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Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is one of the most powerful revealing articles on Bush ever! It talks about how the secret societies such as this commit the unpardonable sin and how likely Bush did this. That explains his wickedness being revealed now. This also explains my feelings towards
him since I have the Holy Spirit in my life. So many must be fooled into thinking they have the Spirit if they can’t discern the likes of Bush. Just like all these masonic imposters are being exposed now as well. Graham, like Bush, has come out and denied Jesus as the only way. That can only come from a heart that is already condemned. They make a
mockery out of Jesus’ sacrifice. Woe unto them. It seems like Bush is contagious because most of his followers seem possessed with lies and hate. Those who are truly in Christ will not make excuses for wickedness.

I just wanted to add a powerful statement made in this article (the link) which says basically what I have been saying all along about silence equalling guilt. “…IF WE ARE SILENT ON THIS THEN WE ARE IMPLICATED.” All those who do not speak out on Bush for fear of embolding liberals are those among the implicated. They are total
hypocrites that worship falsehood because Bush is as liberal as anyone can get. Anyone that says Bush is a conservative is a LIAR! If Bush is a conservative then why does he only work with ultraliberals like Ted Kennedy? All his fruits expose him for what he is. Not just religious lies but political lies as well. Bush is going lockstep with the false
global warming agenda. Michael Savage has said that Bush is a fiscal socialist. He has outspent any liberal.

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Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

This is a great site, Cutting Edge. It exposes the freemasons as the ones who are all behind this one world religion that Bush is pushing.This is further proof of his involvement in the SKULL & BONES, a masonic secret society, because he is all for the same things. Every single day is more proof of Bush’s abounding wickedness,not just himself but also his
locksteppers too, like Ann Coulter. \Bush and Romney are also
involved in more corporate corruption over the 3com deal.I hear that it
is worse than the Dubai Ports deal.The layers of the onion are peeling
away.All one can see of Bush is total darkness.That is why those who
continue to cling to him are bringing continually worse judgment on
themselves because there is no more excuses.There is absolutely nothing
redeeming about him at all.

Bush has also signed the UN’s treaty of the sea or something like that. This was even legislation that Reagan refused to sign. But Reagan still had guilt because there was
abortion under him though it may have been less than other presidents. They will all have to give an account before God.

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Why Andrew Meyer REALLY Was Tasered And Silenced

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

Have you also heard about that Andrew Meyer? He is a student that was tasered for asking John Kerry a question,the question was about the SKULL & BONES that he was in. These phony conservative talk shows were siding with Kerry and saying that this
student asking this question deserved this to be tasered. This nation is seriously heading towards fascism.These phonies are showing their true colors now but these Bush supporter locksteppers still swallow their garbage without any thought.

They are certainly damned. This shows you that they are all in with the SKULL & BONES. The brainwashed fools that listen to this stuff are damned and don’t even know it. If this doesn’t ring alarm bells in these locksteppers then they are beyond all hope.Michael Savage was great in dealing with this subject. I disagree with him on some things but he recognizes injustice when he sees it and speaks out against it. There is even another talk show host that I usually can’t stomach because he is too much of a lockstepper and is real cocky, but even he spoke out against his so called conservative brothers in talk radio and was shocked by how they they were treating this case.

He is noticing that these self proclaiming conservatives are acting more like liberals. I
hope these radio host get a clue to what is really going on.These shows like Rush are total frauds. They were never conservative and have sold their soul to greed. We are living in the last days and God is revealing the wicked amongst us that pretend to be otherwise. They are all cowards sold out to Satan and are on the losing side. This is proof right here
whe they defend a SKULL & BONES SATANIST like he is one of them, which
means he is.

Rush, Kerry, Bush all serve Satan and they will get their just rewards. Those in the public eye like them will have a most severe eternal punishment for all those they have brainwashed and souls they have corrupted.

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