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Global Warming: Man Cannot Change God’s Will!

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

What follows is correspondence with a ministry supporter. His original letter:

Well, yes and no. On one hand, we got the first real snow around these parts for the first time since 2000. Also, it snowed on Monday, the latest I can EVER remember getting snow. Getting snow in Atlanta after Easter is just unreal. On the other hand, with the exception of it snowing on 3 (maybe 4) days this year and about 3 really cold periods (each of which lasted less than a week and some only a couple of days) it was extremely warm. People were going around in shorts and T – shirts during the dead of winter … December, January, February, etc. I gotta tell you that if you are a kid under 10 or 12 years old you have no idea what Georgia weather is like, because it has been that long since we have had real winters (where it is cold and gray for weeks on end and every now and then maybe once or twice a month you will get one day where the sun is out and the temperature is above 50). As a matter of fact, kids don’t even know what spring is supposed to be like, because this drought has been going on so long that we don’t get the heavy rains that lasted from March until May like we used to.

So yes, our weather patterns have changed. I don’t attribute it to global warming, though. I say that it is a sign of the end times that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. I say that even if global warming is real, it is just a sign that Jesus Christ is coming back soon, so man shouldn’t even try to do anything to prevent the things prophesied in Revelation and Ezekiel from happening.

My response:

Man can do nothing to change God’s will. Like even though the bible says
that most will be damned by their lies we are still to strive for their
salvation. To try to do what is right is not fighting God. This is why
scriptures tells us to intercede in order to try to change things. Of
course this global warming is nonsense. If there is such a thing it is
not manmade. That is not to say that those who believe it are wrong on
everything because they do have good ideas to make things run more
efficiently and create less wastes. Even the bible speaks against waste.
In fact I think it is disgusting how a lot of people are pure pigs the
way they litter. Out here in the country I see a lot of beer bottles and
trash laying in the sides of the road. People like that are very
disrespectful and inconsiderate. Those who do this do not really know
God. I know you are not like this yourself but being the opposite of
those who believe in the warming myth doesn’t justify their actions.
Even Satan himself cannot defy scripture because everything the bible
prophesies is coming to past. So either Satan is really stupid or he
cannot act outside of God’s prophecy. You would think that since he is
real familiar with scripture that he would try to change it. But you are
right about it being just the end times. Even though Jesus said that
there would be wars and rumors of wars doesn’t mean we can’t take a
moral stand against such. That is what the hypocrite neocons try to
justify because Jesus said there would be wars. So these warmongering
fools think they are actually following Christ by promoting war. This is
such extreme arrogance to think that you have to actually help God out
on His prophecies.

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