV talking heads to tell us who to vote for. And let’s not be afraid to vote outside the two major parties. No, check that. Let’s make a commitment to vote outside the two major parties.

The two major parties have had 150 years to improve our country, to make our country a better place in which to live. What have they done with all this power and opportunity? They have brought us to the edge of destruction.

I believe it was Albert Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. Americans have been electing Republicans and Democrats over and over again, and we have been getting the same result. Let’s try something different this year. What do you say?

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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GOP Unworthy Of Governing

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

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