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Republican Candidates Romney, Giuliani, McCain Repudiated Government Effort to Save Terri Schiavo

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

This is old, but it demonstrates how the GOP is not pro – life and how they are deceiving Christians. Or at least those Christians that choose to be deceived that is.

Romney, who was supposedly the most pro-life among the candidates, was
the most outspoken against helping Terri Schiavo. All the republicans
are the biggest phonies. They will all burn in hell for their murderous
spirits. Same goes for those who support these vipers. All the
hypocrites talk about how pro-abortion Obama is but it was the
republicans that increased funding for abortion through our taxes. They
wil reap what they sow, even in this life. Our hypocrite of a governor
is not divinely protected. His governor mansion was burned downed
recently. Hypocrites talk about Obama being a divider but it was Bush
that has caused most division. Republicans are all divided now because
those who claim to be pro-life are wondering about McCain. Since there
seems like he may pick Joe Lieberman for VP will cause even more
division. Lieberman’s voting record proves he is pro-abortion. This
country will get exacty what it deserves if they vote for these

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Judge Kozinski: Reagan Appointee Religious Right!

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

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McCain Nixes Another Pastor’s Endorsement

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

All these televangelists are a laughing stock now. McCain not only has
refused Hagee’s endorsement but also Parsley’s as well. What ever will
these religious hypocrites ever do? They are probably so stupid to still
vote for him just like they continued to follow Bush after he has denied
Christ. It will get really interesting to see what kind of lame excuses
they will come up with now. Oh, there may be but a very few that might
wake up to reality from this, and praise God for any who do, but most
still won’t get it. Just like that recent article I sent you about the
babylonian apostate church that is corrupt to its core. Let me know what
kind of response you are getting about McCain, especially after his
refusal of these televagelists’ endorsements. I am interested to know if
there are a lot still backing McCain or what. Are any coming around to
supporting the constitution party? It is so funny that what comes around
goes around. Hypocrites tried to use Wright against Obama and now they
reap what they sow by their own tactics backfiring in their face. As
much as I don’t care for McCain it was a smart move to dump those
endorsements because those would have been a dark cloud over his head.
Even despite this he knows that most conservatives and professing
christians (evangelicals and televangelicals) are gullible pathetic
suckers that will end up supporting him anyway because of their idol,
the republican party. They are so full of it. Just like Dr. James Dobson
(a freemason) pretended he was really against McCain but has
backtracked. These fools are so predictable. McCain could make death
threats and fools would still support him. Those without God are
hopelessly stupid. Their souls match the dark empty void of where they
are headed.

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Rupert Murdoch predicts landslide for Democrats

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

It looks as though Murdoch might end up supporting Obama,
and this is the guy who owns the neocons. There is a big “I TOLD YOU SO”
coming to the fools who actually thought we had two separate parties. We
know what a nightmare McCain would’ve been so I hope there is an element
of truth in Obama, because it looks like Obama will get it. McCain is so
lousy he can’t even make good speeches. He openly admits that he is a
globalist. Who could support a fool like him? I guess only the
bloodthirsty warmongers. So I guess globalism and treachery is the new
american way? Obama says he supports Israel, yeah sure, probably the
same way Bush does, only through lip service while funding the
palestinians. After these liars have been exposed for their treachery
against Israel they think we are stupid to believe that this
administration is supporting them? And that the next will do the same?
The only thing that will continue is the treachery. But whoever we get
is what we deserve because this nation has become so evil that they hate
those who stand for truth. What does it tell you when people would
rather support a treacherous globalist scumbag like McCain over
constitutionalists like Ron Paul or Chuck Baldwin? Fools strain at a
gnat while swallowing a camel. One thing it proves is that they are not
true americans in the historic sense of the word but have betrayed the
constitution and sold their soul to greed and war. The new american has
no ethics or morals and only cares about the BOTTOM LINE. Much like
ancient Rome, the people would rather have a murderer like Barabus over
Christ himself, and this is coming from the church of all places. A
murderer is exactly what we get in the two party system because neither
will end abortion. Those who vote for either one will partake in the
blood of the unborn. If the democrats were any better than the neocons
they would have pointed out the treachery of this administration against
Israel, but they don’t, but go along with it. Any democrats have to
really think why it is that their leaders are going along with Bush’s
polices if they are such opposites. I know I always rag on neocons
because I have to deal with them every day and is all I hear on the
radio, but the leftists are not any smarter. All the leftists that think
their leaders are antitwar will find out that they are not but will
continue this war. It will remain to be seen if all the leftists are
mindnumb robots like the neocons.

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Using The Ten Commandments Display Issue To Deceive Christians Again

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

These liars pretend to care about the ten commandments when they didn’t
do much to help JUDGE ROY MOORE. But yet they continued to support this
administration that turned their back on him. When are people going to
get a clue that everything about Bush is a lie? War on Terror? While he
funds palestinian terrorists three times as much as Israel. There will
be no excuse for the liars that support this traitor who has betrayed
Israel and our own country in so many ways. You are either with Satan or
against him. Those who do not oppose him or his servants are with him.
All the preachers and religious right that promote compromise prove that
they are not with Christ and do not know him or his word because Christ
never taught compromise. Those who listen to such know who you are
listening to. The voice of the enemy. Well I can see an upside for our
bad economy is that these lobbyists are not getting as much funds,
PRAISE GOD! I hope all those televangelists are hurting too. Are fools
going to continue to give to them while they can’t afford to eat? If
they do that proves how cultish they are, like Jim Jones. The hypocrites
that ascribe to these posperity frauds will use scriptures like in
Proverbs that says that a father provides an inheritance for his sons.
Well they are not doing that when they give their inheritance away to
these frauds. These frauds are so greedy that they tell you to give
beyond your means. Nowhere does it say that in the bible. The bible
clearly warns of those who only talk about money. And yes, even the rich
are suffering from this bad economy. They are getting their luxury cars
repossessed and some losing houses and such. So I guess we are
witnessing some justice being done. Maybe sinkholes will swallow up
these megachurches or something. One of the roads in Dallas is sinking
some. I told my folks about the polygamist ruling and they were
speechless. Truth is coming out and liars will have no more excuses.
They will mourn at the return of Christ.

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Rod Parsley Is A Fraud False Preacher!

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

This is revealing of Rod Parsley. Even though this is put out by
pro-abortion democrats it still shows his hypocrisy and lunacy. Parsley
is either a complete ignorant moron or a flat out liar, maybe both
because the bible says these wicked men will deceive themselves. He lies
about McCain being pro-life and attacks George Soros in his latest book,
who is funding McCain. This lunatic Parsley is organizing a group of
pastors (PATRIOT PASTORS, which is an oxymoron in that they are
promoting a traitor) pushing the McCain vote. It does look like McCain
might pick Huckabee just to get te religious lunatic vote. The only
thing is that might backfire if there are enough people fed up with
televangelists as they are the neocons. People may not have been
inspired to vote at all but they might be inspired to vote for a
democrat as a vote against the religious kooks. My dad is so
predictable. He’s got Rod Parsley’s CULTURALLY INCORRECT book. I took a
glance at it and it is a bunch of fearmongering. He mentioned about
christians being perceived as terrorists. Well it is no wonder why with
hateful dominionists such as himself. I know we among ourselves talk
about coming persecution, but it is not out of the same spirit of
paranoia as Parsley. Those of us in Christ actually look forward to it,
knowing we are worthy of it. They dread it. What does that tell you?
They are not in perfect love but in hate and fear. If these kooks ever
get persecuted it will not be for the sake of Christ but as punishment
for their own evil. You know how we are told to flood our senators with
calls and emails on the issues. I say it is time to do the same for
these loudmouth nuts like Parsley. I have written him several times by
emails in the past with no replies at all. Maybe you or others can get
through. This hypocrite rants against PLANNED PARENTHOOD but yet
supports the party that has increased their funding through TITLE X.
This fraud, Parsley, has to be exposed and made accountable for all his

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John Hagee Heresy on Jesus as the Christ

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

This message is totally on the mark. This exposes Hagee as a pawn of the
antichrist. Well, we have read those scriptures about those who even
deny our sovereign Lord, and here is the proof. TBN should be boycotted
just over the likes of Hagee alone. Anyone who is supporting Hagee or
TBN are in real danger of hellfire, as well as warmongering, which this
addresses. Some other sites on this subject were a bit weak, almost
defending him, making excuses for his controversy as just a mere sales
gimmick. Well that is exactly how the bible describes false teachers,
stirring up controversy, sowing strife, and all for the love of money.
So how in the world does that let him off the hook? That makes him all
the more accountable. I just can’t understand how people are so
comfortable twisting God’s word, or comfortable with those who do. You
know, this is a good part of the reason why I fell from God a great
number of years ago because how those like my parents twisted God’s word
to where He sounded evil and hypocritical, you know, like the scriptures
about authority, which was only refering to being a lawful, law abiding
citizen, but how others twist it to defend wicked rulers. You know those
scriptures were not talking about that because there are scriptures
against wicked rulers. These liars are saying God’s word is divided.
These are the divisive devils that try to bring the truth into
disrepute. Woe to those who are guilty of this and how many souls they
turn away from Christ, like the pharisees who forbid others the truth.
It is no wonder why Jesus said that your righteousness must surpass that
of the pharisees. So many these days do not surpass them. There are no
scriptures defending wicked rulers. To say so would be calling Jesus a
liar because he said woe to them who call evil good and good evil. Well,
I notice the same ones that defend wicked rulers are the same ones who
attack righteous rulers or those who expose the deeds of darkness as
mentioned in Eph.5:11. That is why Jesus mentioned them both because it
would be very rare, if at all, that there would be just one. So that
makes very clear what Jesus said and how we can recognize them by the
dual fruits. So many fools provide their own rope to hang themselves
with. Like the scripture goes that by your own words you are either
justified or condemned. There will be no justifying the denial of Jesus
as the messiah.

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John Birch Society: John Hagee Could Be Problem For John McCain!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

More lies of Hagee about prophecy. Nowhere is it written what he said.
Nowhere does it say to make war on Iran to bring about the rapture. In
fact Jesus said woe to those who bring about the tribulation for whom it
goes through, but these things must happen. The only thing the bible
indicates that will speed his return is preaching the gospel to every
creature. If that is not on the heart of any professing christian, then
they do not know the heart of Christ and do not have the heart of
Christ. They are wicked servants that will be cut to pieces and assigned
with the hypocrites (Matt.24:51). War is not preaching the gospel. Any
who cannot understand this do not know Christ. How can such a lying
crackpot like Hagee have much of a following? That much that hate the
truth because if his followers knew God’s word they would have nothing
more to do with that liar! Churches like his will crack hell wide open,
with around 20,000 members. Hagee is the prime example of apostasy. The
evil men that pollute their bodies as mentioned in scripture.

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John Hagee Hypocritically Apologizing To Roman Catholics To Maintain Power

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

These hypocrites thought they could use Wright to bring down Obama, but
they are reaping what they sowed. Hagee is to McCain what Wright was to
Obama. The neocons don’t like it when it all backfires in their face. I
hope all the neocons come apart at the seams. They deserve liars like
Hagee. That fool doesn’t know what he believes. That coward will back
down whenever challenged. Christians actually look up to such a
spinelesss leader? Ones like him that act like they are tough and
authoritive prove how false they are. Why would anyone still follow such
a sniveling coward? Jesus never backed down or changed his mind or
apologized. This proves that these televangelist phonies do not serve
the true Jesus, but the sniveling coward Satan. That TBN is such a pure
sideshow. I can’t believe the foolishness I see on there. I seen Mark
Chironna on there talk about faithstew. I am like, “What in the world?”
There is no mention in the bible about faithstew. On his show it showed
someone on there stirring a pot of letters. I tell you, I almost died
laughing. I almost feel sorry for these fools because they run out of
ideas on how to swindle the naive that they end up lookng so ridiculous.
I think everyone on TBN is owned by them, and Hagee is just another
puppet of theirs dangling on their strings. They own his soul. All who
sellout Christ are whores and adulterers.

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Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is a very powerful article here. This indicates that the likes of
these famous preachers is to deceive people into accepting and
worshipping the antichrist. You will want this for your blog as well. I
know we always talk about this to a certain degree but it is hard to
fully grasp this major deception. This article kind of gives you an idea
how these imposters are everywhere and their end goal. We are already
seeing a little taste of that now with Pat Robertson’s endorsement of a
most ungodly candidate that promotes homosexuality and abortion. This
alone ought to wake people up. I doubt it will my family because they
will probably make some flimsy excuse or downplay it.

I just heard on the news recently that John Hagee apologized for
calling the catholic church the whore of revelations. He was strong
against catholicism but for some reason has completly changed. He said
that there needs to be unity between evangelicals and catholics. You
know something is very fishy about these televangelists that change
their colors so fast like this. They are cowards because they will not
come out and admit that they were either lying before or lying right
now. They prove such hypocrites that even in their apology they can’t
admit they were wrong either way. They take after their father, the
devil, using crafty language. None of them admit any sin. Notice too how
they avoid the title “christian” and replace it with evangelical. This
proves they are of Satan because he hates the name of Christ that even
his servants can’t keep up with the appearances. Praise God, all these
religious devils are exposing themselves. They are so arrogant and
deluded that they probably don’t even realize what they are doing. But
this is to be expected coming from someone who has come out and endorsed
McCain. I imagine that Rod Parsley will also make a fool of himself,
further exposing his true nature. Just like that article exposing Rush
never using the name of Christ. That is the way with all these newage
churches like Robert Schuller and Joel Osteen. You know what all the
positivity doctrine really boils down to is humanism. Same thing with
all that self-help psychology crap. These lies lead people to believe
that they can save themselves with their own goodness which does not
acknowledge Christ. My brother told me about his pastor claiming that
there is revival going on in Washington DC. I almost laughed out loud.
It is just more religious mind games. If they really repented and
changed every one of those scoundrels would resign from office because
they would be convicted for realizing themselves for the crooks they
are. Well you just know that will never happen. Politicians are so
predictable. They cannot give up their power. In other words they are
not able to take up their cross in order to follow Jesus. It is all the
newage lies that nobody has to sacrifice anything to follow Jesus but
that he will make everyone rich who follows him. Just like our governor,
Rick Perry, who of course claims to be a christian, is running for a
third term which is new for Texas. No true christian will have this kind
of lust for power. We know them by their fruits. He is a McCainiac like
every other politician fraud endorsing him.


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