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The Occultic Masonic Pictures On Our Money!

Posted by soldierservant on August 23, 2007

Here is a link that exposes the occultic masonic images to which some of them is on our money. The liars are hard at work because I come across sites denying the masonic roots
and occult symbols.They even deny our forefathers were freemasons. But they could never explain the all seeing eye. So that right there proves to me who is lying because they are vague and have no proof to back up their claims. This link right here,on the other hand,is very specific.This proves that a lot of the so called christians are the biggest liars around and go out of their way to defend the lies of hell.These are the kind of lies my family would be eager to swallow.As far as the internet goes I would say it is half good and half evil.Besides our blogs and Chuck’s articles are great resources where I get a lot of my information.While there are lies just like what I mentioned earlier there is a lot of truth on the web as well.And as far as online predators that is also being countered by undercover cops posing as minors.Remember that case I mentioned recently where a local pastor got busted for soliciting an underage girl?Praise God they are even catching these religious vipers in the act.I hope they catch up with these big time preachers,though that is unlikely because all the rich get off on technicalities or bribery.The whole system is favored toward the rich,which the bible is very clearly against.This is proof of how riches corrupt because these preachers are all a part of that and they do not speak out on that injustice or any other injustice.They are at one with the god of this world.It is not that they are rich that makes them corrupt but how they got the riches.It is one thing for
somebody to live it up on legitimate money making because that would be
between God and them but is quite another when you are in the public eye
and living off of donations from people that put their trust in you.That
is flat out wrong and irresponsible.Those who are in that position are
accountable to the people.I just can’t fathom anyone that would support
these rich arrogant preachers that basically insult their own
congregation by telling them they are not spiritual if they aren’t
rich.They ought to stand up to them and tell them that they won’t get
rich off their donations.You see why I get so pessimistic because of the
extreme degree of stupid people that continue to give to arrogant
preachers that insult them.I guess all those fools deserve each
other.The positions of power are supposed to be a two way street,at
least in this country,for both political and religious.As you notice
though most all think it is a one way street and they think they are not
accountable to anybody.That is why I would love to see these arrogant
preachers get busted,because they think they are above the law and above
accountability.These hypocrites love to point the finger but as the
saying goes that there are three pointing back at them.I guess it is
just a matter of time and have to be patient.

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