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Those That Push Tithing Know They Are Telling Lies!

Posted by soldierservant on January 29, 2008

It is amazing that those that push tithing generalize it, like it is not
important who you give to. The bible is clear that there is good and bad
ground to sow seed (not tithing necessarily). That right there proves
their heresy when they ignore that. I know, I have grown up in this
indoctrination where they say that successful people are that way
because they use the biblical principles of tithing. If that is the case
then why does God bless unbelievers above His own children that tithe
but yet struggle? That is mocking God’s word because Jesus clearly said
that those who are evil know how to give good gifts to their children,
how much more God is willing to give good gifts and that He is the
Father of Lights, that every good and perfect gift comes from Him. God
does not bless wickedness or those who do not give Him glory, so why
would He bless the godless? Jesus gave warning against those who call
evil good. The wicked are only blessed by the god of this world. But
most so called christians are so carnal that they cannot see beyond this
life (which tells you where their life will end too) and that God’s
gifts are much more than mere ungodly wealth. Those who do not know true
riches are not really rich. We are the ones that are truly rich. Without
love we are nothing. Just think about all the people that think they are
rich now. The joke is on them because of the dollar being worthless.
That is why I laugh now at lotteries or sweepstakes, which people end up
giving half of it up in taxes as it is, but also win a lot of nothing, a
lot of worthless dollars. I think there is even prophecy in the bible
that talks about worthless currency, about people throwing their money
into the streets, and fools think that america won’t be judged when all
the signs are evident that it will? Those that serve the loser god of
this world will end up with the knife in their back sooner or later and
it will be time to pay the piper. All these politicians Satan is going
to end up collecting their souls just like he did with Hitler in his
end. The wicked better enjoy themselves because their time is very
short. John Hagee has said that the hollywood jews are blessed by God’s
covenant with them. If that is so then why are there so many poor and
starving jews in Israel? That is more proof how wrong Hagee is. It isn’t
God’s covenant but Satan’s. Just like the cliché, which no doubt has
truth, that a lot of the successful sleep their way to the top. You see,
it is a satanic covenant of sin. Look how a lot of them end up too. Like
just recently a celebrity died of a drug overdose. What does it profit
if a man gain the whole world but lose his own soul? I actually pity the
successful because of how worse off they are in the end. About Oprah, I
thought she claimed to be a christian. She had the guests on from a
christian movie come out called THE GREAT DEBATERS, starring Denzel
Washington. I know I have heard that she does lean to the newage. I
guess she is like the other evangelical phonies, but some of her shows
seem pretty good, like encouraging people to help the less fortunate,
just like Jesus did. I only desire wealth as a tool, not an object or
status like all the vain nothing shallow souls of them that have it. I
couldn’t even stand most of the rich people’s food because I think it is
disgusting. So I understand that scripture where Jesus said that what is
highly valued among men is detestable in God’s sight. Also like in the
epistles where Paul talks about the rich live as though they are poor
and the poor as though they are rich and so on. People would learn so
much if they got into God’s word themselves and truly seek Him. It is
amazing how much God has revealed to me through his word. In the natural
things look really bleak but thank God I live unto Him and not the

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