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Want To Join The Battle? Accept Jesus Christ!

It is no accident that you are here. You are here because God wants you to join Him in the battle for righteousness that will result in the triumph of good over evil. But before you can do so, you must realize this: you are a sinner. Do not take it personally, because the reason why you and everyone else has done wrong is because you were born in a state of separation from God. But the good news is that God wanted to be reconciled with you so much that He came to earth as Jesus Christ to die on the cross for you. Then Jesus Christ rose again from the dead to prove that the reconciliation that God wants is possible for all men who want the same. Why? Because the penalty for the bad things that you have done is death, and it has to be paid before reconciliation between you and God can take place. If you believe and what Jesus Christ did for you, God will accept His temporary natural death as final payment for everything wrong that you have ever done and ever will do. If you reject or refuse to believe in the existence, death, resurrection, and purpose of Jesus Christ, then the price that you will have to pay will be a permanent spiritual death in what is commonly called hell but is actually a lake of fire. And you will stay there forever because time only exists in the natural world. But if you allow Jesus Christ’s death to take the place of yours, you will live forever with God. Realize that the sum total of your lives and deaths will add up to 3. The natural life and death – both temporary – that everyone will have takes up two of those, and that is not a matter of debate. The only issue is the third. It will be eternal and spiritual, and it will either be life reconciled with God or death apart from Him. The sole thing that determines number three for you will be whether you choose to believe and accept what Jesus Christ did for you during your natural life. It is literally choosing life or death.

So if you have decided to choose life, what must you do? That is the best part: the answer is nothing! By believing what I have written, you are saved already. All you have to do is make it “official” with a public confession of faith so that you will fulfill what the Bible says in Romans 10:9, which says “That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved.” Well, as this is the Internet age, I feel that you can fulfill this scripture by leaving a comment on this page and/or by sending an email to After that, you must go to a church that practices full immersion baptism and request to be baptized in the Name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. (If they baptize in the Name of “Jesus Only” or allow you to be baptized under any other name, do not go there). This has nothing to do with your salvation, but rather is the first act of obedience that God requires of all who are saved, and it is rather easy to find a church that will baptize you without obligating you to join their congregation. After you have been baptized, you will be ready to begin fighting for the Lord! How does one do this? By loving the Lord by keeping His Commandments (John 14:15, John 15:10I John 5:2-3). But you have to know His Commandments in order to keep them, and the only way to do that is by obtaining a Bible and thoroughly reading it for yourself. If you need any help in that regards, let us know and we will provide it (including but not limited to sending you one!). That really is all there is to it. The only question is: are you willing to accept God’s Call to salvation and battle?

11 Responses to “Want To Join The Battle? Accept Jesus Christ!”

  1. joeland7 said

    Great site.. one of the best sites on the web.. Continue to present the Truth.. God Bless.
    please sign me up for the Lords Army.. I’m a member of the Dead Man Walking Society.

  2. Marcie said


    I just found your website and was intrigued. I am very, very surprised to find some christians who don’t like GW bush! I am very impressed, as most of the Christians I know still support him.

    I agree with many of the things you said about him and his mistakes.

    You seem to be seeking the TRUTH. I really am impressed with that!

    For this reason, I invite you to watch this video:

    It is about 911 and the bush administration’s lies. The video is NOT political but simply presents the FACTS. Most Christians that I’ve shown this to, are not willing to watch it. They are in DENIAL about 911.

    I am hoping that you will be willing to face this truth, because people need to WAKE UP while they still can!

    Also, here is an excellent, scholarly book about it. It presents the FACTS and backs everything up with references. It is very objective:

    Here is a review:

    “”Christian Faith and the Truth Behind 9/11” is David Ray Griffin’s best book on 9/11. It should be read by every American citizen.

    In Chapter 1, Griffin reviews the long history of U.S. government-sponsored “false flag” operations worldwide, in which the CIA and its subordinate allied agencies in NATO and foreign governments collaborated to create the appearance of “terrorism” by killing unnumbered innocent ordinary people. The shock of the mass murders allowed passage of draconian legislation and controlled the politics of countries of special concern to U.S. interests, especially in Europe. In other words, there is extensive historical evidence that 9/11 was only the largest-scale among many comparable secret operations by the U.S..

    In Chapter 2, Griffin quotes from and summarizes the extensive testimony by firefighters and other first responders at the WTC on September 11 which proves beyond any doubt that multiple bomb explosions occurred throughout both towers both before and after the buildings were struck by flying objects. Some of this testimony he has culled from news reports, but the majority of the accounts comes from newly released oral histories collected by the FDNY but suppressed until last summer by the City of New York.

    In Chapter 3 Griffin demonstrates conclusively that the two towers as well as WTC 7, a 47-story steel-framed building, were brought down by controlled demolition. He exhaustively catalogues the characteristic features of controlled demolitions which were all exemplified in the collapses of the WTC buildings.

    In Chapter 4 Griffin presents a streamlined overview of the many lies and distortions put out by the 9/11 Commission to “explain” the innumerable suspicions which have arisen with respect to the flights of the hijacked airliners and the lack of standard response to them (the standdown).

    In Chapter 5 Griffin concludes Part I with a demonstration that the “prima facie” case for government complicity in the mass murders established in his first two 9/11 books has now become a “conclusive” case.

    In Part II Griffin shifts from presentation of evidence about what happened on that black day to the broader questions which they raise. In Chapter 6 he establishes an array of “imperial motives” for the “New Pearl Harbor” of 9/11, showing that from the perspective of government planners the benefits to be gained made the risks of all sorts seem insignificant. Loss of life they have no concern for, as shown in Chapter 1, and the necessary changes in society that would ensue (exemplified by the PATRIOT Act) were desirable from the standpoint of the imperial planners.

    In Chapter 7 he first shows how the U.S. Empire is remarkably similar to the Roman Empire of 2000 years ago in its sense of divine authorization, its overwhelming military power, its use of terror to intimidate, its use of puppet rulers in countries under its control, and its exaction of “tribute and taxation” from subordinate populations. He then shows that Jesus of Nazareth, the central historical personage for Christians to this day, was the founder of an “anti-imperial gospel” that called upon his compatriots to resist the oppression and idolatry of the Roman Empire.

    In Chapter 8 Griffin brings his many decades of philosophical and theological work on the nature of evil to attempt an explanation of the magnitude of the evil we face. He presents a concept of the “demonic” as a social force which has risen to a level capable of thwarting “divine” intentions for the world. The chapter is profound and rewarding, illuminating deep issues that are difficult to penetrate.

    In Chapter 9 Griffin demonstrates the the American Empire exemplifies the most highly developed demonic force in the world today, and that 9/11 can only be understood from this perspective.

    Finally, in Chapter 10, Griffin addresses fellow Christians directly, asking what “the church” can do to resist today’s “Roman Empire”. He concludes with suggestions for how Christian churches could engage with the demonic power of the American Empire and fight back, as Jesus clearly exhorted them to do.

    In summary, Griffin has written his most original and substantial book on 9/11 to date. The specifically Christian concerns and appeals do not make the book inappropriate for non-Christians in any significant way. The book should be read by everyone.”

    and lastly, here is a website that will show you that many intelligent scholars, engineers, pilots, military officials, firefighters, etc are questioning the 911 story we were told:

    blessings to you,


  3. Prem said

    Please sign me up also for the Lord’s Army.

  4. Lynn Daniel said

    I came across your website today and find it very interesting that you seem to be right on the mark about everything going on in the churches and government but I have a sincere problem with your advocacy of “Christian rock”. It seems, with your obvious knowledge of what’s really going on in this corrupt and wicked nation that you would be able to easily discern the worldly spirit and influence of that music. It is nothing more than a slick, deceptive, counterfeit of worldly rock music, I don’t care what the “lyrics” say, the SPIRIT behind it is not of God. Remember the servant girl who followed Paul and Barnabas proclaiming repetitiously “This is the servant of the Most High God who has come to show us the way of salvation”? She was telling the truth but with a demonic spirit. The spirit behind Christian rock is exactly the same one in this girl before the Apostle rebuked it and cast it out of her. The Bible calls Christians to be separate from the world, not to copy it:
    “Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore is a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” James 4:4
    I listened to rock music most of my life (was a Led Zep head) before becoming a Christian. I tried “Christian rock” and it was like imitation beer. It just made me long for the real thing and the worldly demonic spirit hiding behind it is sickening and HYPOCRITICAL to the core to anyone who has spiritual discernment in this area. It is apparent to me that Satan has blinded you in this one particular area while allowing the Holy Spirit to work unhindered in the other areas. (That happens when we hold some pet sin or pleasure back in our hearts and don’t surrender all completely to Jesus–it gives Satan a legal right to blind us). That, also is Satan’s speciality, especially now that the time is getting short for him and his evil devices: Let the deceived be right about almost everything, but keep them hooked with at least ONE deception through their unwillingness to let it go for Jesus’ sake. I’m not trying to be judgmental toward you, I’m trying to expose the enemies tactics (Eph 5:11) to you and warn you. It’s best to just completely surrender all to Jesus (exactly as He commands us) and avoid ALL music during these last hours. His true soldiers don’t tangle themselves in the affairs of this life or copy this wicked world.(2 Tim 2:4) The Devil is pulling out all the stops and he is the master minister of music in this present world. That is his #1 hold on the minds of young people. He’s got his hypocrite stooges in the churches and he’s got his hypocrite stooges in the music industry. I don’t understand how it is you see the former and not the latter! We are so, so close to His return for those watching and you are so close to being solidly on the narrow path. Don’t let the devil deceive you with his phony “Christian” demonic music. They are nothing more than beautiful sounding sirens leading ships (souls) to crash into the rocks. Please beware.
    His maidservant,
    Lynn Daniel

  5. Griff said

    Lynn Daniel,

    All music? how you can say something that is so beautiful,creative and unique to our species on this Earth is evil. The devine being created us with this ability – you should not renounce it

  6. kevin moore said

    Re the pagan statue of liberty,I feel that it should have been mentioned that on page 305 of THE TWO BABYLONS it makes mention of the god AMARKA “THE MOTHER OF THE WORLD”.Alias OMORKA,from “AM” mother and “ARKA” earth. The dutch use the word omar signifying mother today.

  7. bill powers said

    what is the tribulation force?? lookin for help

  8. Denise said

    I wanted to comment on the dominionist post but didn’t see where I could. We’ve been doing some research into the civil war (in our home-school) and found some surprising articles about the Vatican’s involvement with the South and Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, among others. – vatican assassins

  9. Hi I was looking for a email address but couldn’t find one so this will have to do. I loved the articles on A Former Witch Looks At The Lord Of The Rings, but I wanted to point out that you have some of your info wrong, and I hope you can change it so people won’t discredit your post. I believe that you said it was peter and paul being called jupiter and apollo, when it really was Barnabas, Jupiter; and Paul, Mercurius (Acts 14:12). I really enjoyed the article. Thank you!


  10. Minroham said

    Yea I’ll join the lord army I’m all for that

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