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Kenneth Copeland’s Family Gets Earthly Prosperity But What About The Spiritual Condition Of His Followers?

Posted by soldierservant on August 24, 2008

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Rod Parsley: The Raging Prophet

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

Most of this is pretty good in exposing him. My only point of
disagreement with this is that this was saying that miracles went out
with the apostles. Nowhere does the bible say that miracles were just
for that time. Of course I can see how one could believe that the way it
seems like most who do miracles or claim such are frauds with wicked
souls. I am not opposed to healing like many of these who also denounce
worldly wealth. Jesus spent most of his ministry healing people, so how
could any who claim to follow him be against healing? Of course you know
I do not use that to defend these charlatans. They pervert everything of
God. When Jesus healed people he just did it. He did not asked people
for a donation in order to get healed. Those like Parsley are arrogant,
promising people what they themselves cannot deliver. Then of course we
know of their condemnation game where they blame people’s lack of faith
for their sickness or poverty. If prosperity was for everybody then why
did Jesus say that the poor you would always have among you? If Jesus
mission was to wipe out poverty then I think the bible would have
mentioned it. Wicked imposters like Parsley praise the wealthy and
condemn the poor. The bible is the exact opposite because it condemns
the rich and praises the poor (James 2:1-13) when it condemns
favoritism. James 2:5, “…Has not God chosen those who are poor in the
eyes of the world to be rich in faith and to inherit the kingdom he
promised those who love him.” Then in verse 6 goes on to say that it is
the rich who are exploiting you. This proves how ignorant and heretical
those who believe in the prosperity gospel. Material wealth has become
an idol. Jesus said we would know them by their fruits. The bible
condemns hording wealth, but that is what all these televangelists do.
Sure, they may give, even the rich wicked pharisees give like Jesus said
out of their abundance and do for show, and that is all the reward they
get, unlike those who give in secret and sacrificially, who will be
rewarded in heaven. The bible is clear when it says not to store up
earthly riches, which moth and dust corrupt, but to store up heavenly
riches. It is more than evident that these preachers do not give
sacrificially because of the way they live. They are modern rich
pharisees. 1Tim.6:17, “Command those who are rich in this present world
no to be arrogant nor to put their hope in wealth, which is so
uncertain, but to put their hope in God, who richly provides us
everything for our enjoyment.” 2Peter 2:14, “With eyes full of adultery,
they never stop sinning; they seduce the unstable; they are experts in
greed-an accursed brood!” In Jude 8 talks about their rejection of
authority. When I have heard that there is no one above these
charlatans, nobody they answer to, I realize passages like this are
talking about them. They are storing up condemnation for the day of
wrath for all their lawlessness.

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Should Christians Get Into Bed With TBN?

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

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Rod Parsley Is A Fraud False Preacher!

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

This is revealing of Rod Parsley. Even though this is put out by
pro-abortion democrats it still shows his hypocrisy and lunacy. Parsley
is either a complete ignorant moron or a flat out liar, maybe both
because the bible says these wicked men will deceive themselves. He lies
about McCain being pro-life and attacks George Soros in his latest book,
who is funding McCain. This lunatic Parsley is organizing a group of
pastors (PATRIOT PASTORS, which is an oxymoron in that they are
promoting a traitor) pushing the McCain vote. It does look like McCain
might pick Huckabee just to get te religious lunatic vote. The only
thing is that might backfire if there are enough people fed up with
televangelists as they are the neocons. People may not have been
inspired to vote at all but they might be inspired to vote for a
democrat as a vote against the religious kooks. My dad is so
predictable. He’s got Rod Parsley’s CULTURALLY INCORRECT book. I took a
glance at it and it is a bunch of fearmongering. He mentioned about
christians being perceived as terrorists. Well it is no wonder why with
hateful dominionists such as himself. I know we among ourselves talk
about coming persecution, but it is not out of the same spirit of
paranoia as Parsley. Those of us in Christ actually look forward to it,
knowing we are worthy of it. They dread it. What does that tell you?
They are not in perfect love but in hate and fear. If these kooks ever
get persecuted it will not be for the sake of Christ but as punishment
for their own evil. You know how we are told to flood our senators with
calls and emails on the issues. I say it is time to do the same for
these loudmouth nuts like Parsley. I have written him several times by
emails in the past with no replies at all. Maybe you or others can get
through. This hypocrite rants against PLANNED PARENTHOOD but yet
supports the party that has increased their funding through TITLE X.
This fraud, Parsley, has to be exposed and made accountable for all his

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The World Is Screwed Up Because Insanity Is Coming From The Church

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

 I saw a little bit of an infomercial last night that was interesting.It was that Kevin Trudeau.This is the same one that had some newage stuff dealing with health.This was about debt elimination. I know not all he mentioned
was true because he got into the whole government grant scam but talk
about the evil of our government.Well you can’t get both good and evil
from the same source.But some of the things he did say was true because
it bear witness what I knew in my spirit.He talked about the corruption
of the banks and that it was not the fault of people getting into debt
but how the corrupt system is set up for trapping people in debt,and
that they target those in bankruptcy with all kinds of fees.These are
monsters that prey on the poor and the government is in on it.He didn’t
say it but I believe the banking system is setting up for the new world
order and they are trying to snare everyone into debt in order to become
their slaves.Anyone is a fool and a complete liar to deny that Bush
doesn’t have anything to do with this.He is the one that set up the
harsher bankruptcy policy while he himself is bankruptng the
country.This goes back to what I mentioned before about the parable of
the unmerciful servant who was forgiven of great debts why he was
unmerciful to one under him of much lesser debt.Bush fits that to a
tee.We know what happened to the unmerciful servant,the same will happen
to Bush.I just can’t believe all the cowardice when it comes to churches
speaking out for truth about Bush.Even in some of those articles I sent
you from WORLD NET DAILY the opposition was such a weak knee response to
Bush’s claim of all religions praying to the same god by saying that he
is simply mistaken.If this was a democrat they would scream out that
they are dead wrong.All these neocons prove to be such hypocrites.They
claim they believe in the constitution which says all men were created
equal but yet someone like Ann Coulter attacks jews as inferior goes
against what the constitution stands for.You don’t attack an ethnicity
for their beliefs.You can attack their beliefs if they are not in line
with God’s word but you don’t have to berate them in pointing out the
truth.Many ethnicities are this way,not just jews.I think Ann just uses
that excuse to back up Bush’s treacherous policies in dividing up
Israel.All such as her prove they are willing to follow the antichrist.I
believe it is the republicans that will put the antichrist in power if
he is not in already (Bush).We all know that the democrats have no
subtlty and that is how the antichrist will work.Just like Satan comes
as an angel of light.I think everyone can agree that Hillary is no angel
and doesn’t fool many people.About ethnicities,I know the whole native
american culture is given over to paganism and a lot compromise
christianity or catholicism with paganism.I get stuff from charities
that claim to be christian,but are probably catholic,that send me these
miniature DREAMCATCHERS,which to my understanding is an occultic icon or
relic.This paganism seems so inbedded that they can’t seem to grasp the
truth.With that said I don’t attack native american indians as
inferior.God is willing that none should perish.What arrogance to think
that white americans have a monopoly on christianity.That shows the
racist,hateful nature of these neocons.NEOCONS is the proper word for
them since they are the biggest cons around.To much is given much is
required.All these rich spoiled brats will reap what they sow.I am not
sure what to think of Bob Larson because he works with catholics and the
Vatican.Did you send that message to him that I forwarded to you? I also
thought about asking him if he had ever had to exorcise any catholic
priests over spirits of molestation and pedophilia.Maybe you can ask him
yourself.Let me know if you get any responses.I also come across sites
that show Bush waving the satanic hand salute,as well as Pat Robertson
doing the same.There is so much I notice,like you said that evangelicals
are political term.Not only that but it seems that a lot of evangelicals
are satanic.There is stuff that still confuses me.Are there no true
pentecostal churches? I have noticed that it seems like those who speak
in tongues are the ones who are the most messed up and hypocritical.If
they truly had the Holy Spirit they would not be so messed up.Can one
have the Holy Spirit and still be in rebellion and deceived?I know God’s
word says that darkness and light do not dwell in the same place.I know
that doesn’t mean that we have to be sinless because there is a
difference between honest struggles and given over to deliberate sin.It
seems I read somewhere where God gives his Spirit even to the
deceived.Is that true? Or maybe it is all counterfeit gifts from the
enemy? Remember when I told of my upbringing in legalistic pharisee
churches.They were all tongue-talking.It is like where can a person turn
when you can’t even trust a spirit-filled church? Not only that but they
are actually the ones you have to watch out for.It seems like there is
more witchcraft churches then true spirit-filled churches.One time my
partents went to a church promoting prophecy where they encouraged
people in the congregation to make prophecies.Well someone there
prophesied to my parents that their daughter would backslide and turn
from God.They don’t have a daughter.Besides the Bible says that prophecy
is for edification not tearing down.Like what I do isn’t tearing down
the church but warning and tearing down this evil system.That is proof
of how the church is full of lying witchcraft.They have made an idol out
of the gifts that they are easily deceived and turned over to the
enemy.Reprobates are so full of hate.Of course I have mentioned that
about my family and how they haven’t given me much encouragement.When I
went through troubled times they were not a help at all.Back when I was
in junior high school I fell in love with a girl and they attacked her
and called her a devil and said she was probably in hell.That is not
loving christlike response,but shows such vile hatred for me and the
things I love.Love is built on trust.They never had trusted my judgment
on anything no matter how true I proved to be,nor never will,I
suspect.The wicked will be left to their own devices.Also like my
grandmother’s church was pentecostal but blasphemous.When her friends
came over they would talk about their experiences with the moving of the
Spirit.They spoke about this girl when supposedly slain in the Spirit
stripped all her clothes off like the demoniac of gadarenes.Another time
when her or someone else acted like a drunk.I know when the day of
pentecost Peter told strangers that they supposed they were drunk,but I
believe that may have been the only thing they could have reference of
comparison.I don’t think they were like this girl which acted like a
real worldly drunk,staggering around and slurring speech.It is quite the
opposite.The Spirit renews the senses (not deaden them) and sharpens
speech.It is no wonder why the whole world is so screwed up when
insanity originates from the church itself.

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