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Army Suicides … Thanks To Bush’s War!

Posted by soldierservant on May 30, 2008

This information is coming from the Pentagon, not anti-war
organizations. This, like so much else, is more evil fruits of this war.
People better wake up and get a clue or else it may be them that end up
blowing their own brains out. Americanism and militarism is not the
answer, only Jesus. As long as people are given to idolatry they will
have nothing but heartache and misery. That is the wages of sin. Those
who will not read the bible and follow its advice will only have
tragedy. And just because they play AMAZING GRACE at their funerals
doesn’t save their souls. I also found it interesting that veterans from
all other wars have a suicide rate, proving all wars are evil, not just
Iraq. The wages of sin are death. As long as this continues the suicides
will never cease. God is not mocked. He does not bless evil and those
who do evil are not under His divine protection. As in Numbers 32:23
“…be sure that your sins will find you out.” Those who pursue
bloodshed will be pursued by bloodshed. Jesus said every tree that bears
bad fruit will cut down and thrown into the fire. The only hope is those
who love the Lord and obey his word. Those who live by the sword will
die by the sword.

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