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Is The Religious Right United Or Divided?

Posted by soldierservant on June 4, 2007

They ask the question about whether we are united or divided.That has an easy answer. Divided. As long as the church is carnal by following all these carnal leaders their will never be true unity.This nation is the very definition of Babylon.This is a nation that is a melting pot of every false doctrine and religion.This is why this country is doomed to
fall because the Bible clearly says that a house (or nation) divided cannot stand. All these hypocrites are always pointing the finger of blame at everyone else but yet they ignore their own evil. Jesus said that unless your righteousness surpasses that of the Pharisees you will not enter heaven. This is proof that most of the church is damned because they are full of every kind of evil but yet are self-righteous thinking that they are better than the leftists,when actually they are worse because they are all the more accountable and have defiled the house of God. The church has openly allowed satanists and witches to teach and lead the people astray. God will not allow such imposters.These ungodly
organizations such as this will never get a dime from me. I hope they all fold up and go broke.They are fruitless and Jesus said every fruitless tree will be cut down and thrown into the fire. If people ever read the Bible they wouldn’t be following idiots such as these. In fact this  proves that politics is in the arm of the flesh because it keeps them from reading God’s word.  In Proverbs it says that the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. That is how you can tell whether they are true of God if they have any wisdom at all.If they don’t then that proves their spiritual condition.

If you think there really is no such thing as a free lunch, think again!

Think too, should Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards go unchallenged as they mount a national stage here in Washington to tell Americans they’ve got religion?

Well, read on . . .
You, your family, friends and fellow church members are invited to join me for an historic moment here in Washington on Tuesday, June 5, at 12:00 noon. Faith and Action, together with International Reapers Foundation, will host the second annual complimentary “Reese Roundtable Luncheon on Capitol Hill” with special guest, Dr. Norman Geisler, author of the new book, “Creation & the Courts: Eighty Years of Conflict in the Classroom and the Courts.”

Not only will you meet this outstanding Christian leader, brilliant thinker and public activist, but there’s no cost for the luncheon—and, you’ll get a free, autographed copy of Dr. Giesler’s book just for attending!

Now that I have your attention, consider these other benefits to attending this year’s Reese Roundtable on Capitol Hill:

– Our topic this year is, “Evangelicals in ’08, United or Divided? A True Evangelical Forum on Faith, Values and Politics”

Many pundits think the Evangelical Christian vote is so fragmented we will not unite behind any presidential candidate in 2008, leaving a big win for social liberals. Is it true? We’ll ask—AND ANSWER—the hard questions!

– We will respond to another forum the night before at George Washington University during which Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and John Edwards will profess their “religious beliefs” and how they affect their public platforms.

– You will hear from America’s leading Bible-Christian on what the whole controversy about “church and state” is really all about and what WILL unite Evangelicals and other concerned Christians as we approach the next election.


Please pass this VIP invitation along to others you know care deeply about the soul of our American civilization. We have only 50 seats at the National Press Club—and they’re going fast! E-mail your reservation NOW to (Due to the nature of this event, we must pay in advance for all reservations. Please do not make a reservation unless you are certain of your schedule. Emergencies do happen and are always understandable, but we will be paying for your lunch whether or not you are there!)

Here are the details:

“Evangelicals in ’08: United or Divided? A True Evangelical Forum on Faith, Values and Politics”

June 5, 2007, 12:00 pm EST

The National Press Club, Zenger Room

Keynote speaker: Dr. Norman L. Geisler, Southern Evangelical Seminary

E-mail NOW to reserve your place:

Also, to see more about the Roundtable, Click Here.

I look forward to seeing you in Washington,

Rev. Rob Schenck

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Did The Religious Right Die With Jerry Falwell?

Posted by soldierservant on June 4, 2007

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More than any other single person, Jerry Falwell was the embodiment and
single most recognizable icon of the Religious Right. However, the
association is even deeper than that. In many respects, Jerry Falwell was
the heart and soul of the Religious Right, which is why many people hated
him so much. They fully understood that without Jerry Falwell there was no
Religious Right. And make no mistake about it: liberals hate the Religious

It was the Religious Right that dared to stand in the gap against a
secularist/amoral juggernaut that sought to eviscerate America’s moral
culture, not to mention our Christian heritage. And it was Jerry Falwell’s
Moral Majority that made the Religious Right a force to be reckoned with,
respected, and ignored at one’s own political peril.

With Jerry’s passing, the question that must be asked is, Did the Religious
Right die with Jerry Falwell? The answer is not simple, because it involves
both a yes and a no.

In one way, the Religious Right, as currently constituted, died with Jerry
Falwell. There is no one at the national level who has the character, gifts,
and resources to take the helm of the Religious Right. And, contrary to the
opinions of some, great movements are not built on consensus or committees;
they are built by men of dynamic leadership and courage. And while there are
many notable and courageous leaders among the Religious Right, none has the
same prominent stature or political savvy to begin to take Jerry’s place.

In fact, Jerry’s passing, and a fading Religious Right, has already had a
significant influence upon the upcoming presidential election. Does anyone
really believe that Republican presidential contender Rudy Giuliani would
openly and boldly campaign as a “pro-choice” candidate if the Religious
Right was as politically powerful as it once was? In virtually every
Republican primary since the creation of the Moral Majority back in 1979, no
candidate could expect to obtain the Republican nomination who did not pass
the Religious Right’s litmus test (at least in rhetoric) of being pro-life
and anti-gay marriage.

Not anymore. Today the Republican frontrunner, Rudy Giuliani, is running on
a platform that is pro-abortion, pro-gay unions, and pro-gun control. Yet,
at this moment, the nomination appears to be his to lose.

Yes, I know that James Dobson, Richard Viguerie, and Janet Folger have all
said they would never support or vote for Giuliani, should he obtain the
nomination. Viguerie even went so far as to say that if Giuliani is the
nominee, he would “personally work to defeat the GOP ticket in 2008…. It
will be time to put the GOP out of its misery.” But will that be enough to
stop Giuliani from gaining the nomination? Probably not.

In addition, Viguerie and Company must also be displeased with the other
Republican frontrunners. Accordingly, it is a very real and distinct
possibility that the Republican Party will go into the 2008 presidential
election without the support of the Religious Right for the first time in
nearly thirty years. However, this prospect not only dooms Republican
chances for a presidential victory, it also dooms the Religious Right as a
major player in presidential politics. But, please understand: this is not
in and of itself a bad thing. Let me explain.

In the providence of God, Jerry Falwell’s birthing of the Moral Majority
coincided with the first presidential campaign of Ronald Reagan. The
combination was magic. Falwell truly admired Reagan and Reagan truly admired
Falwell. It was a relationship held together by mutual respect and shared

Unfortunately, the bonds that were first formed in the Reagan/Falwell
coalition were not present in subsequent Republican administrations. The
result: what started as a legitimate relationship turned into an unholy
axis. Republicans after Reagan quickly used their considerable power and
influence to bribe and bully the Religious Right. And the Religious Right
did as so many battered spouses do; she took the abuse with little more than
a whimper, which served only to encourage the bullies within the GOP
machine. Until what began with mutual respect and admiration became vile and

Nothing illustrates the GOP’s lack of respect for Jerry Falwell than the
list of no-shows at his funeral. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan sending a
low-level White House aide to Dr. Falwell’s funeral? Did you notice, too,
that none of the GOP presidential contenders showed up at his funeral? In
fact, there were virtually no national Republican leaders present at his
funeral. This, for the man that did more–for a longer period of time in
modern memory –than any other single human being to elect Republican
candidates to the White House. You see what I mean by a one-sided, abusive

On the other hand, the Religious Right deserves some of this maltreatment.
For the privilege of sitting at the king’s table, the Religious Right
compromised and even capitulated on many of its principles. What began as a
partnership of shared ideals became a partnership of shared ambition. And
ambition, even when clothed in religious garb, is rarely pure.

So, did the Religious Right die with Jerry Falwell? In one respect, yes.
But, on the other hand, the rank and file of the Religious Right are still
very much alive. However, before the people who once formed the Religious
Right can become the significant force they once were, they must learn from
their mistakes.

For one thing, they mistakenly believed that most Republicans shared Ronald
Reagan’s conservatism. Most don’t. It has been money, not principles, that
has always been at the heart of Republican and Democratic politics.
Republicans have historically been the puppets of big-business, while
Democrats have been the puppets of big-labor. It was Ronald Reagan who gave
the GOP a semblance of righteousness. It was only a façade. Unfortunately,
this misplaced trust allowed the Religious Right to be totally and
thoroughly beguiled by conservative phonies George Bush I and II. At the end
of the day, money, not righteousness, is in charge of both major parties.
It’s time that Christian conservatives understood that.

Secondly, if the people that made the Religious Right such a powerful force
are to regain their credibility, they must come to understand that the
strength of their cause is found, not in a political party, but in the
adherence to constitutional principles. Hence, what we desperately need
today is a constitutional reawakening. If Christians would be as determined
and energized in electing men and women who will follow the Constitution as
they were in electing Republicans, most of the issues they care about would
be resolved.

Yes, in many ways, the Religious Right died with Jerry Falwell. However, the
opportunity for conservatives, whether Christian or not, to be a powerful
voice in government has never been greater. The two major parties are in
meltdown. And there are millions of disenfranchised citizens from all faiths
and persuasions that are thirsting for old-fashioned, commonsense,
constitutional government. In this regard, Jerry Falwell’s Moral Majority is
very much alive and well–and waiting.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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