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No Difference Between Bush And Clintons On Abortion!

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

In this older message from Chuck pointed out no difference between Bush
and Kerry.Of course there wouldn’t be since they both belonged to SKULL
& BONES.To think I voted for him thinking that Bush was prolife when he
was prodeath all this time.There is definitely going to be an accounting
to God from all these talk show bushbots and the phony religious leaders
that had to know what they were doing when they promoted Bush.Only a
fool would promote someone they know nothing about. I have lost faith in
all public officials.I am not even sure abot Ron Paul.When you think
about it he is just another career politician.I heard he had a weak
stance on marriage.All these politicians are liars saying what they are
for then do a total turnaround when they get in.Nobody is trustworthy.It
will take an awful lot to convince me to get out and vote.I hear all
these fools like Hannity talk about how terrible Hillary is when their
Bush is promoting her for next president.It will be curious to see if
these phony republicons will still lockstep to this war if Hillary is
running it and if they apply Romans 13 under Hillary.As far as Bush’s
spending,you know that it can’t be all going to good causes.The Bible
admonishes us to be diligent in seeking His truth.Those who easily
swallow the lies of this adminstration prove to be undiligent and
wicked,lazy servants.These fools think they are doing good when they are
doing evil all along.We are sort of like the modern version of Gideon’s
army where God will only use the vigilant few.The bushbots are like
those who lap up the water without paying attention.The religious
community really needs to wake up and realize where they are
headed.There are at least some waking up because I am hearing more and
more authors comparing Bush to the antichrist.He must think he is a
dictator and must be one to call the shots even after he is out of
office.What arrogance!

In a recent article, former Georgia Republican Congressman, Bob
Barr, wrote, “Has America been betrayed by President George W.
Bush? In his most recent book, The Bush Betrayal, James Bovard
poses and then answers this question with a resounding ‘yes.'”

In his column, Barr also correctly writes, “[W]hich recent
president’s term in office was characterized by support for the so-
called assault weapon ban, a huge increase in deficit spending,
bigger budgets for virtually every domestic program, including
Americorps and the National Endowment for the Arts, and signing
into law a massive increase in federal government regulation of
political speech, whose administration would you suspect they
were describing? That of Democrat Bill Clinton? Nope. [We’re]
talking about the first term of Republican President George W.

Mr. Barr is absolutely right! When it comes to Bush’s first term in
office, never has so much been overlooked by so many!

Millions of Christians and conservatives continue to labor under
the obviously erroneous belief that G.W. Bush is a conservative,
that there is some huge difference between his policies and those
of his Democratic rival, John Kerry. However, the facts do not bear
this out.

As Bob Barr also wrote in his column, “The fact is, the records of
these two presidents, Democrat Bill Clinton and Republican
George W. Bush, are much more alike than either man would
likely feel comfortable admitting.” Again, Mr. Barr is 100%

On most matters of substance, there is hardly any difference in the
policies of President G.W. Bush and Bill Clinton or John Kerry.

*Both Bush and Kerry support “civil unions” for homosexuals.

*Both Bush and Kerry support extending the Clinton Gun Ban.

*Both Bush and Kerry support expanding the size and scope of the
federal government. Bush has actually outspent every Democratic
president since Lyndon Johnson.

*Both Bush and Kerry support NAFTA, GATT, the WTO, and the

*Neither Bush nor Kerry has any intentions of making abortion-
on-demand illegal.

And while we are on the subject of abortion, President G.W. Bush
signed legislation in 2002 that increased funding for International
Family Planning to the tune of $480.5 million making this
Republican-led administration the biggest supporter of
international baby butchery in U.S. history. That is not to mention
the millions of dollars that Bush has approved for America’s
largest abortion provider, Planned Parenthood.

Recently, many “pro-lifers” heaped voluminous praise upon Mr.
Bush when he decided to withhold a miniscule (by comparison)
$34 million in federal funds from UNFPA (a UN abortion agency
in China). What these ignorant (or deluded) “pro-lifers” failed to
notice was that Bush redirected that $34 million to USAID Child
Survival Health Program Fund. This fund includes money for
“forecasting, purchasing, and supplying contraceptive commodities
and other materials necessary for reproductive health programs.”

In other words, all President Bush did was play the old shell game
by taking $34 million from one pro-abortion agency and giving it
to another pro-abortion agency. As American Life League
President Judy Brown said, “These ‘contraceptive commodities’
are nothing but abortion-inducing chemicals that kill the very
children that the fund claims to help.”

*Both Bush and Kerry supported the removal of Alabama Chief
Justice Roy Moore for upholding his oath of office to acknowledge
God by resisting an unlawful order by federal judge Myron
Thompson to remove a monument of the Ten Commandments
from the Alabama Judicial Building in Montgomery.

*Both Bush and Kerry are strong supporters of the United Nations.

In fact, when President G.W. Bush addressed the UN last year, he
said the reason he ordered U.S. troops to invade Iraq was for the
purpose of supporting “the peace and credibility of the United

*Both Bush and Kerry support granting illegal aliens amnesty.

*Both Bush and Kerry support a “one China” policy.

*Both Bush and Kerry support “outsourcing” American jobs

*Both Bush and Kerry support the creation of a federal police state
with the creation and expansion of the Patriot Acts and the
Department of Homeland Security.

The list could go on almost without end.

James Bovard and Bob Barr are correct: America has been
betrayed by President George W. Bush!  Mr. Bush has proved
himself unfaithful to virtually every precept of conservative,
constitutional principles. As such, a John Kerry presidency would
be no worse. In fact, it might even be better as conservatives would
suddenly have their blinders removed and might actually start
acting like conservatives again.

Of course, the best alternative would be to elect a true
constitutional conservative as President. And the only such
candidate for this year’s election who meets that criteria is Michael
Peroutka of the Constitution Party. It is for the above reasons and
more that I was happy to accept Michael’s invitation to be his Vice
Presidential running mate.

If you choose to vote for G.W. Bush, go ahead, but please don’t
delude yourself into thinking that by doing so you are voting for
something dramatically different from that of the Democratic
candidate, because you aren’t. You are merely voting to continue
the failed and fallacious policies of the liberal establishment which
controls both major parties.

© Chuck Baldwin Please visit Chuck’s web site at

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