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Will George Bush Declare Martial Law And Remain In Office?

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

I heard something about on Michael Savage. It sounds like there may be martial law. They are probably worried about a revolt with their unpopularity.

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My Conversation with Sarah Palin

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

Wow! This proves what a fool this Schenck is. It never crosses his mind
that McCain (or even Palin for that matter) will only tell him what he
wants to hear. This is how liars get away with their lies because people
are so stupid to take everything at face value. Even Hitler pretended to
be christian and used that against the jews to justify what he did by
blaming them for the crusifixion of Christ. I think that no one can be
as stupid as Schenck and must be all a part of the corruption. In other
words another liar. If Hitler were running today he would win for sure
because all he has to do is say the right things and no one would look
any further and would take him at face value. You have talked abut the
Obama obsession before but the Palin obsession makes that look mild by
comparison. Also why is this Schenck such a coward that he is afraid to
be open about what he thinks he knows? That is a sure sign of a lying
fraud if ever I saw one. Truth is afraid of nothing. Jesus and all his
apostles weren’t afraid to tell the truth. Of course it is not truth
that Schenck wants to tell or else why would he be afraid to tell it? So
what if taken out of context? The bible is constantly taken out of
context, as I am sure we are too, but that does not stop us. People know
the truth but do not want to admit it. They will pay for their love of

I want to tell you about my conversation with Republican vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin. She’s amazing. I was in Dayton on the platform when John McCain announced her as his running mate. I spoke to Gov. Palin, her husband Todd and Senator John and Cindy McCain immediately after. I was also in St. Paul when she gave her acceptance speech. I want to tell you all about it, but I don’t want it circulated on the Internet, so . . . 

You’ll have to join me on Monday evening, October 20, for our upcoming Faith and Action “Family Circle” banquet at the Good N’ Plenty Restaurant in Lancaster, PA. I’ll tell you everything I know about Gov. Palin, Senator McCain and their Democratic complements, Barack Obama and Joe Biden. (I’ve been on “the train” with Joe Biden more than once!) By the way, I was also out in Denver at the Democratic convention. 

On Monday, October 20, we’ll talk all about the upcoming election and what Christians can do and shouldn’t do about it. Please don’t miss it. This meeting won’t be recorded—everything I say there will be off the record and just for ‘ussins’! 

To purchase your ticket online click here. If you prefer, you can call us at 202-546-8329, extension 103. You may also mail your check for $16.00 per adult and $10.75 per child to Faith and Action, 109 2nd St, NE, Washington, DC 20002. 

Please circulate this note to family, friends and fellow church members. Bring as many folks as possible! 

See you on October 20th! 

Your missionary to our nation’s leaders, 

Rob Schenck 

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Was Hurricane Ike God’s Judgment On Texas?

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

Looks like judgment of God came on Texas. Many towns are having to
evacuate. This is even causing problems with all the illegals (now try
to tell me this isn’t judgment). The illegals saviors like Bush, McCain,
or any other neocon cannot save them. People think this is bad. The
worst is yet to come. Just wait till the real tribulation. Any way you
look at it the hypocrites will not escape. Even if there was a pretrib
secret rapture, all the frauds wouldn’t make it. So it really doesn’t
matter what the hypocrites believe about the end times because the times
will speak for themselves. Things may even get pretty harsh way up here
in north Texas.

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Why Are Idolatrous Christian Hypocrites Attacking Josh Howard?

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This is an example that makes it ever so clear that there is rising
fascism here in this country. This is flat out idolatry. Hypocrites take
God’s name in vain left and right but don’t you dare speak anything
against this country. If the government itself doesn’t come after you
then a lynching party of mob justice will. Just because of some comment
of the national anthem there is talk of arrest and re-education. Where
have we heard of that before? Wasn’t it Hitler that had re-education
Hypocrites say “God bless America” while you can blaspheme God
all you want but do anything critical of the government and they are
ready to crusify you.

HIMSELF. People better wake up because the signs of a rising fascism in
this country are all around. Even a concern of racism is legitimate.
Everyone brags that the civil righs movement has done away with racism.
To some degree that may be true but it is still ever so alive in the
good old USA! The way they want to lynch Josh Howard is reminiscent of
the racial lynching parties back in the day. This nation is full of
pride when it should be full of shame. This clearly defines american
nazism in every way: racism and mind control. They are so full of hate
and murder in their hearts. The government wants to take place of God
and hypocrites that call themselves christians are all for this. Such
are imposters and do not know Christ. Every one of the vermin that
worship this wicked government will be damned to hell along with this
wicked government. If Jesus time on earth would be in modern America he
would be crusified by our wicked government. He would be charged with
being unpatriotic. The televangelsts would oppose him for his message
against materialism. A lot of the fools out there think they serve God,
but only serve the devil. I see religious hypocrites all the time. They
brag about going to church but then speak of getting drunk or something
else out of character. Judgment is coming because of such as these. We
were given the truth in all freedom and yet the vile hypocrites that
make up this country have mocked God and spit in His face, thinking they
can take advantage of His grace by using freedom for sin. Every one of
the hypocrites will burn. Jesus will come back and cut you to pieces and
assign you with all the other hypocrites where there will be weeping and
gnashing of teeth (Matt.24:51). No mercy will be shown for those who
have received grace and freedom only to abuse it. To much is given much
is required. Those who bow to this country or to this world do not know
God, nor ever will know Him unless they get a conscience and able to
repent. There is no forgiveness without repenting. What is so
hyporitical is the double standards. Why is it that the pope can get
away with saying things that would get anyone else lynched? Even this
pope has condemned this country for its past evils of slavery, racism,
and poor treatment of native americans. Anyone else say that, especially
a black man, then they want to lynch you for being unpatriotic. This is
not new. They did this with Jeremiah Wright, and no telling who else. Oh
yeah, and the hypocrites that try to justify the poor treatment of the
natives because their paganism is no excuse because Jesus told us how to
treat our enemies. There is no excuse for poor treatment of any people.
No matter what form it comes in, it is all oppression. Jesus said that
nothing good can come from evil. Evil existed in this country even in
the early days of our founders. They even knew this and why they warned
against such. They would be shocked at all the fascism going on today.
Hypocrites want to murder anyone who speaks out against this country
while yet they support this country’s mass slaughter of the unborn. If
the Pharisees of Jesus’ time were a brood of vipers, how much more this
country is a brood of vipers. Hypocrites say how evil China is for
forced abortions, but somehow voluntary abortions in this country are a
virtue. Somehow I don’t think those slaughtered can tell the difference
whether they were killed in China or killed in America. Murder is murder
and none of them had a choice. Even the radical muslims in this country
recognize that Jesus would not be for abortion. It would be no wonder if
God gives us over to our enemies just as He did when ancient Israel was
overtaken by Babylon. That is how His justice works. The prideful will
THIS MURDEROUS GOVERNMENT! Hypocrites talked about how evil regimes like
Saddam Hussein had no freedom of dissent. Well, isn’t it becoming
obvious now that we don’t have that freedom either? We are becoming like
the countries who we claim to liberate, but most people are so reprobate
that they cannot see what is right in front of them. Fools brag about
the freedom they don’t have. The ones who brag the most about being free
are the ones most in bondage to sin. The bible says that the people
imagine a vain thing. I have never seen such vanity as I have with this

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Major Global Prayer Initiative for Jerusalem Peace Begins

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

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The Sarah Palin Hypocrisy And Fraud

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

Palin contradicts herself in many areas. She says that she doesn’t
believe in global warming but says we have to do something about it.
Really? We have to do something about our natural cycles to which we
don’t impact, even though we are not responsible? The level of stupidity
and arrogance is beyond comprehension. The way such people go about this
makes them lose all cedibility. I have no problem with the idea of
looking for cleaner and more efficient energy alternatives, but enough
of all this self righteous nonsense and global warming lies. The global
warming hypocrites are some of the biggest polluters in the world. When
they actually practice what they preach then maybe I will listen, but
not until then. I hear a lot of things that may go down. It will be
interesting to see how it comes out. It sounds like both the candidacies
of both republican and democrat may come apart at the seams. They are
such losers still promoting their failed form of government. Both sides
have the lowest approval ratings ever. What fool has hopes of salvation
from both these loser parties when they can’t even save themselves? This
proves how false the religious right is. They are just selfrighteous
modern Pharisees that are lapdogs of wicked rulers. These neocon
hypocrite devils make a big deal about Obama’s “lipstick” comment about
Palin. Well she is the one who brought up about being a pitbull with
lipstick. These lying hypocrites try to use the sex card. What about all
these slandering hypocrites that have called Hillary every name under
the sun? They can’t take it when it backfires on them. Everyone one of
these hypocrites will burn in hell because they will be judged by the
measure they judged others. God has no favorites. I am like you in that
I cannot wait to see the reward of the wicked. There will be no liars
and hypocrites in heaven, Thank God!

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A Salute To Our U.S. Constitution by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This column is archived at

On this date in 1787, the U.S. Constitution was adopted. 39 delegates from 12 of the 13 colonies (Rhode Island did not send a representative) affixed their signatures to the greatest civil document ever conceived by men. Famous patriots such as George Washington, Roger Sherman, Alexander Hamilton, Benjamin Franklin, Robert Morris, Gouverneur Morris, James Madison, George Clymer, and Abraham Baldwin were among this gallant group.

Under divine Providence, it has been allegiance to the Constitution that has preserved our liberties and protected our very way of life. Most of the problems, failings, and frustrations that plague our nation today are due to the propensity of our civil magistrates to ignore or blatantly abuse constitutional government. Accordingly, fidelity to the Constitution would likely repair most of the damage done by this neglect.

It is the responsibility of a free people to jealously guard the principles upon which their liberties are predicated. For citizens of these United States, the principles that duly protect our liberties are contained in the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence. Therefore, it is incumbent upon every American to studiously familiarize himself with these documents.

Furthermore, it is the duty of every American to stubbornly hold their elected representative, at every level of government, accountable to his or her oath to the Constitution. The U.S. Constitution is the contract that every civil magistrate makes with “We the People.” Failure of an elected representative to fulfill that oath to the Constitution should be met with swift and certain rejection by the people at the polls. Nothing else should matter. Republican or Democrat, man or woman, black or white, believer or unbeliever: it is the responsibility of every civil magistrate to submit to the restrictions and instructions of the Constitution.

Our Constitution (along with the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence) was formed, framed, and founded upon the eternal principles contained in Natural Law, which proceeds forth from man’s Creator and Redeemer. No people in human history have ever been so blessed as the people of the United States to inherit such a legacy. Such a heritage serves only to heighten our own responsibility, as “unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.”

On this Constitution Day of 2008, may this generation of Americans live up to its responsibility to valiantly bequeath to our posterity the same legacy of freedom that was so bravely and miraculously bequeathed to us. For the sake of freedom, for the love of our children, and for the safety and security of our republic, may each of us determine for ourselves–and commit to Almighty God–to “preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Dominionism: False Christian Fascist Imperialism!

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This is really good in how it explains dominionism is actually the
forces of the antichrist. The dominionists have effectively done the
bait-and-switch routine in which they have convinced nearly everyone
that islam would be the driving force for the antichrist, when there
really is no scriptural proof. Oh, I’m sure there are those who claim
that muslims are the false jews or synagogue of Satan, but just doesn’t
hold up. For one thng muslims don’t have synagogues, they have mosques.
When the bible speaks of the endtime apostate condition of the church,
it is not speaking of islam. Heresy is subtle, not a total complete
departure of scripture as islam would be. If it was islam then why would
Jesus warn against false christs (like Maitreya) since islam has no such
person in their beliefs? Satan used the church in the dark ages and will
use the church again in the new dark ages of the tribulation. Things
never change. It was Ancient Israel that killed the prophets (not
muslims), Pharisees that killed Christ and the apostles (not muslims),
the crusades that slaughtered the jews (not muslims, though some would
debate that), and will be church of today once again that will
persecute. All throughout history teaches what will happen by what has
happened. I have always understood that when the righteous reign is
after Jesus has returned and rulership is a reward to those who are
faithful in the small things of this life (not big). It seems like a
weird sort of insult that they have to prepare the world for Christ’s
return. Who is more powerful? Us or Christ? Christ is the king of kings
and lord of lords to which we are nothing without him! He does not need
our help but we need his help. Besides, this doctrine is totally
contrary to scripture. Christ isn’t returning for rewards as much as for
judgment because he will put every power and DOMINION underneath his
feet (1Cor.15:24). That is the purpose for his millennial reign. You
see, even the very choice of their terminology betrays their true
motive. The dominionists is one of the dominions that Jesus will crush.
There are signs like this everywhere to which God is warning us. Fox is
always used in a derogatory sense in scripture, like where Jesus said
that it is the little foxes that spoil the vine as well as using it as
an insult to Herod, and this is what the hypocrites choose to listen to,
Fox news. Like Jesus said that we will know them by their fruits. It is
because of wickedness that Christ is returning, not the opposite. In
Matthew 24 he clearly said that wickedness will increase, not
righteousness. One has to really evaluate yourself if you are
comfortable contradicting the words of Jesus and where you think that
will lead you to. Just like the hypocrite warmongers who defy 2Cor.10:3,
which tells us not to wage war as the world does. Where do you think
such disobedience will lead you? Prayers for the military are wasted
prayers. Why do you think so many end up dead or in pieces if this war
is blessed by God? That is proof that this is blasphemy. That is like
engaging in sexual immorality and praying that you won’t get STDs. Those
who are sold to lies cannot tell light from dark. The very ones who
think they are patriotic are the very traitors to this country. They
believe lies that they are spreading democracy and freedom, when it is
the exact opposite. Those who stick by Bush cannot explain why we are in
a mess that has never existed in times past. There has been endless
corporate corruption and greed under this administration, and the
imposters who call themselves christians say that greed and treachery
are a good thing. They say that people losing their jobs and homes are a
good thing. That outsourcing is a good thing. The economy is worse than
it ever has been. Only a lying fool would deny the signs of the times.
All the dominionists’ agendas of ending AIDS and poverty are so
disingeniune. They haven’t come close to any of these goals because they
are all lies. Jesus said that the poor you will always have with you, so
you know it is a lie when anyone claims to end poverty. Just like they
pretend to be pro-life but yet oppose those who are true to the cause
and support the republicans who have increased funding for it. Both
democrat and republican are genocidal murderers and those who bow to
this system are partaking in this satanic massacre of the unborn. A vote
for either is a vote for Satan. YOU BLASPHEMERS THAT SAY AMERICA IS NOT
neocon domnionists bring the way of truth into disrepute like mentioned
in 2Peter 2:2. Don’t be fooled into thinking that these liars are
following Christ. They are working against him! Just like Bush is a
satanist working against God’s chosen people of Israel. Satan and his
servants masqerade as angels of light, which means that we cannot take
everyone at face value. Those who are not into God’s word will fall for
every lie. You can tell those who are not in the Word by how they are
given to all the religious and political frauds. Only His sheep knows
His voice. The rest are clueless. Every religious leader that bows to
the frauds of democrat or republican are frauds themselves. They only
acknowledge the wicked while denying those that are righteous. This
proves that the dominionists are not righteous because they are given to
lies and under the control of Satan. Why is it that they display so much
carnal hatred for muslims, who only attack physically, while having no
hatred for those who kill spiritually by teaching lies from within?
Because they are the very ones, selfrighteous hypocrites that love to
point the finger elsewhere, trying to ease their own conscience.
Murderers will have a price to pay, but spiritual murder through lies
will be much worse price. So while the hateful warmongers point the
finger at muslims it will be them who suffer far worse than they because
they are guilty of both lies and murder while having the knowledge of
truth in the bible that they pretend to follow. All this stupid shell
game of right versus left. Proverbs 4:27 says to not swerve to the right
or the left. Jesus said that the way to his kingdom is the straight and
narrow, not the righthand path. Jesus said that the broad path leads to
destruction. Those who make fun of those in the minority is the same as
making fun of Christ. Guess who will have the last laugh? Vile
hypocrites expose their true nature, which is nothing like Christ. God
will mock them in the day of their calamity. Jesus told us how to treat
our enemies, which is the opposite of the hateful and cowardly church
teachings. They know not of spiritual things, but only carnal. Well
scripture says that sowing to the flesh will reap destruction. Who are
the liars that think they can get away with refuting God’s word? Those
who live carnally are not spiritual and so will not inherit God’s
kingdom. Those who have not become new creations in Christ are not
really his. Only the things of Christ are eternal. This wicked world
will pass away with all its idolatry, such as the fanatical americanism
idolatry that infects most churches. Jerusalem is the eternal capital,
not America. It really doesn’t matter what wicked neocons think. Only
what God thinks. The neocons will be eternally forgotten as they burn
throughout eternity. Those who are true to Christ will have the last
laugh. Jesus called the materialistic greedy Pharisees a bunch of
vipers, just like the neocons of today are nothing but vipers. They will
have hell to pay.

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U.S. Army Troops To Serve As U.S. Policemen? By Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This may be a necessary step to Bush’s canceling the elections?

This column is archived at

According to the Army Times (dated Tuesday, September 30, 2008), “Beginning
Oct. 1 for 12 months, the 1st BCT [Brigade Combat Team] will be under the
day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of
Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or
manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks.”

The article continued by saying, “But this new mission marks the first time
an active unit has been given a dedicated assignment to NorthCom, a joint
command established in 2002 to provide command and control for federal
homeland defense efforts and coordinate defense support of civil

“After 1st BCT finishes its dwell-time mission, expectations are that
another, as yet unnamed, active-duty brigade will take over and that the
mission will be a permanent one.”

The Times column also reported that the Army brigade “may be called upon to
help with civil unrest and crowd control . . .” It seems that the Army’s new
domestic duties also include “traffic control” as well as subduing “unruly
or dangerous individuals.”

The brigade will be known for the next year as a Consequence Management
Response Force, or CCMRF (pronounced “sea-smurf”).

I am assuming that the planners and promoters of this newfound function for
the Army brigade envision the Army assisting local first responders in
dealing with natural emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and the
like. Good intentions notwithstanding, to assign domestic police duties to
the U.S. military is extremely disturbing.

To understand my concern for this new “homeland Army brigade,” it is
important that we rehearse the principles of liberty as they relate to
standing armies.

One of America’s most sacred principles has always been that the U.S.
military was never to be used for domestic law enforcement. The fear of
standing armies ran very deep in the hearts and minds of America’s founders.
The tyranny and misery inflicted upon the colonies by British troops weighed
heavily upon those who drafted our Constitution and Bill of Rights. In their
minds, the American people would never again be subjected to the heavy
weight of army boots. Furthermore, they insisted that America would have a
civilian–not military–government.

And after the fiasco of the abuse of federal troops in the South following
the War Between the States, the doctrine of Posse Comitatus was enacted into
law. The Wikipedia online encyclopedia says this about Posse Comitatus:

“The Act prohibits most members of the federal uniformed services … from
exercising nominally state law enforcement police or peace officer powers
that maintain ‘law and order’ on non-federal property. . . .

“The statute generally prohibits federal military personnel and units of the
United States National Guard under federal authority from acting in a law
enforcement capacity within the United States, except where expressly
authorized by the Constitution or Congress. . . .

“The Posse Comitatus Act and the Insurrection Act substantially limit the
powers of the federal government to use the military for law enforcement.”

The Posse Comitatus Act was passed in 1878 and was universally accepted as
being a very just–and extremely important–law of the land.

But in 2006, President George W. Bush pushed a Republican-controlled
Congress to pass the John Warner National Defense Authorization Act for
Fiscal Year 2007, which included a section titled “Use of the Armed Forces
in major public emergencies.” This section provided that “The President may
employ the armed forces to restore public order in any State of the United
States the President determines….” In effect, this bill obliterated Posse

When the Democrat-controlled Congress passed the 2008 National Defense
Authorization Act, however, the restrictions of Posse Comitatus were
restored. But when President Bush signed the Act into law, he attached a
signing statement (Executive Order) indicating that the Executive Branch did
not feel bound by the changes enacted by the repeal. Translated: President
Bush wiped out Posse Comitatus by Executive Order.

Now, just a few months after expunging Posse Comitatus, President Bush has
authorized an Army brigade to be assigned the new role of dealing
exclusively with domestic law enforcement and related duties. This evokes
serious questions.

Who will give the order to send U.S. troops against American civilians, and
under what circumstances? What will the rules of engagement be? How will
“unruly” and “dangerous” be defined? How will soldiers be asked to deal with
“crowd” or “traffic” control? And perhaps the biggest question is, Once we
begin to go down this road, where will it lead?

For several years, the federal government has been accumulating to itself
more and more authority that was historically understood to reside within
the states and local communities. More and more, our police departments have
taken on the image and tactics of the armed forces. And to a greater and
greater degree, the rights and liberties of the American people are being
sacrificed on the altar of “national security.” It seems to me that to now
ascribe law enforcement duties to the U.S. Army only serves to augment the
argument that America is fast approaching police state status.

If Hurricane Katrina is the template that our federal government is using as
a model for future events, Heaven help us! Do readers remember how National
Guard troops were used to confiscate the personal firearms of isolated and
vulnerable civilians shortly after that hurricane devastated the New Orleans
area? Do you remember how representatives of the federal government were
calling upon pastors and ministers to act as spokesmen for gun confiscation?
Is this what the new Army brigade is preparing for? And do President Bush
and his military planners envision an even broader role for military troops
on American soil?

Add to the above rumors of thousands of plastic caskets–along with
thousands of portable prison cells–being shipped and stored across the
country, and one is left to ask, Exactly what is it that our federal
government is planning?

I think there is an even bigger question, What exactly will members of our
armed forces do if and when they are commanded to seize Americans’ firearms,
arrest them at gun point, or even fire upon them? How many soldiers and
Marines love liberty and constitutional government enough to resist such
orders, should they be given? And how many officers would resist issuing
such orders?

Remember, it is the job of the armed forces to kill people and blow up
things, not to do police work. Then again, Presidential administrations from
both major parties have been using the U.S. military as U.N. “peacekeepers”
for decades now. So, was all of this preparation for what is yet to take
place in the United States?

God forbid that any of the above should actually take place in our beloved
land, but I believe it would be naïve to not see that the actions and
attitudes of the federal government over the past several years do nothing
to assuage such fears.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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Howard Fineman: The mess Obama or McCain will inherit

Posted by soldierservant on October 6, 2008

This is like what Michael Savage was saying that this country is run by corporations rather than government. He ran a mock pledge of allegiance, the pledge of allegiance to Goldman Sachs. A lot of sci-fi stories of the future seem to be right when they portrayed this country will be run by corporations.

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