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Pastor Chuck Baldwin: More Evidence That Republican Party Is Pro – Abortion!

Posted by soldierservant on February 22, 2008

This exposes the neocon’s methodology. See how they are like subtle serpents? I think every last one of them are phony. You see even in this he mentions about Bush letting Hillary do all the dirty work. Bush is a sniveling coward.

  Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist recently revealed his true colors
on the life issue when he came out strongly in support of increased
federal funding for embryonic stem-cell research. As a medical
doctor, Frist obviously knows that in order for this to be done,
human embryos must first be destroyed (killed).

Frist’s decision to support the killing of newly-conceived babies
flies in the face of previous declarations on the subject. For
example, Frist has been quoted as saying, “I am pro-life. I believe
life begins at conception. It is at this moment that the organism is
complete. An embryo is a nascent human life.”

In spite of Frist’s statement acknowledging the life of a human
embryo, he went on to say, “I also believe that embryonic stem-
cell research should be encouraged and supported.”

Make no mistake about it: the decision by Senator Frist to publicly
support embryonic stem-cell research was both calculated and
intentional. Senator Frist and the Republican leadership obviously
decided that now was the time and Frist was the man to take point
on this issue. The reason? They are preparing their constituencies
for the 2008 presidential election.

The lesson from this calculation can only be that the Republican
Party is planning to run a “pro-choice moderate” for president in
2008. Frist is merely breaking the ice, getting pro-life Republicans
prepared to accept a pro-choice nominee. Will it work? I believe it

I have already heard leaders within the Religious Right say that
they could support a pro-choice Republican nominee in order to
defeat the Democratic nominee, especially if that nominee is
Hillary Rodham Clinton. These statements, too, are calculated.
One can bet that Karl Rove and the “super-stars” of the Religious
Right have already held conferences on this subject.

Therefore, it would appear that Senator Frist has been delegated to
be the Party’s sacrificial lamb. Since he is the first major player
(and supposed presidential hopeful) within the Republican Party to
betray a major plank of the pro-life cause, he has doubtless been
chosen to take the fall for the Religious Right, thus paving the way
for a less vocal brand of pro-choicer to rise to the top. (Can anyone
say, “Condoleeza Rice!”?)

There is another twist to the upcoming presidential election that
bears watching. Could it be that Bush and Company know a pro-
choice Republican nominee would cause rank and file
conservatives to stay home from the polls in droves (as they did
when Bob Dole was the Republican candidate) intending to give
the election to Hillary?

The possibility that Bush and his handlers are preparing to give the
presidential election to Hillary Clinton is nothing new. This is
exactly what George Bush the Elder appears to have done for Bill
Clinton back in 1992. Few people would say Bush deliberately lost
that election, but even Bush’s Vice Presidential running mate Dan
Quayle acknowledged, “It was the biggest presidential campaign
that never was.”

Think of it: there hasn’t been an occupant in the White House other
than a Bush or Clinton since 1988. Moreover, it appears that this
trend could continue for at least another decade.

What neither conservatives nor liberals seem willing to
acknowledge is that the Bush and Clinton families have been the
closest of friends for years. (Why else would G.W. Bush send a
military transport plane to Australia to fetch Bill in the early
moments following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001?
He didn’t do anything like that for Jimmy Carter!) These two royal
families have been hobnobbing since back when George H.W.
Bush was President and Bill was Governor of Arkansas.

For those people who believe America has too much freedom and
must be brought into an international New World Order, this
makes perfect sense. After all, now that “good boy” George has
successfully pushed through that iniquitous, but ingenious,
blueprint for Owellian statehood, a.k.a. the Patriot Act, the baton
can be handed off to “bad girl” Hillary to do the dirty work.

I realize that most will consider this column nothing more than just
another senseless conspiracy theory. (At least Mel Gibson loves
it!) However, just for fun, why not save this column for Hillary’s
inauguration ceremony?

© Chuck Baldwin

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