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The World Trade Center And The Two Towers Of Lord Of The Rings

Posted by soldierservant on December 11, 2007

This was a question from a reader:

 do you have anything or know what the World Trade Center twin towers represented? I keep thinking about the Lord of the Rings’ “the two towers” for some reason myself … you know there was a lot of symbolism in those books too. It may be just a coincidence, but wondering if you have heard anything.

The only thing about the twin towers that I know was that it was an
internationalists symbol (WORLD TRADE CENTERS). Yes, this propaganda is
very crafty. They create their own persecution in order to push their
own agenda. I have heard that they are covering up what happened at the
PENTAGON and will not release any pictures of the plane crash there. Why
would they cover it up if it was legitimate? This whole government
revolves around secrecy, which the Bible condemns. Before Hitler took
over there was a staged terrorist attack. It seems like history just
goes on to repeat itself. I guess Satan doesn’t have to get all that
creative because people are so stupid to fall for the same old thing.
Look at what a disaster this war is but yet there are an endless amount
of fools still supporting it. Like the bible says about fools rushing to
their deaths and the wicked swift to shed blood. I don’t know how legit
it is but I have heard that there may be a staged alien attack (ETs) to
push a false global unity. I just remembered something Reagan said, I
guess it was around the time of his STAR WARS defense program, said that
if we were to be attacked from beings of another world people from all
over the world would forget their differences and come together. So
either he might have known something or was a part of it. I have also
heard that the reason why Saddam was killed was because he knew too much
of the globalists plans and was a threat to them. They didn’t kill him
for anyone else’s welfare, just their own self interests. That is why it
is worse there now than before. If they really cared then why would they
ignore all the other tyrants and atrocities all around the world? Just
like this whole JFK (the anniversary of his assassination) thing was not
about a lone gunman. He was just a hitman for hire to do the bidding of
the federal reserve to which JFK was going to expose. As far as the
LOTR’s TWO TOWERS I don’t really know. I haven’t looked into it but
there might be something to it. I just pray that everyone wakes up and
stop being pawns of these elitists groups and recognize the true enemy
which is these divisive groups in power. If christians would only get
into spiritual warfare instead of carnal warfare then there would not be
as much bloodshed. But since most christians are brainwashed themselves
into all this carnal divisiveness there isn’t much chance of that. The
Bible encourages us to take the most peaceful methods, which is the
opposite of todays warmongering church. Evil begats evil and violence
begats violence. Taking war to the muslims only furthers their cause
more and the warmongering christians live up to the stereotype that is
fueling the muslims. This is so obvious by its fruit. Because of this
war islam has grown worldwide and terrorists even stronger. It is all
due to those blasphemers who dare call themselves christians that are
really promoting islam in more ways than one. I hear now that Iraq is
going to unite with Iran. Oh yeah, we are really doing a bang up job in
this joke of a war. The military has to be blinder than a bat to not see
that they are furthering tyranny instead of freedom.

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Ahmadinejad Denied Entrance To World Trade Center

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

This is proof of how phony this war on terror is when they allow this terrorist in our country in the first place. What is even worse is how they are trying to make an idol into the World Trade Center (though some say that it is an idol already). I would cringe every time someone said that Ahmadinejad should not be allowed to visit the site because “he would defile that holy ground.” So many of the conservative talk show hosts with ties to the religious right kept saying it, and not one prominent pastor spoke against it! This proves that this nation worships MONEY, not God.

This is further proof that our nation has surrendered its sovereignty to the United Nations. We KNOW that this fellow has killed our soldiers with his soldiers, trained terrorists, weapons, and money in Iraq as well as soldiers and civilians of our allies Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Israel, yet this fellow gets to come and go as he pleases in our own nation because he is an official of the United Nations.

All the terror regimes need to do is register their leading terrorists as “UN diplomats” and we wouldn’t be able to touch them, and no one else would be able to either. That shows who really runs this country and this planet. And is the media or the church talking about this? Of course not.

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