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George Washington Bulletproof? America Founded By Divine Intervention From God?

Posted by soldierservant on June 21, 2007

Books,AMERICA’S GOD & COUNTRY by William J. Federer and MIRACLES OF THE
AMERICAN REVOLUTION Divine Intervention and the Birth of the Republic by
Larkin Spivey, both talk about the miracles during the Revolutionary War
to say that these were all divine intervention from God. George
Washington was supposedly bulletproof. I skimmed through some of these to
get an idea. A lot of the forefathers such as Benjamin Franklin were
against the organized religion of the institutional church,which may
have been a good thing because it was much like as it is now with the
religious hypocrisy. I guess we’d be considered as revolutionaries.It is
funny that my family are into this because they by the book religious
bondage pharisees. People worship George Washington like the
catholics would a saint they highly revere. This is just more
idolatry. Maybe what was written of him was true about being bulletproof,
but that is not a testimony of man’s ability, but that of the grace of
God. Just like everyone attributes the miracles of Moses as his own
ability when he could’ve done nothing outside of God. What is it with
these people that it is easier for them to worship someone God has
touched over God Himself?This is insane!

But I did notice something about Washington. He made addresses to various denominations which included catholics as if they were christian.This must have perpetuated the lie that catholics are christians till this day that both the mainstream
media and TBN swallow up. Washington may not have been so innocent after
all since he promoted this big lie.This is proof that signs and wonders
don’t mean anything except help people get further deluded.I really
don’t care to do miracles so much as to open people’s eyes to the
truth.So what if I heal people and raise them from the dead and yet the
very same souls be damned in deception?Just like Jesus said that what is
it that a man gains the whole world and loses his soul.I have even heard
preachers take that scripture out of context.I heard some explain as
losing the soul as losing your own identity,which could be a part of it
but your eternal soul is what is really at stake.Why do these morons
test God so with all their deluded,watered down interpretations and thus
nullifying His word?Man,are they ever playing with fire.About the kids
that were looked on as criminals was their persecution coming from the
church or elsewhere?I was just curious.If anyone is at fault it is the
parents.You know what the Bible says about training up a child.What are
these morons thinking?The youth are the future.There would be no hope
for revival without them because of all the old stinking pharisees stuck
in their own evil ways.I think a lot of it is just pure jealousy.The
youth have a lot more passion than these old worthless pharisees.These
vile abominations will reap what they sow.They will reap the hell they
have become.They are those whom Jesus said that the love of the Father
is not in them.It relly is all about love.But of course that gets
twisted out of context too.The simpletons think that it is love to never
argue against the lies,which is hate,not love.I would rather hurt
someone’s feelings if it would lead them to the truth,rather than
letting them be damned by false love.Jesus spared nobody’s feelings.He
called the Syrophanicean woman a dog.Even then she didn’t throw a hissy
fit over feelings being hurt.This attacking the youth is suicidal.Who is
going to take care of these old vipers?The very youth they condemn.I
have always wondered why these horrible nursing homes still exist.Maybe
I just got the answer to that.These vipers are reaping what they sow.I
know not everyone is deserving but maybe more than not.

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