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Oprah Winfrey: New Age Heretic

Posted by soldierservant on May 19, 2008

Last night Michael Savage mentioned this, comparing it to the Waco
incident under Clinton. This proves how much alike him and Bush are. He
said that this is just a distraction to cover up all the corruption
going on like the Bear Sterns scandal. When I start hearing about this
on the news that is exactly what was going through my mind, like another
Waco all over again. I know polygamy is wrong, but why is the government
so concerned about this when much worse is going on? We know the answer
to that. I also caught some of Oprah talking abot the NEW EARTH book she
is pushing. It is a bunch of newage psychobabble. It does mention
Christ, a false one, that is. They had all these testimonials praising
this book. Both christians and catholics said that it had opened their
eyes about Jesus. They said that it wasn’t about his mission to
sacrifice himself on the cross but only as teaching a way of life. Well
of course that is in it in part but to deny the cross is flat out
satanic. There was one that was a cancer survivor that was a christian
or just religious and she said that this book has opened her eyes to the
truth of Jesus. Then she was quite enthused when she talked about going
to Vegas (SIN CITY). Well we see the fruits of this for what it is. This
book does not go into what Christ really taught but came up with
nonsense phrases like “Christ-consciousness,” which is not in the bible.
Oprah claims to be a christian but is just another satanic imposter
doomed to the blackest darkness that is reserved for all false teachers.
Her fruits are so obvious. She has transexuals on her show and pushes
all kinds of filth like that. Also that this book is so widely accepted
is proof of how false it is. You can tell just by the mere terminology.
Whenever most talk about biggotry and tolerance or not being judgmental
they are talking about all religions being equal. These liars are not
following Christ because they would know that he said that he was the
only way. According to the world we are judgmental for following the
true Christ and obeying his word and believing him when he said that he
is the only way. What I can’t understand is why these hypocrites even
pretend to follow Christ when they ignore all his teachings and call him
a liar. What will these fools say when they stand before ALMIGHTY GOD?
You think they will lie to his face and say that he is intolerant? I
don’t think so. The will mourn at his return. But yes He is intolerant,
intolerant of sin. So if you don’t take up your cross to follow him then
you are not worthy of him and tolerance of sin will condemn your soul to
hell. So yes in order to be saved you better be intolerant. When God
restores righteousess he will first purge the earth of all the effects
of sin. In 2 Peter chapter 3 talks about the heavens melting with
fervent heat. This proves how much God hates sin. Those who do not hate
sin are not of God. They do not love him but hate him. Another one of
the testimonials came from a soldier in Iraq and Oprah and her audience
basically was bowing down to him like the catholics that venerate their
saints. All this idolatry and lies proves what direction we are headed
in. It will not get any better if all this nonsense keeps up. Also other
stuff from that book spouted a bunch of psychology nonsense that sounded
like it was written by a moron. You know neither of us have anyhing to
worry about because we are so sick of all this crap and prove that we do
not love this world. You are right about Oprah. She is as false as false
can be. She had an actress on there that was in a common law marriage,
which is not a marriage at all but living together, and Oprah praised
that. That proves that she does not know the bible and stands for
everything that is against it. This proves any fool can claim to be
christian. The way things are going I think Satan probably claims to be
a christian. Those who buy into all this garbage like Oprah, New Earth,
Bush, warmongering churches, and all other corrupt ways of this world
have much to worry about because those as such are not really saved
according to the bible. This is the broad path that leads to

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Why They Will Not Endure Sound Doctrine

Posted by soldierservant on February 11, 2008

This article addresses the likes of my family perfectly. Also Col.2:8
which talks about being held captive by hollow and deceptive
philosophies that are based on the principles of the world than rather
on Christ. That describes the church as it is today, full of all that
psychological self-help crap. Anyone that is truly born of God knows
that we can’t help ourselves but that God sustains all. Like scriptures
that say my help is from the Lord (not myself). I get so sick of all the

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All Of The New World Order Information Right Here!

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is the one site that has numberous links of very powerful revealing
stuff. I don’t mean to load you down but I know time is short and have
to get the truth out. It is amazing. I even hear those in the newage
revealing these globalist agendas. I found that almost shocking because
I thought the newage would be one of the leading propagators of this. I
guess Satan can’t completely deceive everyone 100%, but still enough to
damn them though. I heard this David Icke (newager) talk about the
illuminati and their tactics, one of which is global warming propaganda.
I agreed with most he had to say except where he said that religion is
the source of racism and hatred. The only thing that would make someone
think that is seeing the example of Ann Coulter. But I found him bit
hypocritical because most of his ideas come from the Bible, like the
microchips/mark of the beast as well as refering to the nephilim of
scripture. Why can’t these people see their own folly by using the book
of the God they deny? If they don’t believe the God of the Bible then
why do these hypocrites bother with that reference? This is proof that
they know the truth but deny, having the form of godliness but denying
the power thereof. Some seem so close to the truth but yet can’t seem to
go all the way with it. Well, thank God we have some true christian
sources like CUTTING EDGE MINISTRY where it is 100% truth. One of these
articles exposes the HEAVEN ON EARTH deception as a modern TOWER OF
BABEL. I notice that they don’t push this churchism because they know
most churches are pawns of the antichrist that preach a BABYLONIAN
UTOPIA like these megachurch phonies. Praise God all these megachurch
phonies are being exposed left and right.

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More New Agers Pretending To Be Christian!

Posted by soldierservant on November 15, 2007

This is the email I got from this newage organizaton that pretends to be
christian.It is this one world religion crap.Just like their name
implies,ONE.This also shows the folly of their objections.They claim
they are going to end poverty.This shows you the ignorance and arrogance
against Jesus’ words about the poor you will always have with you.They
think they can get away with contradicting Jesus.But besides them not
having His blessing this goal is impossible the way things are now.Every
government in the world is greedy and corrupt and they will alway steal
from their people.This is why all the money being thrown at all these
third world countries never ends up in the people’s hands and are still
starving.Those who claim they are ending poverty are lies from the pits
of hell.This isn’t happening and won’t ever happen.The only time when
poverty will be eliminated is when christ returns.These fools think they
can unite all the religions in order to end poverty.One would have to be
pretty naive to believe such mindless mush.I bet all these newage
churches like my brother’s probably go in for this crap.It would be a
good idea to warn through the blogs against these newage
organizations.So what if they could end poverty but yet let all the
souls go to hell.That proves how shallow this is.Of course Jesus told us
to give to the poor but he made no indication that we would be able to
end poverty.When I am able to give it sure won’t be through these
frauds.They are absolute liars when they deny that Jesus is the only


Dear Terry,

As ONE members, we care. We care about the child orphaned by HIV/AIDS. We care about the village that lacks access to clean water. And we care about the millions of people throughout the developing world who will go to bed hungry tonight. For many of us, that caring is borne of our faith.

Last week, I asked students to take action on our challenge: to make poverty history. Now, ONE is reaching out to people of faith and engaging traditions that say that when you spend yourselves on behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness. (Isaiah 58:10)

All of the major faiths believe that God is with the poor and that our humanity is reflected in what we do for the world’s most vulnerable people.

It is with that belief in mind that I invite you to be a leader in ONE Sabbath, our new initiative to bring the spirit of our churches, synagogues, mosques and temples to the movement to make poverty history.

During the weekend of November 23rd—25th, congregations that sign up to be a part of ONE Sabbath will host special services focused on a simple question “What can we do, as congregations and as believers, to bring healing to a world in which 28,000 children die every day from poverty-related causes?”

Sign up today to download the ONE Sabbath overview and, during the next six weeks, we will provide you with tools to build awareness and take action in your community of faith.

By taking part in ONE Sabbath, your congregation will be out in front, exploring how people of faith can bring compassion and leadership to the fight to end global poverty.

Faith has always been a driving force behind social change and that continues today. ONE is proud to partner with religious organizations and denominations that are already tackling issues like hunger, debt relief and HIV/AIDS. Visit our faith resource page to learn more about what your faith community is already doing to fight global poverty and how you can make that a part of ONE Sabbath.

The Torah instructs Jews to care for the poor through acts of compassion and loving kindness. In the Gospel of Matthew, Jesus teaches that what is done unto the poor is done unto Him. Zakat, serving the suffering of humanity, is one of the five pillars of Islam. We can all live our beliefs by standing up for those living in extreme poverty.

And this fall’s ONE Sabbath is only the beginning. In the next year, we’ll build on this weekend of hope and activism to work with people of faith and houses of worship across the country to elevate the issue of global poverty in 2008—when America will go to the polls and vote for new leaders and policies—and beyond.

ONE Sabbath starts one congregation and one service at a time—but I know that with a clear call from ONE members like you, we can bring the strength of faith and the power of belief to bear in this movement and truly become a refuge for the poor, a refuge for the needy in his distress, a shelter from the storm and a shade from the heat. (Isaiah 25:4)

Thank you for all you do,

Susan McCue,

P.S. Make sure to visit our online ONE Sabbath page to download information on ONE Sabbath and take a moment to share with us how your religious community is taking action in the fight against global poverty.



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This is a revealing arcticle of what is going on now.Ijust recently got

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

This is a revealing arcticle of what is going on now. I just recently got an email from ONE, a false christian newage organization promoting this crap.

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