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Recession Exposing The Arrogance of Texas!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This was what I heard last night on the news. You see? The
arrogance of texans. It is like that titanic complex, thinking they are
indestructible. If recession is bad enough and long enough it will
effect everywhere. Besides there are other problems like overcongestive
highways and stuff like that that will prove counterproductive. So what
if we have a bunch of dead end jobs? They do not pay enough for the cost
of living. These idiots on the news continually contradict themselves by
bragging about the job market, and then talk about the bad housing
market and high gas prices. People here are riding bikes now because of
gas prices and congestive traffic. That is nothing to brag about.
Besides, they can learn some humility real fast if a giant sinkhole
swallows up Dallas, or a massive earthquake wiping out the city. We know
that can happen because of that earthquake that hit the city in China
that killed 12,000 people. Or the deadly cyclone that hit Myanmar and
killed between 10,000 to 100,000, maybe even more. The destruction so
massive it is unreal. People don’t need to worry about terrorism,
natural catastrophies are far more destructive. Of course their is some
debate about some being able to control the weather, which I am not sure
how legit that is. It seems I heard that our government knew about some
of the disasters before they happen. So your guess would be as good as
mine. I heard some of Hannity and he was praising Jerry Falwell. Most
people, even christians, believe he is in hell now. I think that is the
fate of all these televangelist phonies. Some people get hung up by what
good some of these phonies do. The bible is clear, like in James chapter
2 that one does not have to break all of the law, but just one point of
it. It does not matter how much good one does because if they are in
lies and compromise with the enemy, deeds are pointless. There are
atheists that do good deeds. Those deeds will not save their soul
anymore than the deeds of a lying corrupt preacher. Paul said that
without love we are nothing, and nothing gets discarded.,%20recession%20proof%3F

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