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Rupert Murdoch predicts landslide for Democrats

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

It looks as though Murdoch might end up supporting Obama,
and this is the guy who owns the neocons. There is a big “I TOLD YOU SO”
coming to the fools who actually thought we had two separate parties. We
know what a nightmare McCain would’ve been so I hope there is an element
of truth in Obama, because it looks like Obama will get it. McCain is so
lousy he can’t even make good speeches. He openly admits that he is a
globalist. Who could support a fool like him? I guess only the
bloodthirsty warmongers. So I guess globalism and treachery is the new
american way? Obama says he supports Israel, yeah sure, probably the
same way Bush does, only through lip service while funding the
palestinians. After these liars have been exposed for their treachery
against Israel they think we are stupid to believe that this
administration is supporting them? And that the next will do the same?
The only thing that will continue is the treachery. But whoever we get
is what we deserve because this nation has become so evil that they hate
those who stand for truth. What does it tell you when people would
rather support a treacherous globalist scumbag like McCain over
constitutionalists like Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin? Fools strain at a
gnat while swallowing a camel. One thing it proves is that they are not
true americans in the historic sense of the word but have betrayed the
constitution and sold their soul to greed and war. The new american has
no ethics or morals and only cares about the BOTTOM LINE. Much like
ancient Rome, the people would rather have a murderer like Barabus over
Christ himself, and this is coming from the church of all places. A
murderer is exactly what we get in the two party system because neither
will end abortion. Those who vote for either one will partake in the
blood of the unborn. If the democrats were any better than the neocons
they would have pointed out the treachery of this administration against
Israel, but they don’t, but go along with it. Any democrats have to
really think why it is that their leaders are going along with Bush’s
polices if they are such opposites. I know I always rag on neocons
because I have to deal with them every day and is all I hear on the
radio, but the leftists are not any smarter. All the leftists that think
their leaders are antitwar will find out that they are not but will
continue this war. It will remain to be seen if all the leftists are
mindnumb robots like the neocons.

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