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What Following False Preachers Does To People: LEAD THEM ASTRAY!

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

In response to an email from a ministry supporter:

Thanks for letting me know. I am learning as I go too. Like all these
scriptures in my messages I send you are like new revelations to me.
That is what motivates me. I may have read certain scriptures a hundred
times over in the past but never really grasp the meanings. I guess it
was just more of a ritual. But now it is like I just open the bible
randomly and it just blows my mind. Like that 2Peter chapter 2 that
talks about false teachers and their destruction. Now I know that there
are a lot of different texts throughout the bible dealing with that
subject but a few of the others descriptions of them are a bit vague.
This passage though seem to be a little more clear because it tells how
the charlatans work. Like in verse 3 says that in their greed these
teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Man, that just
jumped right out to me. How many times you hear those like Copeland who
say they started without a penny to their name? You know anyone that
says that is a liar. That is the same claim as all the other secular get
rich gurus out there. Then of course was real clear that the blackest
darkness, the worst of judgments is reserved for them (verse 21). Funny
thing that word RESERVED. That seems to indicate that such as these will
not be forgiven and almost predestined for damnation. Now I know as long
as anyone can be convicted they can change. But I believe these false
teachers are beyond any chance of that because they are whom the bible
refers to as those whose consciences have been seared and have probably
commited the unpardonable sin. I am not sure about all of my family but
I think for sure my brother is one of those. I sent him this same
article exposing Rush of his crime of fraud and he defended him and made
excuses and went through his usual psychotic tantrum. The bible is very
clear about fits of rage. I believe he is a lost cause. There are times
when my parents seem open minded. I realize that may just be a facade.
But when it comes to false teachers do you know of any that have
repented and turn around? If you don’t then that makes it pretty clear.
People can do all kinds of vile things, get into satanism or whatever
and they have a much better chance of repenting than a false teacher.
You would be surprised how open some that are into satanic music are to
the gospel. Just like in Hebrews 6 says that those who have tasted the
truth but go on to sin (deliberate sin where they choose without even
being tempted) deliberately trample on the grace of God. Most people
that are messed up is due to ignorance of truth. That is what separates
the false teachers from the rest because they know better. They are like
Lucifer and the other fallen angels that deliberatey rebelled against
God in full knowledge of truth. That is why all the info I have shared
is not far fetched as it may seem to most. It stands to reason that most
all these false teachers are imposters that are actually freemasons or
some other secret society because they practice rituals of blasphemy. I
believe many of them are the true satanists. It really works for me to
kind of skim through the bible because when I always do it in typical
fashion it may become more of a ritual. But I know on some things I need
to read through like that like when it comes to the books of the
prophets. Now I have skimmed through them but never really just read
through. Watch out when I do because there may be countless messages
then. But you know those like my family that practically dismis the
books of the prophets. Like how my mom has told me to stick to the new
testament. This shows you how deluded they are and their ignorance. They
act as though those books are dangerous and will give me crazy ideas.
Sure, I know some of the prophets did some really strange things but
that is not what she is really concerned about. It is the truth in them.
But like I was saying before that the new backs up the old. They should
know this if they ever read their bible, which seems to prove that they
don’t or they would not believe all the crazy lies and dismis the
majority of scripture. 2Peter 1:19 “And we have the word of the prophets
made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it…” Wow!
This proves how ignorant and godless they are. Jesus also made several
references to the prophets as well. It is one thing to be ignorant of
the epistles but quite another to be ignorant or rebellious to the
teachings of Jesus in the gospels. The gospels is something everyone
should know but it is amazing how many don’t even know that much that
claim to be christian. Now even though we know that TBN is mostly
corrupt I think God still uses them for a little bit of truth here and
there (just like He used an ass to talk to the prophet of Balaam). Hal
Lindsey seems like he is not a part of the corrupt bunch. He talks about
the rider on the dark horse as the symbol of economic crash, which we
all see is coming. He really separated himself from these positivity
phonies by saying that he wish he could paint a rosy picture of the
future but that it wouldn’t be the truth. When I read 2Peter chapter 3
there was no mention of a rapture. It just said that both the earth and
the heavens will melt with fervent heat. Well even in Matthew 24 at the
end of the chapter was the parable of the wicked servant to which the
master would come when least expected and cut him to pieces and assign
him a place with the hypocrites where there will be weeping and gnashing
of teeth. So it sounds like when he first returns it will be for
judgment, not rapture. Correct me if I am wrong. I really don’t know
where people get the idea of Jesus being soft. I imagine he gave quite a
few hypocrites nightmares. You may think of false teachers as just these
TBN preachers but I think it also refers to any who claim to be a
christian that is teaching lies, like all these neocon talk show hosts.
Every one of them are godless. They talk about drinking and other
worldly stuff. I heard an ad of one of these local shows saying that
they are going to buy and spend like crazy in order to stimulate the
economy. You see? They try to justify their lusts of the flesh and try
to make it sound noble. You never here any of these lying neocons say
that they are going to give to the poor like crazy. These are the
accursed brood the scriptures were talking about. 2Peter 2:2 “Many will
follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into
disrepute.” Of course TBN is tied in with the whole neocon scam anyway,
so is about the same thing. I know there are scriptures that seem to
avoid legalism of the sabbath but it is right there in Hebrews 4 where
it talks about the sabbath rest being the seventh day. There is really
no place I can find where it was the first day of the week. But I guess
that is just something beyond our control because most seventh day
worshippers are false too. But whatever the outcome of reaching many or
not I will still persist if I am able. The truth is like a fire in my
bones that I cannot shut up if I wanted to. You probably realize this by
my numberous messages. As long as there are lying neocons out there I
will be a thorn in their side. They are reserved for the blackest
darkness. Those who shame the name of Christ will be most severely
punished. I know even the prophets of old were rejected by many but yet
they persisted. Lies cannot hold up to the truth. Also like that
powerful statement in one of those articles about Title X funding said
that the hottest fires of hell are reserved for those who are silent in
a time of moral crisis. That is why the neocons are damned because they
go along with the wicked moral crisis and contribute to it. To be silent
when it comes to these wicked neocons is like an endorsement of their
godlessness. Chaos is just another term for lawlessness, so this proves
that Rush is of the antichrist.

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