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How Can We Judge If Christianity Is Still True?

Posted by soldierservant on June 21, 2007
The Remnant is filled with teachings that are destructive to Christians. The Remnant repeats and expands upon many of the antichrist teachings and examples taught in the first nine books in the Left Behind series. The Left Behind series leads the reader away from true Christianity and into an apostate “Christianity” of the “merging with the New World Order” kind.

Rayford Thought Christianity Might Have Been Wrong 

The Remnant has passages where the Christian characters question whether their faith is still true based upon their circumstances.

Rayford’s first inkling was that he was in hell. Had he been wrong? Had it all been for naught? Had he been killed and missed heaven in spite of it all? (The Remnant p. 8)

The authors depicted a Christian thinking that he might have been wrong about Christianity being true after all. Rayford’s circumstances (he was in the midst of a huge conflagration) was the reason he thought he might have been wrong about knowing the real God of the Bible. Rayford thought he died and went to hell. The hero of the Left Behind series was depicted as questioning whether Christianity is true because of his adverse circumstances! The author deliberately chose to implant the idea in the reader’s mind that Christians think Christianity is not true if horrific things happen. 

Because God chose to intervene and protect him from life-threatening circumstances, Rayford changed back to believing Christianity is true and said, 

“We are a million Shadrachs, Meshachs, and Abednegos!” (The Remnant p. 10) 

 Christianity Was Only What Buck and Leah “Thought They Knew”

Buck thought Leah’s voice sounded tight. And why not? She had to be thinking what he was thinking — that they had not only lost their leadership and seen a million people incinerated, but that everything they thought they knew was out the window. (The Remnant p. 12)

This authors described these Christian characters as thinking that Bible Christianity was “everything they thought they knew.” The reader is given the message that when circumstances turn dire, Christians can have apostate thoughts, and fling their faith right out the window. The only way to make certain the reader is not harmed by the characters’ antichrist thoughts would be for the writers to address their faithlessness in the book, treat it as serious sin that will lead to a departure of the faith if not repented of, and set the reader straight.

 But they did not do that. They did not have the characters’ repent of their apostate thoughts, ask God to forgive them, and pray they would continue to trust God no matter what happened and endure to the end as Jesus commanded. This leads the reader to think such thoughts are par for the course in the life of the Christian. They are not. They are “falling away from the faith” examples that Satan would love for Christians to take to heart both now and during the tribulation.

The previous two examples show how the authors had Rayford think he was in hell and that he was wrong about Christianity being true until he realized he was protected from physical harm, and Buck and Leah thinking that Christianity was something they only “thought they knew” when things did not seemingly turn out they way they expected. 

If endtimes scenarios turn out differently than we have been told by our teachers, should Christians consider Christianity something they thought they knew? Satan would love for Christians to follow Rayford’s, Buck’s and Leah’s apostate examples because he knows that if they do, they are setting themselves up to accept another Christ, who is really Antichrist. The authors could not have been more blatant in showing the Left Behind series has an antichrist agenda.

If You Are Supernaturally Protected From Harm, Then You Should Assume You are Right With God?

The authors depicted a man who was under conviction that he was lost and without God as being assured by Rayford that he was right with God because he was being supernaturally protected from harm: 

The man wrenched away, wailing, quivering, crying out, “God, save me!”

“You’re safe!” Rayford said. “Look! See! We are ablaze and yet we are unharmed! God is with us!”

The man shook his head and folded himself further within his arms and legs.

“Are you hurt?” Rayford said. “Do the flames burn you?”

“I am without God!” the man wailed. 

“That can’t be!” You’re safe!” You’re alive! Look around you!” (The Remnant p. 14)

Rayford did not witness the gospel to the terrified man so he could have an opportunity to come to faith the Lord Jesus Christ. Instead, in keeping with the apostate direction of the Left Behind series, he told the man that since he was being being supernaturally protected from harm, then he could not be without God. This is a lie. Satan is capable of supernaturally protecting people from physical harm and will do so if he can gain their eternal souls through such deception.   

Satan currently performs lying signs and wonders for the purpose of deceiving his followers into believing they are following the real God. His lying signs and wonders will greatly increase during the tribulation:

“For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall shew great signs and wonders; insomuch that, if it were possible, they shall deceive the very elect.” Matthew 24:24

Antichrist themes in the Left Behind series will deceive the very elect if men of God continue to respect persons in the “Christian establishment” over and above the Lord Jesus Christ by keeping silent while God’s people are being led into apostasy. 


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