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Are Christians Going To Vote For Demon – Possessed John McCain?

Posted by soldierservant on May 20, 2008

This 12 page article exposes McCain as an angry madman. He seems
demonically possessed, and this is who televangelists are endorsing.
This exposes the religious elite for what they are. You cannot drink of
the Lord’s cup and that of demons too. He is an awful lot like Hitler,
an angry little runt. He typifies the stereotype of a modern neocon.
They are all a bunch hateful little punks. We know what the bible says
about fits of rage. Anyone who has the Holy Spirit knows that McCain
doesn’t have any fruits of the Spirit. Anyone that votes for this
demoniac does not have the Spirit, but rather oppose the Holy Spirit.
Even in my upbringing was similar to McCain’s, always moving and being
unpopular in school, but I never acted like he did. So there is no
excuse because I have been there myself. What business does any
christian have for supporting such a heathen? Those who vote for McCain
prove they are not truly Christ’s.

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