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Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is one of the most powerful revealing articles on Bush ever! It talks about how the secret societies such as this commit the unpardonable sin and how likely Bush did this. That explains his wickedness being revealed now. This also explains my feelings towards
him since I have the Holy Spirit in my life. So many must be fooled into thinking they have the Spirit if they can’t discern the likes of Bush. Just like all these masonic imposters are being exposed now as well. Graham, like Bush, has come out and denied Jesus as the only way. That can only come from a heart that is already condemned. They make a
mockery out of Jesus’ sacrifice. Woe unto them. It seems like Bush is contagious because most of his followers seem possessed with lies and hate. Those who are truly in Christ will not make excuses for wickedness.

I just wanted to add a powerful statement made in this article (the link) which says basically what I have been saying all along about silence equalling guilt. “…IF WE ARE SILENT ON THIS THEN WE ARE IMPLICATED.” All those who do not speak out on Bush for fear of embolding liberals are those among the implicated. They are total
hypocrites that worship falsehood because Bush is as liberal as anyone can get. Anyone that says Bush is a conservative is a LIAR! If Bush is a conservative then why does he only work with ultraliberals like Ted Kennedy? All his fruits expose him for what he is. Not just religious lies but political lies as well. Bush is going lockstep with the false
global warming agenda. Michael Savage has said that Bush is a fiscal socialist. He has outspent any liberal.

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The Bush Administration Plot To Turn Your Kids Into Government Zombies

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

I guess maybe that is why so many compromise because they are
afraid of being alone.I really don’t know because I just can’t figure
these lunatics out.I would be more worried about eternal damnation from
swallowing lies then anything else.I know I am on the right track
because all throughout the bible deals with justice and mercy.Anyone
that is indifferent to all the injustices going on do not have
love.Jesus always had compassion for the suffering,even for those who
stoned the prophets,yet these satanic republicans are so full of vile
hatred and no compassion for liberals or anyone outside their
ideology.They are fooling none but themselves.How can they claim to be
of God when God is outraged at injustices and they aren’t?There is major
conflict of fruit.That is where it gets a little confusing.I know we are
not to judge anyone’s heart but yet the bible is clear about the fruits
of the heart.I try to avoid condemning anyone outright but will just say
that a lot of them are on very dangerous grounds.What is the
purpose?What is worth throwing away eternity for some stupid idolatrous
ideology?Bush is getting exposed more and more every single day for the
fraud he is but those like my family stick to him no matter what.Someone
such as him are so deeply entrenched in evil that I think they are well
beyond the point of no return.There may be only very few rare cases of
masons defecting and become christians,especially the higher the level.I
do hear claims of certain preachers that are high level masons but I
can’t confirm as absolute truth.I guess all you an do is warn people to
stay away from them.There may be hope for republicans or conservatives
that haven’t sold their soul to Bush.It does seem that there is
increasing outrage towards Bush from more conservative sources.There is
one talk show host that seems to be in between independant and
lockstepper.He recently denounced Bush’s policies with Ted Kennedy as
disastrous,which I was surprised coming from him.One was that NO CHILD
LEFT BEHIND.I didn’t know this but he said that under this schools no
longer have recess or PE.It sounds like they are trying to turn the
chldren into a bunch of brainwashed mindlesss vegetables.I have also
heard about the school children being drugged up on Ritalin.Bush must be
responsible for that too because he is drugged up himself.It is like I
said before that a nation takes after it’s leader.No wonder we are in
such a mess when everyone is turning out like Bush,a drugged up vile
blasphemer.Recently there was in the news of a local pastor caught in
the act by undercover police for online soliciting for a fifteen year
old girl.It is no wonder people are staying away from churches.I have
written my liberal republican congresswoman several times about Bush’s
corruption.All she does to defend him is just the usual talking points
about the war.Beyond that she does not address any of the other examples
of corruption that I brought to her attention.So see,she doesn’t deny it
but rather avoids it because she knows there is no excuse for him.The
actions tell it all right there.She says she is taking this measure and
that measure to fight the illegals but not one word of cutting their
free welfare.So you know all those other claims has to be lies.Why would
they fight the very people they are funding?This is pure insanity.None
of these liars are to be believed until they deal with the welfare
issue.When they do that (which I seriously doubt they ever will) we will
know it.Everything won’t be catered to biligualism.Of course there are
those probably just as bad as Bush and are only pretending to oppose him
for their own convenience.In fact the way we can tell those who are true
is by how unpopular they are.Jesus gave the litmus test by saying those
who are his disciples will be hated.And also of course about the broad
path of destruction.

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