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Who Is Worse? Earl Paulk Or George W. Bush?

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

I have heard stuff about Earl Paulk that makes this seem mild by comparison. I have come across sites that said he was guilty of rape and child molestation. People
think Clinton was bad? Of course now I hear all these hypocrites bashing
Clinton for his affairs and alleged rapes. So we are to believe that
Paula Jones was a poor victim when she went on to doing a porn layout?
It is funny that these same people have nothing to say about Bush who
funds countries like Sudan who brutally torture and rape christians
there. It appears to me that Bush is a much greater evil. If just
claiming to be christian made a person off limits to criticism then
these hypocrites have no right to criticize Clinton because he also
claimed to be christian. If those who make an excuse against his claims
by his immoral behavior then the very thing can be said about Bush and
the other phonies. What makes Clinton wrong and Bush only mistaken? It
is pure hypocritical doubletalk. Those who cover up for Bush are no
better than those who covered up for Clinton. Like that article I
recently sent you that mentioned about Lynne Chenney writing a lesbian
romance novel, not to mention George W’s homosexual tendencies. That
would only make sense why he put more homosexuals in because he must be
one of them. A straight person does not further homosexual agendas. That
is why I think Schwarzenegger must be one too, as well as good old Rudy.
Either that or they are getting a good pay off from them. I bet the
bushbots are speechless about Bush furthering the homosexual agenda. If
people did their homework they would know about this stuff. It is no
wonder this country is so dumbed down if they are listening to Rush or
Hannity. These idiots don’t even have charisma. I get so sick of the
media glorifying this war. The way they show it on the news about the
poor troops and their thanksgiving. They have no one else to blame but
themselves. They won’t show the true charities of those who are really
poor and suffering who have no choice, unlike the fools who decide to
fight in this futile war by being willing tools while leaving this
country and our borders unguarded and defenseless. Hypocrites talk about
how Clinton stripped our military. Well our navy is one of the most
pathetic in the world thanks to Bush. How naive do you have to be to
think you are protecting this country when you are sent off to abandon
it? They won’t show a thanksgiving banquet for the homeless. Jesus said
to give banquets for the poor, not for the military. Jesus did not have
compassion for warmongers. They choose their own hell. Oh well, they
have their reward, which will not go beyond this life and those who
reach the truly needy will have eternal reward. I swear they make a
religion out of this war that it is such blasphemy. They act like any
fool giving his life in this war saves his soul. It is quite the
opposite. Those who do the bidding of this antichrist globalist agenda
are more likely damned. Jesus is the only way. Just like the Bible says
that there is a way that seems right to man but only leads to death.
That sounds like that verse is talking about this war. I know you will
hear hypocrites twist out of context the scripture where Jesus says that
no greater love than this then a man lay down his life for his friends.
Well in a war he is also taking a few lives with him. Really no better
than a muslim suicide bomber. Don’t they lay their lives down? If that
is all it takes to be saved then all the suicide bombers are saved. How
stupid do people have to be? If this was really about good versus evil
then what about all the other wicked countries and leaders? Stuff that
is going on in Sudan or China makes Saddam look mild. Why aren’t we at
war with those countries? Instead we have an idiot for a president that
allows China to continue to poison us through their products. China is
the world’s largest polluters but liars say America is. If we are so
conscious about our environment then what are we doing by continuing
business with the world’s largest polluters? It is all a lie. You can’t
believe anything that comes out of Bush’s mouth. He say the economy is
great if it suits his purpose. Or the opposite if it doesn’t. Also why
would he let enemies in this country if this war was genuine? Or why
would he sell out to terror organizations like Dubai? None of the
bushbots can answer this. Also another scripture they may take out of
context is where Jesus talked about those who lose their life will find
it. If you pay close attention it says those who lose it for the sake of
Christ. They say this war is about giving the iraqis democracy. Nowhere
in the scripture does it tell us that democracy was Christ’s plan for
us. Jesus said that His kingdom is not of this world. Those who are
wrapped up in the idolatry of democracy are not of Christ because it
only focuses on the temporal and not the eternal. The gospel doesn’t
promote democracy or communism. Besides democracy over there is a lie
because there is no religious freedom over there. Those who truly want
freedom will fight for it themselves, instead of us fighting for them.
It is obvious they don’t want freedom or they themselves would fight for
it. This has got to be one of the dumbest wars ever. This proves the
mental incapacity of our COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF. What is christian about
this war? Do they pray over the bullets they fire? This is beyond
absurd. It seems like most apostate churches are caught up in only
giving to the troops while neglectling the poor and starving here at
home. What none of these hypocrites want to admit is that there are a
lot of homeless families and those who are in desperate need right here
in this country, not far off in a third world country. They don’t admit
this because it is poor reflection on Bush as well as their own lack of
compassion on the suffering around them.

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