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Recession Exposing The Arrogance of Texas!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This was what I heard last night on the news. You see? The
arrogance of texans. It is like that titanic complex, thinking they are
indestructible. If recession is bad enough and long enough it will
effect everywhere. Besides there are other problems like overcongestive
highways and stuff like that that will prove counterproductive. So what
if we have a bunch of dead end jobs? They do not pay enough for the cost
of living. These idiots on the news continually contradict themselves by
bragging about the job market, and then talk about the bad housing
market and high gas prices. People here are riding bikes now because of
gas prices and congestive traffic. That is nothing to brag about.
Besides, they can learn some humility real fast if a giant sinkhole
swallows up Dallas, or a massive earthquake wiping out the city. We know
that can happen because of that earthquake that hit the city in China
that killed 12,000 people. Or the deadly cyclone that hit Myanmar and
killed between 10,000 to 100,000, maybe even more. The destruction so
massive it is unreal. People don’t need to worry about terrorism,
natural catastrophies are far more destructive. Of course their is some
debate about some being able to control the weather, which I am not sure
how legit that is. It seems I heard that our government knew about some
of the disasters before they happen. So your guess would be as good as
mine. I heard some of Hannity and he was praising Jerry Falwell. Most
people, even christians, believe he is in hell now. I think that is the
fate of all these televangelist phonies. Some people get hung up by what
good some of these phonies do. The bible is clear, like in James chapter
2 that one does not have to break all of the law, but just one point of
it. It does not matter how much good one does because if they are in
lies and compromise with the enemy, deeds are pointless. There are
atheists that do good deeds. Those deeds will not save their soul
anymore than the deeds of a lying corrupt preacher. Paul said that
without love we are nothing, and nothing gets discarded.,%20recession%20proof%3F

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The Double – Minded Michael Savage And The Coward Sean Hannity!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Even though I am really losing patience with Michael Savage, he is half
truthful. The thing about him is that he is so schizo. One minute he
sounds like a truthful independent, then the very next minute he sounds
like a lying neocon. What I heard was interesting from one of the
callers. There was a caller on his show that called Hannity’s show and
mentioned Michael Savage. But on the radio Savage was omitted. What a
coward! Afraid to just mention a name. All these neocons are being
exposed for the sniveling cowards they are. Definitely blog this stuff.
I want to make an example of all these cowards, hypocrites, racists, and
strife sowers. What is a shame is that I cannot enjoy most of these
sites because of this webtv limitations. I really can’t enjoy any of the
live video stuff like youtube. Well I hope you can enjoy them. I was
particularly curious about the one where Hannity is literally running
from Ron Paul. Whenever his name is mentioned on these shows I have
never heard of such contempt and hatred for anyone. These neocons hate
Ron Paul so much that even Wright doesn’t come as close as being as
hated. Those shows you listen to probably hate Ron Paul with a passion
too. I really wouldn’t have the patience to listen to them, really none
of them, only Savage because he is half right. Are Hewitt and Medved
cowards to mention Ron Paul or Michael Savage? That is one good use of
Savage is that he riles these neocons, not that he is their polar
opposite, maybe just afraid of competition and maybe even the slightest
hint of truth. I guess they think in their minds that if they even
mention the name of Savage that their own listeners will dump them for
him. Same thing with the cowardly politicians. They are afraid to go on
the Savage Nation. Back when Rudy was running some of Savage’s fans
confronted and asked him if he would go on his show and he had a
terrified look on his face and didn’t answer. They are literally
cowards. They are afraid of the truth. They don’t want to be exposed for
what they know they are. They know that they are no-good sleeze
themselves. I don’t know how they sleep at night, especially knowing
what they are. This proves my family are empty souls that are filled up
with this garbage because of the spiritual void in their lives. That is
why they end up like carbon copies of these satanic neocons. That is why
they hate Ron Paul too. They can’t even tell me why they hate him so
much, only that they do. Well we know that Jesus said that anyone who
hates their brother (for no reason) is a murderer. There is no excuse
for those who claim to be christian to be so full of hate. They will
reap what they sow. They either sow to life or to damnation. Like that
recent article I sent you about the church exalting evil is that their
sins are piling up to heaven. They are storing up for the day of wrath.
Not just on a regular basis, but inceasingly and escalating. I hear from
so many sources how unbelievers are so turned off to anything christian
because of all these satanic neocons and televangelists. Satan has been
very successful in using these imposters to try to discredit
christianity. I really hope to undo all the damage they have done. That
is why I am dedicated to exposing this darkness. This is why satanism is
growing because of all the liars and cowards that bring a shame to
Christs name. Those who do that cannot expect any mercy for all the
souls they have corrupted. If any like this are truly repentant then
they will try to reverse the damage they have done. Like anything else,
repentance is not mere words, but action. Anyone can say that they are
sorry, but it takes real character to change.

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Rev. Rob Schenck on ‘Hannity’s America’

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

Wow! This makes it abundantly clear that Schenck is without a doubt a
neocon pandering to a coward like Hannity. Schenck has before pretended
to be neutral but we see his true colors now. Why won’t this hypocrite
talk about the republicon’s TITLE X FUNDING? Nothing about Wright could
be worse than increasing the funding of this atrocity. Bring this out
and expose this HYPOCRITE, SCHENCK.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s Marxist-Communist “theology” threatens the church and the country.

This weekend I appeared on Fox News Network’s “Hannity’s America” to expose this real and present danger and talk about my confrontation of Rev. Wright. Please watch this piece right away and pass along the link to your family, friends and fellow church members—you’ll find the link below.

I cannot get this urgent message out unless you help me. I need your financial support immediately if I’m to continue all of our current efforts and add this one! Please donate now and help me get this warning out to Americans before it’s too late. To donate click here or go

Thank you for helping us warn pastors, church leaders and all church-going Americans about this terribly dangerous so-called “theology” that threatens to take the country by storm as we approach Election Day!

To view this important “Hannity’s America” video, click here.

Please watch and donate now!

Your missionary to Capitol Hill, Washington, DC,

Rev. Rob Schenck

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Sean Hannity Versus Debbie Schlussel!

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

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The BRAD BLOG: Ann Coulter Speeches Scrubbed by Conservative Groups

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

Here is another great blogsite.When you see the comments in this you see
that most are fed up with these phony neocons.These bushbots are so
paranoid about their talk show idols like Rush being shut down by the
liberals.I don’t care.In fact I hope they do get shut down.These shows
do not speak for the majority of the people.They are only propagandists
but the bushbots act like free speech is being denied.Well it only goes
to show that if Bush and the other politicians have the lowest approval
rating in all of history that these lockstep shows will go down with
their ship.The only way these fools must be making it is their corrupt
corporate ties.But they might lose sponsors when they see how unpopular
they are becoming.You are going to find these articles so
amusing.Hannity and Coulter have mysterious illnesses.What a laugh.These
liars can’t admit the truth.Finally true conservatives are catching on
to their lies.Anyone that still supports Bush proves they are a
liberal.There is nothing about Bush that is conservative.He has outspend
any liberal.He has expanded government more than any liberal.He is more
politically correct than any liberal.He has opened borders more than any
liberal.Of course it is all a downward progression because each party
will try to outdo each other on how low they can go.What is also funny
is that these phony neocons are guilty of what they accuse and attack
the left for.Ann Coulter is guilty of voter fraud and supposedly
pro-death.I guess she is a Giuliani supporter.You can see why true
conservatives want nothing to do with her.

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On Hypocritical Self Righteous Preachers And Right Wingers

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

The thing with these preachers is all their hypocritical
selfrighteousness.They accuse anybody that argues or debates as hatred
for their brother.Well if that is the case Jesus was wrong when he
argued with the pharisees.Or when Paul argued with Peter.This is how
they try to keep everyone silent on speaking out for the truth because
they keep everybody in fear that they will be a hatemonger or strife
sower if they take a righteous stand for truth.That was the very same
tactics that fallen Israel used against the true prophets of God.These
modern preachers would have been for the stoning of the prophets because
they prove they are of the same wicked spirit of those who did kill
them.These modern times are an exact parrallel to the times of the
prophets.Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it and
is why we are repeating it now.It was the false prophets that promoted
this positivity doctrine that is almost all you hear now.And just like
then there was much wrong that people denied just like now.They trusted
the arm of the flesh,like their military might,over God.They were
engaged in political corruption that is so prevalent now.Ancient Israel
had the arrogant assumption that since they were God’s chosen people
they could do whatever they wanted and get away with it.Sound
familiar?It is just like the americanism crap of today that the people
are arrogant because of our alledged goodness and can do whatever we
want and not get judged for it.Well if God’s word says that man’s
righteousness are as filthy rags then that nullifies their stance of our
innocence.I even hear secular rock bands talk about loss of innocence.IF
more common sense than most who think they are saved.The false unity and
passifism that these preachers promote is the very lukewarmness that
Jesus condemned in Revelation.It is clear where these false teachers are
headed.Only the truth will set people free,not watered down lies.All my
arguements with my family were out of love to try to save them from
lies.If I was full of hate I wouldn’t’ve even bother with them and let
them be damned.Jesus spoke of those who hate their brother as
murderers.Well who is my brother?The Bible is clear that it is those who
do the will of the Father.Those who don’t are not my brother.The Bible
doesn’t condemn all hatred because there are things God hates.He is
against those who hate for no reason and said it is those that are in
danger of hellfire.Who are the ones that hate for no reason?The
lockstepping bushbots are a perfect example of that.Anyone that exposes
his evil they show so much vile hatred for.Whenever I brung out facts
about Bush it was my family that took it personally and attacked
me,showing that they are the ones full of hate.I know I am not perfect
and struggle with anger and is why I worry a little about my messages if
any fleshly anger comes out in them because I can be pretty harsh at
times.But at least I am honest about it just like you are honest about
your shortcomings.It was funny when I watched Jack Van Impe talk about
the 7 woes to the pharisees from Jesus.It was as if he didn’t even know
what he was talking about.He just said that it was some strong
preaching.He couldn’t relate by giving any examples.He proves his
ignorance and that he really doesn’t know God.Those that know christ
will understand his words.He constantly takes scriptures out of
context.Like where the Bible talked about people not repenting of their
sorceries he said it was drugs.No,sorcery is sorcery.This right here
proves what dangerous grounds he is on by contradicting the bible.Drugs
would be in with drunkeness because it is all the same,substance
abuse.The Bible is clear that God will destroy those who destroy his
temple (our bodies).There is proof of rampant sorcery because our
government is steeped in it.So when these phonies that claim Christ go
along with this government they are going along with sorcerers.I don’t
know if you have heard but our space program NASA is deep into the
occult.Well the Bible says that Satan is the prince of the power of the
air.It makes you think that they know these aliens are demons and are
conspiring with them.It may be the government itself that is conjuring
UFOs.Phonies like John Hagee say our money has jewish symbol on it.He
said it was a star of David.While it does have the outline of a
hexagram,it is not like any star of David I have ever seen.It is not the
same one that is on Israel’s flag.In fact the occult uses hexagrams.Why
can’t he say it is an occultic symbol or refer to other occultic symbols
on there?The pyramid with the all seeing eye above it is a masonic
symbol of Lucifer that this government worships.Anyone that knows
history knows that Egypt was a pagan society and would stand to reason
that their structures,like pyramids,would be of the same influence.There
is also a demonic latin phrase on the american dollar bill.All these
lying preachers cover up these facts which means they are indeed working
for Satan.Those who don’t oppose Satan or his servants are on the same
side.They go along with this demonic system and on top of it all they
call it good and of God,which is blasphemy.Jesus strongly condemned
those who called evil,good and good,evil.You see that he is a deliberate
liar.He pretends to be on the side of Israel but yet doesn’t believe in
reaching them for Christ.I heard that Rush and Hannity were invited to
the whitehouse.That is proof that they are lapdogs of Bush.Of course we
know where they are going because the Bible says where dogs go (type of
person).The world accepts their own.I hear the likes of Hannity scorning
those who point out the pro-abortion stance of most of the republican
candidates.This proves what a vile phony he is.I would count it an
insult if Bush invited me to the whitehouse to be numbered along with
the homosexuals and terrorists he has invited over the years.I would
never be able to live it down.Bush has been confronted about the north
american union to which of course he denied as a conspiracy.No,he is the
conspirator.Why does he have to have secret meetings if it is
innocent?All evildoers do their dirty deeds in secret because they are
cowards.You don’t actually expect a liar to come out and tell the truth
about their own lies.There are those that have studied how communism
came about in other parts of the world discover that it is identical to
what is going on now.The European Union started the same way under the
guise of benevolent innocence.Of course,Satan comes as an angel of
light.There would be no support from the masses if they knew they were
bringing a monster into power.That is why cowards have to resort to
deception.We know we are very near the end the way or monetary system
will collapse at any moment.

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Why Andrew Meyer REALLY Was Tasered And Silenced

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

Have you also heard about that Andrew Meyer? He is a student that was tasered for asking John Kerry a question,the question was about the SKULL & BONES that he was in. These phony conservative talk shows were siding with Kerry and saying that this
student asking this question deserved this to be tasered. This nation is seriously heading towards fascism.These phonies are showing their true colors now but these Bush supporter locksteppers still swallow their garbage without any thought.

They are certainly damned. This shows you that they are all in with the SKULL & BONES. The brainwashed fools that listen to this stuff are damned and don’t even know it. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells in these locksteppers then they are beyond all hope.Michael Savage was great in dealing with this subject. I disagree with him on some things but he recognizes injustice when he sees it and speaks out against it. There is even another talk show host that I usually can’t stomach because he is too much of a lockstepper and is real cocky, but even he spoke out against his so called conservative brothers in talk radio and was shocked by how they they were treating this case.

He is noticing that these self proclaiming conservatives are acting more like liberals. I
hope these radio host get a clue to what is really going on.These shows like Rush are total frauds. They were never conservative and have sold their soul to greed. We are living in the last days and God is revealing the wicked amongst us that pretend to be otherwise. They are all cowards sold out to Satan and are on the losing side. This is proof right here
whe they defend a SKULL & BONES SATANIST like he is one of them, which
means he is.

Rush, Kerry, Bush all serve Satan and they will get their just rewards. Those in the public eye like them will have a most severe eternal punishment for all those they have brainwashed and souls they have corrupted.

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