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Using The Ten Commandments Display Issue To Deceive Christians Again

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

These liars pretend to care about the ten commandments when they didn’t
do much to help JUDGE ROY MOORE. But yet they continued to support this
administration that turned their back on him. When are people going to
get a clue that everything about Bush is a lie? War on Terror? While he
funds palestinian terrorists three times as much as Israel. There will
be no excuse for the liars that support this traitor who has betrayed
Israel and our own country in so many ways. You are either with Satan or
against him. Those who do not oppose him or his servants are with him.
All the preachers and religious right that promote compromise prove that
they are not with Christ and do not know him or his word because Christ
never taught compromise. Those who listen to such know who you are
listening to. The voice of the enemy. Well I can see an upside for our
bad economy is that these lobbyists are not getting as much funds,
PRAISE GOD! I hope all those televangelists are hurting too. Are fools
going to continue to give to them while they can’t afford to eat? If
they do that proves how cultish they are, like Jim Jones. The hypocrites
that ascribe to these posperity frauds will use scriptures like in
Proverbs that says that a father provides an inheritance for his sons.
Well they are not doing that when they give their inheritance away to
these frauds. These frauds are so greedy that they tell you to give
beyond your means. Nowhere does it say that in the bible. The bible
clearly warns of those who only talk about money. And yes, even the rich
are suffering from this bad economy. They are getting their luxury cars
repossessed and some losing houses and such. So I guess we are
witnessing some justice being done. Maybe sinkholes will swallow up
these megachurches or something. One of the roads in Dallas is sinking
some. I told my folks about the polygamist ruling and they were
speechless. Truth is coming out and liars will have no more excuses.
They will mourn at the return of Christ.

Your time is valuable so let me get right to the point. I need your help!

Recently, we held a strategic press conference in front of the United States Supreme Court which was featured on the web site of USA Today.

Dozens participated, including pastors from coast to coast, as we challenged both the Court and the United States Congress to protect the public display of the Ten Commandments.

At the press conference we provided critical updates on matters before Congress that will directly affect the public acknowledgement of God for future generations.

To see and listen to the press conference, please click

In addition to our call to Congress, we are right now at the epicenter of one of the most important Ten Commandments cases in a generation which will be heard by the Supreme Court this fall.

In fact, there have simply never been the doors of opportunity such as are opening to us now.

Yet, at the very same time we are seeing unparalleled ministry, we face the most serious financial challenges we’ve ever endured.

Faith and Action needs your financial support more than at any time in our history.

The downturn in the economy has taken a substantial toll on our contributions. At this very moment, we are still $15,000 short of our budgeted income. I know that if God calls, he also provides.

You have been God’s provision for this ministry so many times.

I need your immediate help! If I can’t make up this shortfall in the next five days, I will have to make deep cuts in our program and projects.

I really don’t believe that should happen – not now! Not when these unprecedented doors are opening up to us.

To overcome our current shortfall, I am asking you to make a $20 emergency gift to Faith and Action. If every person participates in this emergency appeal, we will erase the deficit and carry on our vital missionary outreach to Capitol Hill without interruption.

To make an emergency contribution, please click here.

I realize not every person can or will send an emergency gift. If you are financially blessed and can do more than $20, your contribution will offset those who are unable to give at this time. Please consider a gift of $50, $100, $500 or even $1,000. Whatever you can do will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your prayerful support. Thank you for standing with me. I will keep you informed.

Your Missionary to Capitol Hill,

Rob Schenck

PS: Church Report called Faith and Action one of the 20 most influential ministries in America. One senior US Senator said Faith and Action is the “most effective gospel ministry on Capitol Hill.” Together we are making a difference in our nation’s capital. Please take a moment and send in an emergency contribution to help us offset our critical budget deficit. To make a contribution, please click here. Thank you again.

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What Is It That George Bush Supporters Have Against Hillary Clinton? THEY HAVE THE SAME AGENDA!

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

 I just heard on the news the other night that Bush himself
admitted the terrible economy we are in when he vetoed a spending bill.
This coming from the biggest spender. I wonder what the bushbots have to
say now? They are the ones consistently lying by saying the economy
under Bush is great. This makes them even bigger liars than Bush.
Hillary’s campaign is imploding on itself. Whatever will the bushbots do
now without their much hated villainess? They won’t have an excuse to
fearmonger. Without their hatred they are nothing. I guess they will try
to demonize someone else, like they can be much worse than Giuliani. I
can’t understand why those who are rightly opposed to Giuliani still
support Bush like he is not the same. I actually respect Giuliani more
than Bush because at least he doesn’t seem to go out of his way to
pretend what he is not. I seen a site that mentioned there have been
over 6 million abortions since the start of the Iraq war. THIS HAPPENED
UNDER BUSH, NOT GIULANI! Yet these liars pretend that Bush is against
abortion? Those who don’t speak out against Bush might as well back
Giuliani because they are the same. It is just that one pretends more
than another.

The Bible condemns pretenders more than the heathen. Jesus
often refered to hell as the place where hypocrites are assigned
judgment. Even dealing with the lukewarm he said that he wished the
church to be either hot or cold. Remember those links that exposed
Bush’s homosexual agenda? Bush is guilty of everything that Giuliani is
being exposed for.

This country cannot survive with this hypocritical
duality. Every fool is worried about the next election when there may
not even be another one if there is another attack and Bush establishes
martial law. The way things are moving so fast like with the LAW OF THE
SEA TREATY we may be lucky to survive that far. Those that deny Bush’s
wickedness are those who love wickedness over righteousness. So many
that seem close to the truth but yet still afraid to tell it like it is.
That is why Chuck Baldwin has to be one of the greatest preachers around
because I have never witnessed such boldness,especially coming from an
establishment type of church. He makes no bones or excuses for Bush. I
praise God for someone like him that tells it like it is. Most other
pulpit preachers are pure false or pure coward.

What I also love about Chuck is that he has guests in his church that Bush has betrayed like Judge Roy Moore. That is what a true church does. They support those
whom the wicked outcast. Traitors like my family turn their back on true
righteous men of God like Roy Moore. The wicked could care less of
anyone but their abominable idol Bush. I question anyone that does not
oppose Bush. Fools need to stop worrying about Hillary or some other
future villain and worry about the villain we have in now. A lot can
happen from now till then and I suspect that it will get worse. Jesus
said not to worry about tomorrow because today has its own problems. It
is stupid to worry about the future when we have to be concerned with
the now and making it through the rest of Bush’s regime. If people don’t
take a stand now for righteousness they may not have the chance later
on. Like the bible says that today is the day of salvation. Those who
know God’s word know we are to live each day as though it is our last
because we are not guaranteed tomorrow. Many are not ready for God
because of all the lies they are living.

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