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Posted by soldierservant on January 29, 2008

Note: this is correspondence with a ministry supporter that spoke of psychiatry and its negative effect on individuals and families:

Or maybe they have been told by TD Jakes and some of these other liars that they aren’t responsible for their sins because they were abused by their father or some mess that is more like that demonic psychiatry than what the Bible says. You know, I was listening to the radio last week about this former Dallas Cowboys player. He was from the inner city, had a real tough life, but had basically made it through it. But he said he was fine until the NFL made him go see a psychiatrist, and the psychiatrist dredged up all those old wounds from his childhood like how his parents treated him and stuff like that, and he was so messed up he got hooked on drugs. I have heard tons of stories like that, including a guy on Michael Savage’s show saying that the way the state breaks up a bunch of marriages is by sending all these men to these anger counseling courses and by the time they get out of those courses their heads are screwed up and they wind up getting a divorce. I remember that a former football player went to jail rather than allow the state to mess with his head like that. See, anytime anyone hears you arguing, they can call the cops on you, and the police will automatically charge the man with domestic battery even if you are just arguing over how to raise your kids or bills or something like that, and the man has to go to these demonic psychiatrists no matter what, even if he never touched her and there was no history or evidence of any abuse. Guess who made that requirement? Feminists. You know they hate marriage and they hate children, especially babies. It is just how the devil is using psychiatry.

And all this psychiatry nonsense has gotten into the church. That is why all these people are going to these churches, it is like they are being bewitched by these psychiatry spirits. Like Paul said in Galatians: foolish Galatians who has bewitched you? We need to pray for all of these bewitched Christians out there. I know that you are already, it is just an encouragement and a reminder. We are all right because our faith is strong and our future is secure. We gotta remember the brothers and sisters in chains and bondage, and not just the physical ones in China, Korea, Saudi Arabia, and places like that but in spiritual bondage right here in America.

Below is my reply:

I know the good friend I lost got screwed in that psychiatry scam. It was over ADD (a made up syndrome). If you
know any of the history of this you probably know that even Freud
himself admitted to being a fraud. He was also a incestful sexual
deviant. That was even exposed in movies like ANALYZE THIS. My friend
told me about christian psychiatrists he visited that were worthless. So
it is sad that there are all kinds of religious charlatans, not just tv
preachers. Of course it is a reflection on the screwed up churches, no
doubt. Many of the churches we had visited were just social clubs. A lot
of rich snobs (Laodicean church). At least that is one of the few good
things Michael Savage has touched on about how the children are being
drugged up on Ritalin. Then they wonder why they turn out psychos like
the columbine killers. A big problem too is the parent’s lack of
involvement in their childrens lives. About my family, I am still
praying for them because I have dreams encouraging me not to give up. Of
course I still need to be able to get out on my own anyway. I have far
too much creativity to be couped up like I am. I have worked on some oil
paintings and the inspiration never stops. This is the worse thing about
being dirt poor, having a ton of ideas that I can do nothing about. It
is so stupid that I have to take schooling to get a piece of paper that
tells me I am good at what I know I am already good at. The whole
education thing is a scam. My friend knew a lot of people that went to
college and got an education and still couldn’t get jobs. It is all a
lie about getting an education in order to get a life. The whole thing
is designed to keep you in debt, forever paying off student loans that
they probably charge a ridiculous amount of interest on. That is why I
hate this world so much because it is one big scam. Jesus will put an
end to this nonsense when He comes back to reign. He will reign with an
iron scepter and will be no nonsense like financial favoritism or any of
the bull that goes on now, PRAISE GOD! It is no wonder why he talks
about love for this world is not love of the Father because it is all
lies and injustice. My only hope is that God send me some contacts or
something to finance me or something. God is the only hope. This country
is so screwed up that they can’t even save their own currency. It is a
laugh to think the government is going to help (anyone but themselves).

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