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Benny Hinn: False Prophet Merchant!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

Here is a good one that exposes all his wickedness and has it all covered. One may also find it interesting that they have other links exposing the other false movements, like the contemplative prayer. I admit that I am not up on all the lies going around but you can even tell what has a newage ring to it just by how weird it sounds. These imposters have no fear of God when his word strictly warns about adding to it, and these fools do it without a second thought (seared conscience).

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John Birch Society: John Hagee Could Be Problem For John McCain!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

More lies of Hagee about prophecy. Nowhere is it written what he said.
Nowhere does it say to make war on Iran to bring about the rapture. In
fact Jesus said woe to those who bring about the tribulation for whom it
goes through, but these things must happen. The only thing the bible
indicates that will speed his return is preaching the gospel to every
creature. If that is not on the heart of any professing christian, then
they do not know the heart of Christ and do not have the heart of
Christ. They are wicked servants that will be cut to pieces and assigned
with the hypocrites (Matt.24:51). War is not preaching the gospel. Any
who cannot understand this do not know Christ. How can such a lying
crackpot like Hagee have much of a following? That much that hate the
truth because if his followers knew God’s word they would have nothing
more to do with that liar! Churches like his will crack hell wide open,
with around 20,000 members. Hagee is the prime example of apostasy. The
evil men that pollute their bodies as mentioned in scripture.

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Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is a very powerful article here. This indicates that the likes of
these famous preachers is to deceive people into accepting and
worshipping the antichrist. You will want this for your blog as well. I
know we always talk about this to a certain degree but it is hard to
fully grasp this major deception. This article kind of gives you an idea
how these imposters are everywhere and their end goal. We are already
seeing a little taste of that now with Pat Robertson’s endorsement of a
most ungodly candidate that promotes homosexuality and abortion. This
alone ought to wake people up. I doubt it will my family because they
will probably make some flimsy excuse or downplay it.

I just heard on the news recently that John Hagee apologized for
calling the catholic church the whore of revelations. He was strong
against catholicism but for some reason has completly changed. He said
that there needs to be unity between evangelicals and catholics. You
know something is very fishy about these televangelists that change
their colors so fast like this. They are cowards because they will not
come out and admit that they were either lying before or lying right
now. They prove such hypocrites that even in their apology they can’t
admit they were wrong either way. They take after their father, the
devil, using crafty language. None of them admit any sin. Notice too how
they avoid the title “christian” and replace it with evangelical. This
proves they are of Satan because he hates the name of Christ that even
his servants can’t keep up with the appearances. Praise God, all these
religious devils are exposing themselves. They are so arrogant and
deluded that they probably don’t even realize what they are doing. But
this is to be expected coming from someone who has come out and endorsed
McCain. I imagine that Rod Parsley will also make a fool of himself,
further exposing his true nature. Just like that article exposing Rush
never using the name of Christ. That is the way with all these newage
churches like Robert Schuller and Joel Osteen. You know what all the
positivity doctrine really boils down to is humanism. Same thing with
all that self-help psychology crap. These lies lead people to believe
that they can save themselves with their own goodness which does not
acknowledge Christ. My brother told me about his pastor claiming that
there is revival going on in Washington DC. I almost laughed out loud.
It is just more religious mind games. If they really repented and
changed every one of those scoundrels would resign from office because
they would be convicted for realizing themselves for the crooks they
are. Well you just know that will never happen. Politicians are so
predictable. They cannot give up their power. In other words they are
not able to take up their cross in order to follow Jesus. It is all the
newage lies that nobody has to sacrifice anything to follow Jesus but
that he will make everyone rich who follows him. Just like our governor,
Rick Perry, who of course claims to be a christian, is running for a
third term which is new for Texas. No true christian will have this kind
of lust for power. We know them by their fruits. He is a McCainiac like
every other politician fraud endorsing him.


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Billy Graham: A False Shepherd False Prophet

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

This goes deeper than anything I have read about him. This says that even though he has multiple personalities he knows what he is doing. I had heard a very long time ago about his defense of communism. I remember during Clinton’s administration he made a comment about Clinton being a harmless ladies man. There is no doubt that he is a plant by Satan as well as all the popular TV evangelists. Billy Graham has done for religion what Bush has done for politics. They have destroyed both very effectively. This might make the crazies come out of the woodwork. Both him and Oral Roberts have been involved in satanic rituals. You know even many deceived know that it is wrong for religious leaders to name their ministries after their own names. But yet these
are the very same ones he supports like Oral Roberts, Kenneth Copeland, ad nauseum, ad infinitum. They all do it, which tells you something is not right with all these so called ministries. Many Christians rebel
against his own wisdom on these matters. These people will not have an excuse when they stand before God knowing that they deliberately rebelled against Him. What is so dangerous is those like my family think
that such things are trivial when they are not. The very things that send people to hell is the very stuff they rationalize as trivial. That is not to say that what they believe is true about it being trivial is trivial. Some trivial matters truly don’t make a difference, such as a matter of food. But what they call trivial is not trivial. Spiritual
matters are not trivial. Those like my family know the truth and I see how they react to it. They are not innocent. Many of those who you may think are deceived know in full that they are in rebellion. Just like those who continue to support Bush after he has denied Christ is proof of willful evil. It is not likely that such will ever change. If the church won’t stop this idolatry of these false shepherds then the church for the most part is done for in every way. The more I find out about these devils on the pulpit the more I realize just how deep we are in
the age of apostasy. These are not just some slick con men that are in it for the money, but are extremely satanic. Just like that article that exposed Kenneth Copeland speaking in satanic tongues for his master
Satan to release the money. After all this I really don’t believe in coincident. Especially when it comes to televangelists. Those who do well and are rich don’t get that wealth from just regular doners but are
paid off by extremely wealthy satanic groups. Wow! Now people are really warned not to give to these because they are actually giving to satanists. It is no wonder that my family is taken over by the devil. FOR THOSE WHO WANT DELIVERANCE STOP GIVING YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY TO THESE FILTHY RICH SATANISTS! I believe this is why my family endlessly suffers because they constantly bring curses on themselves. I know as christians we occasionally suffer but not as an endless relentless cycle that never stops. But yet fools are willing to die for the very lies that will send them to hell. You know in the past I did not post
articles similar to this but I thought it may be a bit outlandish and so had reservatons about it. Well this time it is important to put this on. This really bears with my spirit. You Christians can probably confirm a lot in this
as well. This explains why the church is so messed up because of all the mind control and witchcraft. Time is short and we have to get the truth out. All churches have probably been infected with all these lies. Those
who love the truth need to gather outside of all the corrupted influences of the church. Christians need to expose this to pastors to see whether they will accept the truth. We can change the nation if people would stop being silent and take a bold stand for the truth. It may cause an outbreak of persecution but we can’t just sit on the
sidelines while most all are going to hell, even in the church. It is not divisive to expose false churches but serves to edify the true church in truth because only the truth can set free. Thank you for your
dedication to the truth and Holy spirit of conviction in your life. God bless you for all your trouble in getting the truth out.

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The Church Is In Apostasy

Posted by soldierservant on November 10, 2007

This is a very telling statement about the condition of the church.It is
good to get this on the blogs but also would be a good idea to send this
out to various pastors and religious leaders to force them to decide
which side they are on.It is curious if you get any response.I do this
all the time but with no responses at all.

Brothers, it is time we take a strong stand for Christ.Jesus said
that any who put their hand to the plow and looks back is not worthy of
him.What has happened?Is everything alright?I hope to hear from you
soon.Doctrinal differences matter very little.Every true God-fearing
believer needs to speak up now or face God’s wrath.The bible makes it
very clear that you cannot drink from the cup of the Lord and drink from
the cup of demons too.This is exactly what the bushbots are doing.I read
Ann Coulter’s interview and she was equating republicanism with
christianity.This is a complete lie because it is open knowledge that
the republican party is full of
catholics,mormons,buddhists,newagers,heathens, and homosexuals,all of
which are idolaters and perverts.To show how twisted Ann’s thinking is
in that interview she equated heaven to a republican convention.She
proves she worships at the altar of republicanism.What is there not to
understand when the bible is very clear that no idolaters will make it
to heaven?You either believe God’s word or you don’t.If you don’t
believe God’s word then why pretend to be christian?Nobody is a true
follower of Christ if they do not believe that he is the only way.

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“Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come,
except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be
revealed, the son of perdition.” (II Thess. 2:3)

This passage of Scripture has been one of the most subjectively
interpreted verses of the entire New Testament. Early Christians
believed various Caesars to be the predicted “man of sin.” During the
Dark Ages and into the Reformation age, many Christians believed
various popes to be the predicted “man of sin.” In Arabia around 600
AD, many Christians believed Mohammed to be the “man of sin.” During
our War for Independence, many Christians believed old King George to
be the “man of sin.” During the Twentieth Century, many Christians
wondered if Hitler or Stalin could be the dreaded “man of sin.” Today,
many Christians (including this writer) believe that the predicted
“man of sin” is none other than a coming Antichrist.

However, regardless of one’s interpretation of who the “man of sin”
is, there is no doubt about Paul’s prediction that before this man
comes, there will be a great “falling away first.” By “a falling
away,” Paul was clearly referring to a state or condition of
“apostasy.” Paul is saying that before the “man of sin” (whoever he
is) will be able to seduce and deceive humanity, the church will fall
into apostasy.

By definition, apostasy is the condition of those who once (in some
degree) embraced the truth, but have now abandoned or forsaken it.
Obviously, this applies only to professing Christians. Infidels,
agnostics, and unbelievers have no profession from which to

Accordingly, whether on a local or universal scale, before various men
of sin can seduce and deceive their respective societies, the Church
must first be in a state of apostasy. Saying it another way: churches
that are sound in the faith, strong in truth, and steadfast in the
Word serve as a resistance and retardant to evil men. No wonder the
Lord Jesus said we Christians are “the salt of the earth.”

That said, I am personally convinced that, by and large, the churches
of America (regardless of denomination) are in a state of apostasy.
And as such, offer little or no resistance to the men of sin who seek
to seduce and deceive our people.

When a professing Christian President can openly acknowledge his
belief in universalism and attack the supreme doctrine of
Christianity, that Jesus Christ is the Creator-God become flesh, and
there is not an uproar of protestation and denunciation from pulpits
all over the country, the church is in a state of apostasy. And that
is exactly what has taken place.

When interviewed by ABC’s Charles Gibson, President George W. Bush
revealed his lack of even basic understanding of Christian doctrine.
Here is a verbatim transcript from that interview:

Q.  “Do we all worship the same God, Christian and Muslim?”
A.  “I think we do. We have different routes of getting to the

Q.  “Do Christians and non-Christians and Muslims go to heaven in your
A.  “Yes they do. We have different routes of getting there.”

Then, just a few days ago, President Bush, in an interview with Al
Arabiya television, said, “I believe in an almighty God, and I believe
that all the world, whether they be Muslim, Christian, or any other
religion, prays to the same God.” In the same interview he said, “I
believe there is a universal God. I believe the God that the Muslim
prays to is the same God that I pray to. After all, we all came from
Abraham. I believe in that universality.”

Obviously, George W. Bush is a universalist. His confession is not
that of a Christian, but that of a universalist. Any true Christian
knows that there is but one mediator between God and man: Christ
Jesus. Any true Christian knows that Jesus is the incarnate God–the
Creator-God become flesh. Any true Christian knows that Jesus and the
Father are one. Any true Christian knows that there is salvation in no
other name, no other god. Any true Christian knows that no one has
access to God except through Jesus Christ. Any true Christian knows
that there is no God other than Jesus: that Jesus is the fullness of
the Godhead bodily. That is Christianity 101.

With the above understanding and because President Bush claims to be a
Christian, his statements should be regarded by Christians everywhere
as an admission of apostasy and an attack upon the fundamental
doctrine of Christ. Yet, there has been no reaction. No admonishments.
No calls for repentance. No warnings to Christians to reject such
heresy. No protestations whatsoever. Why? There is only one answer:
the church itself is in a state of apostasy!

I will say it plainly: today’s pastors and Christians seem to display
more loyalty and devotion to George W. Bush than they do to the Lord
Jesus Christ. This stands in stark contrast to Christians throughout
Church history.

Has the reader ever wondered why the early Christians were persecuted
by the Roman Empire? After all, the Roman Empire prided itself in
being one of the most tolerant and pluralistic of all societies.
People were free to worship any god they chose. There was complete
freedom of religion throughout the Empire. An old maxim said that
there were as many gods in Rome as there were people. Why, then, were
Christians singled out for persecution?

The reason Christians were persecuted while people of other beliefs
were not was not because they worshipped Jesus Christ. Obviously,
Jewish leaders persecuted the early Christians because of their hatred
of Jesus, which was due to the fact that He claimed to be their
Messiah and Savior–a claim they vehemently rejected. However, the
Roman Empire’s persecution of Christians was for an entirely different

Rome persecuted Christians because they believed that Jesus Christ was
the ONLY God. Under Roman law, Caesar was a god, equal to any other
god. Therefore, to be a good Roman, one had to worship Caesar. If one
chose to worship another deity, it was fine. As long as he also bowed
to Caesar. This was something the early Christians could not and would
not do.

You see, from the very beginning of Church history, Christians
believed that Jesus Christ was not a way, He was THE way; not a truth,
but THE truth; not a god, but THE God. And for this declaration, for
this conviction, and for this belief, early Christians were
persecuted, imprisoned, and fed to hungry lions.

Yet today, the Church of Jesus Christ sits silent and still when the
President of the United States, himself a professing Christian,
publicly denies the central doctrine of Christ and embraces the pagan
doctrine of universalism. Again, there is only one explanation: the
Church is in a state of apostasy.

Of course, as apostasy spreads throughout the country, the men of sin
will increase in strength and number. They will aggressively seek to
seduce and deceive the people–something they are already doing.
Furthermore, our Lord already instructed us as to what would happen
when such a condition occurs. He told us that when “the salt have lost
his savour . . . it is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast
out, and to be trodden under foot of men.” (Matt. 5:13)

No wonder Jesus asked the question, “Nevertheless, when the Son of man
cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?” (Luke 18:8) Finding faith
and truth in the midst of apostasy would seem to be the challenge for
every true child of God these days.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Ahmadinejad Denied Entrance To World Trade Center

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

This is proof of how phony this war on terror is when they allow this terrorist in our country in the first place. What is even worse is how they are trying to make an idol into the World Trade Center (though some say that it is an idol already). I would cringe every time someone said that Ahmadinejad should not be allowed to visit the site because “he would defile that holy ground.” So many of the conservative talk show hosts with ties to the religious right kept saying it, and not one prominent pastor spoke against it! This proves that this nation worships MONEY, not God.

This is further proof that our nation has surrendered its sovereignty to the United Nations. We KNOW that this fellow has killed our soldiers with his soldiers, trained terrorists, weapons, and money in Iraq as well as soldiers and civilians of our allies Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Israel, yet this fellow gets to come and go as he pleases in our own nation because he is an official of the United Nations.

All the terror regimes need to do is register their leading terrorists as “UN diplomats” and we wouldn’t be able to touch them, and no one else would be able to either. That shows who really runs this country and this planet. And is the media or the church talking about this? Of course not.

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