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Global Warming: Man Cannot Change God’s Will!

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

What follows is correspondence with a ministry supporter. His original letter:

Well, yes and no. On one hand, we got the first real snow around these parts for the first time since 2000. Also, it snowed on Monday, the latest I can EVER remember getting snow. Getting snow in Atlanta after Easter is just unreal. On the other hand, with the exception of it snowing on 3 (maybe 4) days this year and about 3 really cold periods (each of which lasted less than a week and some only a couple of days) it was extremely warm. People were going around in shorts and T – shirts during the dead of winter … December, January, February, etc. I gotta tell you that if you are a kid under 10 or 12 years old you have no idea what Georgia weather is like, because it has been that long since we have had real winters (where it is cold and gray for weeks on end and every now and then maybe once or twice a month you will get one day where the sun is out and the temperature is above 50). As a matter of fact, kids don’t even know what spring is supposed to be like, because this drought has been going on so long that we don’t get the heavy rains that lasted from March until May like we used to.

So yes, our weather patterns have changed. I don’t attribute it to global warming, though. I say that it is a sign of the end times that the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. I say that even if global warming is real, it is just a sign that Jesus Christ is coming back soon, so man shouldn’t even try to do anything to prevent the things prophesied in Revelation and Ezekiel from happening.

My response:

Man can do nothing to change God’s will. Like even though the bible says
that most will be damned by their lies we are still to strive for their
salvation. To try to do what is right is not fighting God. This is why
scriptures tells us to intercede in order to try to change things. Of
course this global warming is nonsense. If there is such a thing it is
not manmade. That is not to say that those who believe it are wrong on
everything because they do have good ideas to make things run more
efficiently and create less wastes. Even the bible speaks against waste.
In fact I think it is disgusting how a lot of people are pure pigs the
way they litter. Out here in the country I see a lot of beer bottles and
trash laying in the sides of the road. People like that are very
disrespectful and inconsiderate. Those who do this do not really know
God. I know you are not like this yourself but being the opposite of
those who believe in the warming myth doesn’t justify their actions.
Even Satan himself cannot defy scripture because everything the bible
prophesies is coming to past. So either Satan is really stupid or he
cannot act outside of God’s prophecy. You would think that since he is
real familiar with scripture that he would try to change it. But you are
right about it being just the end times. Even though Jesus said that
there would be wars and rumors of wars doesn’t mean we can’t take a
moral stand against such. That is what the hypocrite neocons try to
justify because Jesus said there would be wars. So these warmongering
fools think they are actually following Christ by promoting war. This is
such extreme arrogance to think that you have to actually help God out
on His prophecies.

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What Following False Preachers Does To People: LEAD THEM ASTRAY!

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

In response to an email from a ministry supporter:

Thanks for letting me know. I am learning as I go too. Like all these
scriptures in my messages I send you are like new revelations to me.
That is what motivates me. I may have read certain scriptures a hundred
times over in the past but never really grasp the meanings. I guess it
was just more of a ritual. But now it is like I just open the bible
randomly and it just blows my mind. Like that 2Peter chapter 2 that
talks about false teachers and their destruction. Now I know that there
are a lot of different texts throughout the bible dealing with that
subject but a few of the others descriptions of them are a bit vague.
This passage though seem to be a little more clear because it tells how
the charlatans work. Like in verse 3 says that in their greed these
teachers will exploit you with stories they have made up. Man, that just
jumped right out to me. How many times you hear those like Copeland who
say they started without a penny to their name? You know anyone that
says that is a liar. That is the same claim as all the other secular get
rich gurus out there. Then of course was real clear that the blackest
darkness, the worst of judgments is reserved for them (verse 21). Funny
thing that word RESERVED. That seems to indicate that such as these will
not be forgiven and almost predestined for damnation. Now I know as long
as anyone can be convicted they can change. But I believe these false
teachers are beyond any chance of that because they are whom the bible
refers to as those whose consciences have been seared and have probably
commited the unpardonable sin. I am not sure about all of my family but
I think for sure my brother is one of those. I sent him this same
article exposing Rush of his crime of fraud and he defended him and made
excuses and went through his usual psychotic tantrum. The bible is very
clear about fits of rage. I believe he is a lost cause. There are times
when my parents seem open minded. I realize that may just be a facade.
But when it comes to false teachers do you know of any that have
repented and turn around? If you don’t then that makes it pretty clear.
People can do all kinds of vile things, get into satanism or whatever
and they have a much better chance of repenting than a false teacher.
You would be surprised how open some that are into satanic music are to
the gospel. Just like in Hebrews 6 says that those who have tasted the
truth but go on to sin (deliberate sin where they choose without even
being tempted) deliberately trample on the grace of God. Most people
that are messed up is due to ignorance of truth. That is what separates
the false teachers from the rest because they know better. They are like
Lucifer and the other fallen angels that deliberatey rebelled against
God in full knowledge of truth. That is why all the info I have shared
is not far fetched as it may seem to most. It stands to reason that most
all these false teachers are imposters that are actually freemasons or
some other secret society because they practice rituals of blasphemy. I
believe many of them are the true satanists. It really works for me to
kind of skim through the bible because when I always do it in typical
fashion it may become more of a ritual. But I know on some things I need
to read through like that like when it comes to the books of the
prophets. Now I have skimmed through them but never really just read
through. Watch out when I do because there may be countless messages
then. But you know those like my family that practically dismis the
books of the prophets. Like how my mom has told me to stick to the new
testament. This shows you how deluded they are and their ignorance. They
act as though those books are dangerous and will give me crazy ideas.
Sure, I know some of the prophets did some really strange things but
that is not what she is really concerned about. It is the truth in them.
But like I was saying before that the new backs up the old. They should
know this if they ever read their bible, which seems to prove that they
don’t or they would not believe all the crazy lies and dismis the
majority of scripture. 2Peter 1:19 “And we have the word of the prophets
made more certain, and you will do well to pay attention to it…” Wow!
This proves how ignorant and godless they are. Jesus also made several
references to the prophets as well. It is one thing to be ignorant of
the epistles but quite another to be ignorant or rebellious to the
teachings of Jesus in the gospels. The gospels is something everyone
should know but it is amazing how many don’t even know that much that
claim to be christian. Now even though we know that TBN is mostly
corrupt I think God still uses them for a little bit of truth here and
there (just like He used an ass to talk to the prophet of Balaam). Hal
Lindsey seems like he is not a part of the corrupt bunch. He talks about
the rider on the dark horse as the symbol of economic crash, which we
all see is coming. He really separated himself from these positivity
phonies by saying that he wish he could paint a rosy picture of the
future but that it wouldn’t be the truth. When I read 2Peter chapter 3
there was no mention of a rapture. It just said that both the earth and
the heavens will melt with fervent heat. Well even in Matthew 24 at the
end of the chapter was the parable of the wicked servant to which the
master would come when least expected and cut him to pieces and assign
him a place with the hypocrites where there will be weeping and gnashing
of teeth. So it sounds like when he first returns it will be for
judgment, not rapture. Correct me if I am wrong. I really don’t know
where people get the idea of Jesus being soft. I imagine he gave quite a
few hypocrites nightmares. You may think of false teachers as just these
TBN preachers but I think it also refers to any who claim to be a
christian that is teaching lies, like all these neocon talk show hosts.
Every one of them are godless. They talk about drinking and other
worldly stuff. I heard an ad of one of these local shows saying that
they are going to buy and spend like crazy in order to stimulate the
economy. You see? They try to justify their lusts of the flesh and try
to make it sound noble. You never here any of these lying neocons say
that they are going to give to the poor like crazy. These are the
accursed brood the scriptures were talking about. 2Peter 2:2 “Many will
follow their shameful ways and will bring the way of truth into
disrepute.” Of course TBN is tied in with the whole neocon scam anyway,
so is about the same thing. I know there are scriptures that seem to
avoid legalism of the sabbath but it is right there in Hebrews 4 where
it talks about the sabbath rest being the seventh day. There is really
no place I can find where it was the first day of the week. But I guess
that is just something beyond our control because most seventh day
worshippers are false too. But whatever the outcome of reaching many or
not I will still persist if I am able. The truth is like a fire in my
bones that I cannot shut up if I wanted to. You probably realize this by
my numberous messages. As long as there are lying neocons out there I
will be a thorn in their side. They are reserved for the blackest
darkness. Those who shame the name of Christ will be most severely
punished. I know even the prophets of old were rejected by many but yet
they persisted. Lies cannot hold up to the truth. Also like that
powerful statement in one of those articles about Title X funding said
that the hottest fires of hell are reserved for those who are silent in
a time of moral crisis. That is why the neocons are damned because they
go along with the wicked moral crisis and contribute to it. To be silent
when it comes to these wicked neocons is like an endorsement of their
godlessness. Chaos is just another term for lawlessness, so this proves
that Rush is of the antichrist.

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On Political Christian Reprobates

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

In response to a letter from a ministry supporter:

It is sad to say but it also seems that many of their followers are as
bad as those who they listen to. Just like recently a supposed Christian exposed her
wicked heart to me. So many Christians wring their hands as to what to do for the
upcoming election since their seems to be no real choices. It seems at
least my dad has some common sense on this matter. When I was telling these people about how Ron Paul was about the only true conservative in the
republican party, like about how he didn’t vote himself a raise as well
as having the most consistent track record of any republican, she
attacked him and slandered him. She even admit that she didn’t know much
about him but yet had no problem at all falsely accusing him. This shows
they are hellbound without a hope. The bible clearly states that those
who do such things as slander will not enter God’s kingdom. Jesus also
was clear when he said woe to those who call evil good and good evil.
Why is it all these neocon idolaters give Bush a pass on countless
number of evil things that he has done but will shoot down someone they
don’t even know? I know I try not to be judgmental but when you witness
such evil, trying to talk some sense time after time after time and
there is not even a slightest hint of change, but only getting worse,
then you know they are not capable of repenting. I am convinced that if
Jesus were to show up they would reject him. There had been times when I
felt sorry for where they are headed but I am getting to the point where
sorrow is not even a problem for me. I love Jesus far more than I love
them. I can totally relate when Jesus will turn away the imposters by
telling them that he never knew them. That is how my family is becoming
to me. It is like I do not know them anymore. This is why I totally
trust God. Sorrow will be no problem for those who have lost loved ones
because they will be blotted from our memory. It will be as if they
never were. The only hope one has of staying true to God is by keeping
humble and being capable of changing or repenting, to be open to
whatever God’s will is. Those who are stuck in their ways are consumed
with pride and have no humility. Those are the ones who will not make
it. I know you are on course because you are like me, always concerned
about doing what is right and having questions about the sabbath and
other stuff. Those who think they know it all are the ones who prove
their ignorance. I know when I was spiritually young I thought there
would be certain things I could never do. I am not that way now. I am
completely open to however God wants to use me. At some point he may
want to use me to start a new kind of church, especially if I cannot
find a decent one. Not so much pastoring but just starting several
churches, like a modern apostle. Of course that is all up to God and how
he wants to use me. That is the great thing about those of us who are
open to the Spirit that we don’t have to try to figure everything out in
our own reasoning. Just like the bible says to lean not to your own
understanding. But you see that those who listen to these false teachers
become like them, being bold in their own blasphemy. When they make
excuses for lying and commiting fraud, they are done for. The only
reason my dad may not be as bad is because he doesn’t hear as much as my
mom and brother, who listen to these lying neocon shows all day long,
but the thing is is that he easily becomes polluted by my mom. I hear
them gossiping about me, which the bible also calls backbiting. This is
not really new. They even did this way back when I was temporarily
crippled with leg problems. My mom has always been consumed with wicked
suspicions. But you know this stuff I tell you is not out of a spirit of
gossiping. Gossiping is when you use names and wanting to publicize in
order to tear down. Same thing with exposing false teachers is not
gossiping either even though others probably try to accuse you of that,
so let no one tell you otherwise. Neither are we divisive, because I
know true divisiveness from the example of my mom. Those are evil fruits
of the flesh and what we do glorifies God, not flesh. I just wanted to
encourage you because of all the lies and slander that hypocrites heap
on you. Let God’s word be true and every man a liar. Those who seem like
they are attacking you are really attacking God’s word and expose
themselves for their own evil. Just like my family attacks me because I
have the Holy Spirit and they have demons. Even though other epistles
have really good stuff in them Paul’s writings seem the most consistent.
Paul encourages rebukes and exposing wickedness while the others almost
seem the opposite. Paul talks about judging while the others speak
against it. Even though I have come a long way there are still so many
scriptures that completely baffle me. What is a shame is that those like
my parents, who are much older than me (big generation gap) know much
less than I do about the bible. You would think they would be more
spiritually mature, but they can’t even seem to grasp the milk of God’s
word, much less the meat of it. What simpleton can’t understand that
lying is wrong, that slander is wrong, that exalting evil is wrong, that
condemning righteousness is wrong, that promoting chaos and strife is
wrong? This seems to indicate that maybe they never were born again and
never became a new creature. They are just religious. Being religious
doesn’t save anyone. It just goes to their further condemnation. Those
who are truly saved will progress, not regress. Many places the bible
says that those who go on sinning were never born of God. That is a very
telling statement, isn’t it? Since none of us are perfect I think that
is talking about those who sin without conscience or without repenting.
I have noticed so much progression in my life. In my past I wasn’t very
social and really didn’t know how to really reach out to people in order
to witness. Some of that was probably due to legalistic pressure in
churches, which I had attended then. Now I have endless ideas. It makes
all the difference in the world to be led by Spirit or led by the arm of
the flesh. One good way of witnessing is exposing charlatans. We know
that most heathens despise televangelists. Of course in the past I
chalked that up as relgious persecution, but since my eyes have been
opened I realize that that is not necessarily the case, even though it
still may be in part. I think it is mostly because most of the world
know lying con artists when they see them. When we expose these
charlatans we restore dignity and credibility back to the name of Christ
to which these hypocrites have smeared. People will be drawn to honest
witnesses because the truth resonates to a lot, and only the truth can
set them free. That is why churches are so ineffective because they do
not have truth. Oh, some may boost their attendance but not really set
people free. Well, stay free and don’t give up.

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Christians Beware The Dominionism Heresy Working In The Religious Right!

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

This says that the original
plans for this country were evil before it began and that this country
was set up to establish the new world order. So maybe America was never
a christian nation to begin with. Maybe some of our forefathers who
might have been christian were easily deceived like those now who
actually think the republican party is a christian party. Some things
never change. Christians constantly deceived all throughout history.
This says the real power is not the whitehouse but the freemason
headquarters nearby. They also believe that the Washington Monument is
where Satan actually lives. Sorry about all these numberous emails but
man, my spirit is burning something fierce. We are witnessing the words
of Jesus right before our eyes like when he talked about most believers
falling away. I see so much of it now that it is just overwhelming me.
Not just the political stuff either. I have read up on all the evil
going on now by those who claim to be christian. Like I read about an
atheist being vandalized by christians. Of course we know they are not
christians but atheists do not know that. THIS CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR IS
ANTICHRIST, NOT CHRIST! Judgment will come upon such blasphemers.
Christians are being taught to be vandals and terrorists (like in that
LEFT BEHIND game & book). I didn’t know that much before but I just
found out that Ron Luce of AQUIRE THE FIRE is one of the most godless
hypocrites. This hypocrite talks about violence in video games but yet
promotes warmongering. He says for the remission of sins that blood has
BY CHRIST 2,000 YEARS AGO. This is not only promoting murder but is
denegrating the powerful blood of Christ, who laid down his life as a
sacrifice once and for all that no more blood need be shed. That has
nothing to do with persecution but has to do with saints not having to
kill or offer anymore sacrifices. We need to really pray and reach out
to the lost who are victims of these satanic imposters. We need to
expose these imposters for who they are that the lost can know the true
Christ. This new move of antichrist in the church is what is called
DOMINIONISM. Mostly it seems like basically christian terrorism. Well I
know this should not come as a surprise. Like in John 16:2 Jesus said
that not only would they put you out of the synagogue but that there
would come a time that those who kill you think they offer God a
service. Also in Matthew 24 talks about believers betraying and killing
each other. We need to get this out because most are unaware!

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A Former Witch Looks At The Lord Of The Rings

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

This article goes deep. This is from a former witch that is familiar
with the occult. I have seen all of the LOTR trilogy and even the
extended versions on DVD and have seen one or two of them at the box
office. As far far as the effects and cinematography was impressive.
Peter Jackson is great and a stickler to detail. I love his version of
KING KONG. Storywise was okay. I guess people can read anything they
want into it. My question is why do these authors rely on the world of
the occult to try to get a point across? Did you know that Tolkien has
inspired DUNGEONS AND DRAGONS and is considered to be the father of
these occultic role playing games? I heard someone mention that the
other night on COAST TO COAST so I did searches myself and found out
that it is true. Those like a lot of Christians I know are a bit hypocritical (and I guess I
was at some point too, but was ignorant) by all out condemning Harry
Potter while fully behind Tolkien. He was a catholic. I don’t know if
you knew that. To me not just LOTR but also some of their other stories
didn’t set right with me. Like NARNIA (C.S.LEWIS). I get it that the
lion as Christ’s symbol of the LION OF JUDAH but was filled with all
these abominable creatures like CENTAURS (half man, half horse) and
SATYRS (half man, half goat), which are the demonic offspring of fallen
angels and animals as mentioned in the BOOK OF THE GIANTS or some of
those other books. I have no problem if that is shown in proper context,
but to show them as good innocent people is not in proper context. I
have seen a movie that spoofed Narnia that really made me think. Even
though this movie was raunchy and vile it portrayed those characters as
being products of beastiality, and had a good point. So any way you look
at it whether fallen angel or man mating with animals or genetic
experiment, it is all an abomination unto God. I have heard the excuse
that these authors were not aware of the ties between fanasy and the
occult. How could they not when they have occultic items and spells all
throughout their stories? What will really come as a shocker that is
mentioned in this reveals a possible source of Bush’s witchcraft. He has
one of the LOTR ring that he wears that is supposed to unite people
under darkness. That is one of the most diabolical and incidious plans I
ever heard. But just look around and that seems to be exactly what has
happened. This is maybe why the bushbots are so evil and blind because
they are mesmerised by Bush’s witchcraft. Even after I have told them
about what is going on they go back and listen to these liars (neocon
talk shows) like a dog back to its vomit. When we look at the apostate
church and all these pseudo-religious organizations like FOCUS ON THE
FAMILY give high praise to this then we know something is wrong. As far
as the LOTR goes I can take it or leave it, which means I have no
problem leaving it. When you glorify the occult through these so called
harmless tales that can lead to no good. What I would love to see is a
movie about the great tribuation, but not all the weak attempts we see
like in the christian movie industry. Besides pityful effects stuff that
comes from TBN and the apostate church will always corrupt and distort
it. We need someone like Peter Jackson that sticks to details. He would
make an awesome movie about Revelations or the like. Jesus warned
against calling evil good and that is what you are doing if you call a
wizard good. This kind of blaspemy is nothing new. I heard that it was
Enoch that inspired the so called good wizard Merlin character as well
as the pagan god Hermes. I really don’t quite understand what that is
all about. But you know they did the same thing with Jesus’ apostles.
Like Peter and Paul people thought were the gods Mars and Apollo. But
yet they did not compromise by promoting anything occultic.

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Hypocrisy On The Ten Commandments

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

Their hypocrisy is amazing! You see how they contradict themselves? Jay
Sekulow saying that other religions displaying their documents stifle
free speech. How so? These hypocrites say they believe in freedom of
religion and freedom of speech. They throw a fit whenever anyone else
interferes with their freedom but yet they want to oppress others. This
is not of God. God is all about freedom. He wants people to worship him
out of freedom, not out of bondage or by force. These neocons like
Sekulow are fascist dominionists trying to force a godless theocracy
like the old catholic church was. No doubt things are leading to that
the way the religious right has totally embraced catholics. They
celebrate catholic traditions like LENT and call the pope HOLY FATHER,
which is blasphemy. Jesus said to call no man father, much less holy
father. God does not want the vanity of just an outward show but wants
the hearts of the people. In Isaiah God says that he hates their evil
assemblies. I believe modern America is in the same state as Judah was
at that time, much injustice to the poor and child sacrifices
(abortion). This is good that we are not a part of these evil
assemblies. It is the same now. They have their worship services which
is all vanity while all along they support corrupton and turn a blind
eye to all the wickdness around them. Before I was confused about false
religions like catholics being anti-abortion but now I understand. Not
just them but also the protestants too is nothing but a outward display
of self righteousness, like how the pharisees did, to be seen of men.
These hypocrites make a big hooplah without any results. Just like over
gay marriage they make a fuss while accepting gay unions, which is the
same thing. If they were really sincere about what they claim they
believe they would not be silent about Bush and would realize that Bush
is actually opposite of what he claims. The Cheneys are living proof of
their hypocrisy about homosexuals. All these hypocrites do is blame
democrats. They blame them for our oil problems, saying it is the
leftist environmentalists. So the president of the United States, the
most powerful position in the world is helpless to do anything? That is
a total lie! People have to be awfully stupid to believe that. Bush has
made several executive orders for only stuff that matters to him, which
are none of these other causes that the religious right tout. That shows
you where his heart is at. He has also embraced global warming and these
lying neocon hypocrites say nothing of that. Global warming is only evil
when it comes from Al Gore or any other democrat, not a republican. Are
they ever going to be judged for their hypocrisy. What is extremely
hypocritical of the religious right is that they themselves are
paganistic in that they are idolaters themselves to which they are not
truly forcing God on anyone but only their warped and wicked god, that
is not the God of the bible. God has more respect for honest heathens
than he does these vile contemptuous imposters that are leading souls to
hell through their lies. This is why Jesus hates the lukewarm and either
wishes you were hot or cold because that gives him something to work
with. The lukewarm are totally useless and seem to be another class of
the unforgiveable types like that of false teachers. Both are similar in
that they cannot be convicted of sin so they are doomed to their

This morning I was in the Supreme Court with internationally known constitutional lawyer Jay Sekulow when the High Court announced it will hear the most consequential Ten Commandments case yet.

The City of Pleasant Grove v. Summum case focuses on a monument of the Ten Commandments in a public park in Utah. A pagan cult has demanded that because the Supreme Court allowed the Ten Commandments to remain in the park (a 2005 case), the city must “balance” it with a pagan monument.

Jay and his legal team will argue ordering such a “balance” will actually stifle free speech.

Nothing in the Constitution requires every Ten Commandments monument to have an opposite monument next to it. It’s absurd.

In a video blog posted to our website today, I talk with Jay Sekulow about the issues in this vital case.

Please click here and watch this important video—then immediately forward this notice to your family, friends and fellow church members.

Ask them to pray and notify others who care about the moral and constitutional foundations of our country!

Stay informed on this Ten Commandments case by signing up today to receive regular E-mail alerts.

There will be a lot of news on this—be sure to stay informed so you can pray and act!

I will be back with more.

Your grateful missionary to elected and appointed officials,

Rev. Rob Schenck

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Were C.S. Lewis And J.R.R. Tollkein Occultists?

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

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Jack Van Impe – Confused Prophet

Posted by soldierservant on April 9, 2008

It sounds like he is also accepting muslims. I just recently seen one of
his shows and was almost basically predicting 2012 as the date for the
rapture. He wasn’t official about it, but hinted in a sly way. Of course
the reason he doesn’t want to say is in order to sell his dvd on the
subject. It wouldn’t be worth the material they used in making it. These
hypocrites just really don’t know when to stop. He made a fool out of
himself when he predicted that Y2K was the end. Talk about seared
conscience. Jesus said that he was coming back when least expected. Well
everyone expects 2012 because of all the hype surrounding that date.
There are probably those who think they can live it up in sin until that

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