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Talk To Action: Reclaiming Citizenship, History, and Faith

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

This article is the first of an eight part series with links to the rest
in this called THE PURPOSE DRIVEN LIFE TAKERS, which further exposes
that LEFT BEHIND:ETERNAL FORCES video game. I find out that these
DOMINIONISTS are much more twisted the more I find out about them. They
seem to be a violent cult. You’ll noticed towards the end of this
article where the comments are is one that tells of them committing
child abuse. Those who have been in these dominionist cults have been
tramatized. This proves just how accurate Jesus was when he spoke about
christians turning on each other as well as great apostasy. Guess which
popular figure is supposedly encouraging this abuse? Ron Luce. These
devils are showing their true colors. Man, will they ever have serious
judgment coming to them.

Here is more on that DOMINIONISM. This is shocking that this blasphemy
is going on. It appears that these dominionists are the servants of
Satan to do the antichrist’s bidding.

This article is about the CUT AND RUN COWARDS. Besides Tim Lahaye and
Rick Warren also mentions James Dobson of FOCUS ON THE FAMILY as well as
Jerry Falwell. They are all silent on this but yet they had spoken
against violent videogames in the past. It seems like they are on the
take or something. You see with all the evil fruits of this LEFT BEHIND
garbage proves all the more of what a lie this pretrib rapture theory is
by the kind of inspiration it inspires. It encourages lawlessness which
is directly of the antichrist. The very fools that think they are
fighting the antichrist are the ones who are actually following his
example. I encourage you to speak out against this, not just the LEFT
BEHIND book and game but also this pretrib rapture lie becuse of all its
evil fruit and how it is promoted by all the liars and charlatans. I
don’t mean that you should condemn all who believe that way but give
warning by all the evidence, both scriptures and the evil fruits by
those who promote this lie. This is about exposing the frauds of the
neocons and that they do not speak for the rest of christianity.

Here is some good news. There has been a boycott against that
blasphemous game, even though those cowards were still silent. I’ll have
to try to find more recent update on this since all this was some time

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