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Posted by soldierservant on July 7, 2009

This is more amazing stuff I did not know. Did you know that the
catholics created the islamic religion? No wonder we heard about
catholics converting to islam. They are basically the same. Have you
ever noticed this current pope, Benedict? He has such a evil look about
him, evil in his eyes. He has such a twisted countenance that exudes
evil. I know from my own experience of when I was evil back a long time
go. I had twisted look in my eyes and creepy mannerisms. It was also how
I drew demons. Yeah, all our leaders to some degree are demonic. All
this makes sense about this converging of catholics and protestants, not
that the catholics give up anything but that the protestants come around
to their thinking. This proves how evil and phony all this religious
right hypocritical neocon nonsense is. All these lying protestant
apostates are telling their congregation that they must unify with
catholics. John Hagee said it. I am sure that Parsley bozo said it too.
All these phonies bowing to catholics prove that they were never
Christ’s to begin with. It is easy to see now how the antichrist already
has most churchgoing morons who can’t think for themselves. Back in the
late 90’s when I took care of my dying grandmother I noticed how her
protestant church was bowing to catholics, like observing catholic
traditions. This is the same church that had the blasphemous signs and
wonders. I am not afraid to tell it like it is even knowing what is
coming. I say bring it on! I get so frustrated and bored that
persecution may be a little exciting to me. The enemy has always tried
to ignore me but he will not much longer. He will either have to put up
or shut up. I would be thrilled to know that I would be worthy of
persecution and that I am threat to Satan. But those who are counting on
a secret rapture to escape better guard their hearts because they may
not know what to do under the pressure they never expected. We will see
what they are all made of when it comes down to it. If most are blind to
the evil now then they will most likely be blind into taking the mark.
People better wake up and leave these satanic churches and stop giving
to the satanic apostates in order to come out from the demonic mind
control and to stop partaking in the deeds of darkness. The truth is all
around but the wicked do not care to know. Those who love God will seek
wisdom, knowledge and truth. Those who refuse wisdom are fools. The
times I had proof of truth my family resisted. They were not even
curious to see if I knew what I was talking about, which is proof of
their guilt. It is only natural when you challenge someone with opposing
views to take you up on the challenge, which is very odd and telling
when they don’t do it. It is admitting that they know they are liars.
The wicked know who they are. After all the wicked fruits of Bush they
still stick with him as if he was some kind of pope himself. The wicked
accept their own but Jesus does not accept strangers as he has so
emphasized in his parables.

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