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Texas Raid Is An Attack On Religion And Nonconformism That Will Be Aimed Soon At Biblical Christians!

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This shows you how ridiculous this is. Having around 400 lawyers for
each of the children. These mormons are being attacked because of their
nonconformity. I don’t justify their beliefs but we are supposed to have
religious freedom in this country and all should be able to believe
however they want whether it is true or not. All the alleged sexual
abuse is just slander because they are not able to prove it. They are
just using lies to try to justify their evil. Next it will be the amish,
then all others who do not conform to the neocon fascism. This case
should raise red flags to all americans that haven’t already sold their
soul to the neocon establishment.

I am glad that this mess is blowing up in their face. You know this
neocon governor of ours, Rick Perry, is running for a third term. I sure
hope this crook does not get it. Maybe disasters like this raid will
turn public opinion against him. This scandal should make him the
laughing stock all around the country. But then so is Bush and that
doesn’t seem to stop him. I guess the more stupid a politican is makes
him all the more electable. This proves what a nation of morons we are.

These children are being taken from their parents in this sect. Most are
recognizing this as communism. To me this is worse mere communism, it is
fascism in the style of Hitler. I can’t wait for God’s wrath to pour out
on these neocons. You know it has been brought up that recently the
republican symbol has 3 upside-down stars in its logo. All of this is
self evident as to the nature of this satanic party. I heard someone
into biblical prophecy say that Bush is trying to push the agreement in
Israel that will start the seven year tribulation and will be this year.

One more thing I want to add is that I heard that the original call that
led up to all this mess was indeed a hoax. What kind of country are we
living in when someone can get away with this kind of hoax? Those who
are detached from this think that this can’t happen to them. They better
think again. The Nazi Holocaust did not happen overnight but in gradual
increments. Those who know truth already recognize this. Those who deny
this are like nazi sympathizers. It is these sympathizers that give
these tyrants their power and therefore responsible for the evil they
allow. It is no wonder why God will not allow cowards in his kingdom.

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