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Polygamy Ruling With FLDS In Texas And Other Thoughts

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

I have some good news. That court ruling against the polygamist compound
is being reversed. They could not find any evidence of abuse. I can’t
wait to see how my folks will try to squirm their way out of that.
show and had some callers from Texas that talked about the CPS taking
away their children. You know the woman that called in this case was an
out of state woman in her thirties but pretended to be a sixteen year
old girl. She should be brought up on charges. They should throw the
book at her. You have probably heard about that other case where the
father accidentally gave his son alcoholic lemonade at a ball game,
thinking it was just regular lemonade, and the state (some other state
up north) took away his son for a week. To me, they need to outlaw
liquor. There is no excuse, especially selling it for public consumption
like bars and restaraunts. It is as though this system is trying to
promote drunk driving. Satan is such a sneaky bastard that if he can’t
get someone through beer, wine, or whiskey, then he’ll try to get them
through lemonade. The world so obsessed with alcohol that they even have
to put to in their food too. I also heard on the news that methodists
are against the Bush Library, and that is where the library was planned
to be built. That will be interesting to see how that goes down. Rod
Parsley wants Bush in forever. I am looking for a scandal that will
destroy his credibilty among even the neocons. I am sure that that
wicked imposter will be exposed sooner or later. These fools can’t help
but make fools of themselves because they have given themselves over to
a corrupt spirit. God is making an example out of them. I have heard
that McCain might be thinking about Joe Lieberman for VP. When you think
about it, it could be. Both are considered mavericks to their own
parties, of course not that it matters because it is all a smokescreen.
Savage often says that it is just one party for eight years then they
hand it to the other. He thinks they are trying to deliberatey lose. One
area that he is gullible though is that he believes in the terrorist
lies. Any terror that happens to us now is the government, directly or
indirectly, because they have allowed open borders and are selling us
out. Savage was the only one in the media speaking out against Kennedy’s
policies, but he has been demonized as insensitive because of the recent
tumor of Kennedy. all he was doing was pointing out his policies, not
attacking him personally. But all the party hacks like Rush were totally
silent about Kennedy and Savage suspects something going on. Finally,
maybe his eyes are opening up to the truth around him. This whole
republican/democrat is nothing but a shell game to distract people from
the truth. I think Soros owns both parties. These parties are nothing
but cheap whores who sold their soul for a buck. That is why you hear no
difference in most all these shows whether they are national or local
because they are all a part of the wicked nefarious establishment. So
all this right/left nonsense is lying fantasies, and you know where that
leads. You can tell just by the fruits. Those who buy into this have the
most wicked spirits like those of my family. That was why I was open to
demons in my past because of them. I think they have more demons now
than I ever had when I knew I was evil.

All those who were for
this raid now have egg on their face. I am curious to know where Hugh
Hewitt and Michael Medved stood on this case. Were they for it or
against it? I think Rush was for it because my family mindlessly go
along with anything he does. They do not have a mind of their own. They
have to be told by the likes of Rush what to think about anything. That
makes it clear where they are going. The same place Rush is going and
most of the church that follows him. You know, I would have more respect
if they weren’t so hypocritical. Like if they came out with churches of
Rush and had little fat statues of Rush that they bow to, than to drag
God through their blasphemous garbage and pretend to love and follow
him. Just like Titus 1:16, “They claim to know God but their actions
deny Him.”

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