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Where Are Dobson And PCC Now? by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 26, 2009

This blind loyalty proves how easy it will be for the antichrist to
deceive the church itself. I will forward some stuff to you later that
says the pretrib-rapture is a deception that will make way for the
antichrist. I guess with them thinking they that a magical convenient
rapture will excuse their own apostasy opens the door to such deception.
If those who actually think they are christians have no problem with
Bush then the antichrist will have it easy in deceiving the masses. Most
neocons are in this prosperity gospel apostasy, which proves how most
deceptions go hand in hand. It is no wonder they can easily be fooled by
the likes of Copeland when they have no problem with Bush. Hypocrites
that love to use the Romans 13 bit about submission to authorities can’t
be found since Obama is president and not one of their own. By their own
standards they will be judged.


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I ask my non-Christian friends to bear with me on this column. As one will
quickly see, this column is addressed to my fellow Christian conservatives.

Regular readers of this column know that one of my chief frustrations is the
way Christian conservatives (otherwise known as the "Religious Right") are
so easily deceived by Republican politicians. The all-time classic
illustration of this foible is the way the Religious Right was (and is) so
enamored with President George W. Bush. No matter what Bush did: no matter
how egregiously unconstitutional, no matter how utterly stupid, no matter
how blatantly evil his actions were, Christian conservatives (almost
universally) either robotically accepted and approved what he did, or
blindly looked the other way. It was maddening!

It was as if Christian conservatives lost all ability to reason; it was as
if they lost all discernment and discretion. Because George W. Bush claimed
to be a Christian, and because he was a Republican, he could do no wrong. To
this very day, the only group of people who yet approves of Bush’s
Presidency is the Religious Right. Everyone else on the planet realizes that
George W. Bush’s Presidency will go down in history has one of the all-time

George Bush took a prosperous and robust economy, and led America to the
verge of a second Great Depression. He has taken a (relatively) free and
independent republic to the brink of becoming a globalist Police State. He
has pushed the envelope of executive power; he has trampled individual
liberty; he has made a mockery of justice; and he has made America the
laughingstock of the world. In addition, Bush has misused and abused our
nation’s bravest and finest by his illegal and inexcusable invasion of Iraq.
No matter. The Religious Right still loves him. Why? Because he is a
"Christian" Republican.

Since 2000, James Dobson, Pensacola Christian College (PCC), and their peers
around the country have had an eight-year lovefest with George W. Bush.
Life-size cardboard posters of Bush have stood in their bookstores for eight
long, laborious years. Grade school children in their Christian schools have
been subjected to Bush propaganda for eight tedious, tiresome years. To
them, G.W. Bush ranks somewhere between Moses and the Almighty. And nothing
Bush said or did seemed to matter.

I said all of that to call attention to a recent interview Cynthia McFadden
had with President Bush on ABC’s Nightline this past Monday. During the
interview, McFadden asked Bush if the Bible was literally true.

Now, acceptance of the Bible’s literalness is one of conservative
Christianity’s most sacred doctrines. There is not a professor at PCC (or
any other conservative Christian college or university) that would keep his
or her job for a nano-second, if he or she even questioned the veracity of
the Scriptures. Right? You know it’s true! Most conservative Christians
would even go so far as to say that one cannot be a born-again Christian who
does not believe that the Bible is the infallible Word of God.

Well, what was George Bush’s response to McFadden’s question? He said, "You
know. Probably not. . . . No, I’m not a literalist." Notice, Bush twice
denied the veracity of the Scriptures.

Now, Bush has no reason to "fudge" his answers, right? He has no more
elections to face. No more, "He’s got to say this to get elected," which was
the flippant explanation given by the Religious Right to excuse Bush’s
numerous apostate positions during the past eight years.

So, George W. Bush clearly stated that he does not believe the Bible is
God’s Holy, inspired Word. Will Dobson and PCC still say that Bush is "one
of us"?

Then, as Bush attempted to give a Christian testimony, he told McFadden, "It
is hard for me to justify or prove the mystery of the Almighty in my life.
All I can just tell you is that I got back into religion and I quit drinking
shortly thereafter . . . ."

What kind of Christian testimony is this: "I got back into religion"? I
doubt that this kind of testimony would grant membership in the Campus
Church (which is not even a genuine New Testament church, you understand) at
PCC or in virtually any conservative Christian church.

I am confident, however, that Bush’s statements will do nothing to diminish
his god-like status with James Dobson and the rest of the Religious Right in
America. For eight long and bloody years, Christian conservatives have been
selling their convictions, doctrines, and even their consciences to George
W. Bush. I will even go so far as to say that, in many respects, millions of
Christians have turned President Bush into an idol. Many of them would
forsake their pastor, their friends, and even their own family before they
would forsake George W. Bush and the Republican Party.

Of course, none of this would have happened had Christians–and especially
Christian pastors–not lost touch with their American heritage. Had they
maintained a studied understanding of constitutional government, and of the
principles of Natural Law upon which it rests, they would not have become
dupes for Bush and his fellow neocons.

I doubt very much whether Thomas Jefferson was a born-again Christian (after
all, he, like Bush, expressed doubt regarding the Bible’s literalness), but
he fully understood–and embraced–the "Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God"
and was more than willing to inculcate those principles into our country’s
most sacred document: our Declaration of Independence. As such, Jefferson
will be forever regarded as one of America’s greatest Founding Fathers and
Presidents. Believe me, America was far better off with Thomas Jefferson
than with George W. Bush!

So, where are Dobson and PCC now? Will any of them utter a word of rebuke to
their "Christian" President for his apostasy? No, they won’t. (As a
comparison, contemporary pastors most certainly did rebuke Jefferson for his
public statements questioning Christ’s divinity, even though he was a
Founding Father and author of the Declaration of Independence.) Of course,
Barack Obama will not escape the public repudiation of Dobson and Company.
Why? He is a Democrat. You see, it’s not principle; it’s partisan politics
that matters, after all.

While we are asking questions, when will our fellow Christians and pastors
finally open their history books? When will they read the U.S. Constitution,
Bill of Rights, and Declaration of Independence? And when will they open
their minds and hearts–even a crack–to the possibility that they might
have been duped, and that there is more to being elected to the office of
President besides being a "Christian" Republican? Probably never.

In four more years, there will doubtless be another "Christian" Republican
for the Religious Right to fawn over. Where he or she stands on the
Constitution won’t matter; neither will it matter whether this newest
"Christian" Republican has any commitment to national sovereignty, the Bill
of Rights, or to fundamental freedoms. All that will matter is that he or
she professes to be a Christian, and has an "R" behind their name. And,
quite frankly, this last election proved that even a Christian profession is
not necessary. All that is required is the "R" behind the name.

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