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On Hypocritical Self Righteous Preachers And Right Wingers

Posted by soldierservant on November 12, 2007

The thing with these preachers is all their hypocritical
selfrighteousness.They accuse anybody that argues or debates as hatred
for their brother.Well if that is the case Jesus was wrong when he
argued with the pharisees.Or when Paul argued with Peter.This is how
they try to keep everyone silent on speaking out for the truth because
they keep everybody in fear that they will be a hatemonger or strife
sower if they take a righteous stand for truth.That was the very same
tactics that fallen Israel used against the true prophets of God.These
modern preachers would have been for the stoning of the prophets because
they prove they are of the same wicked spirit of those who did kill
them.These modern times are an exact parrallel to the times of the
prophets.Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it and
is why we are repeating it now.It was the false prophets that promoted
this positivity doctrine that is almost all you hear now.And just like
then there was much wrong that people denied just like now.They trusted
the arm of the flesh,like their military might,over God.They were
engaged in political corruption that is so prevalent now.Ancient Israel
had the arrogant assumption that since they were God’s chosen people
they could do whatever they wanted and get away with it.Sound
familiar?It is just like the americanism crap of today that the people
are arrogant because of our alledged goodness and can do whatever we
want and not get judged for it.Well if God’s word says that man’s
righteousness are as filthy rags then that nullifies their stance of our
innocence.I even hear secular rock bands talk about loss of innocence.IF
more common sense than most who think they are saved.The false unity and
passifism that these preachers promote is the very lukewarmness that
Jesus condemned in Revelation.It is clear where these false teachers are
headed.Only the truth will set people free,not watered down lies.All my
arguements with my family were out of love to try to save them from
lies.If I was full of hate I wouldn’t’ve even bother with them and let
them be damned.Jesus spoke of those who hate their brother as
murderers.Well who is my brother?The Bible is clear that it is those who
do the will of the Father.Those who don’t are not my brother.The Bible
doesn’t condemn all hatred because there are things God hates.He is
against those who hate for no reason and said it is those that are in
danger of hellfire.Who are the ones that hate for no reason?The
lockstepping bushbots are a perfect example of that.Anyone that exposes
his evil they show so much vile hatred for.Whenever I brung out facts
about Bush it was my family that took it personally and attacked
me,showing that they are the ones full of hate.I know I am not perfect
and struggle with anger and is why I worry a little about my messages if
any fleshly anger comes out in them because I can be pretty harsh at
times.But at least I am honest about it just like you are honest about
your shortcomings.It was funny when I watched Jack Van Impe talk about
the 7 woes to the pharisees from Jesus.It was as if he didn’t even know
what he was talking about.He just said that it was some strong
preaching.He couldn’t relate by giving any examples.He proves his
ignorance and that he really doesn’t know God.Those that know christ
will understand his words.He constantly takes scriptures out of
context.Like where the Bible talked about people not repenting of their
sorceries he said it was drugs.No,sorcery is sorcery.This right here
proves what dangerous grounds he is on by contradicting the bible.Drugs
would be in with drunkeness because it is all the same,substance
abuse.The Bible is clear that God will destroy those who destroy his
temple (our bodies).There is proof of rampant sorcery because our
government is steeped in it.So when these phonies that claim Christ go
along with this government they are going along with sorcerers.I don’t
know if you have heard but our space program NASA is deep into the
occult.Well the Bible says that Satan is the prince of the power of the
air.It makes you think that they know these aliens are demons and are
conspiring with them.It may be the government itself that is conjuring
UFOs.Phonies like John Hagee say our money has jewish symbol on it.He
said it was a star of David.While it does have the outline of a
hexagram,it is not like any star of David I have ever seen.It is not the
same one that is on Israel’s flag.In fact the occult uses hexagrams.Why
can’t he say it is an occultic symbol or refer to other occultic symbols
on there?The pyramid with the all seeing eye above it is a masonic
symbol of Lucifer that this government worships.Anyone that knows
history knows that Egypt was a pagan society and would stand to reason
that their structures,like pyramids,would be of the same influence.There
is also a demonic latin phrase on the american dollar bill.All these
lying preachers cover up these facts which means they are indeed working
for Satan.Those who don’t oppose Satan or his servants are on the same
side.They go along with this demonic system and on top of it all they
call it good and of God,which is blasphemy.Jesus strongly condemned
those who called evil,good and good,evil.You see that he is a deliberate
liar.He pretends to be on the side of Israel but yet doesn’t believe in
reaching them for Christ.I heard that Rush and Hannity were invited to
the whitehouse.That is proof that they are lapdogs of Bush.Of course we
know where they are going because the Bible says where dogs go (type of
person).The world accepts their own.I hear the likes of Hannity scorning
those who point out the pro-abortion stance of most of the republican
candidates.This proves what a vile phony he is.I would count it an
insult if Bush invited me to the whitehouse to be numbered along with
the homosexuals and terrorists he has invited over the years.I would
never be able to live it down.Bush has been confronted about the north
american union to which of course he denied as a conspiracy.No,he is the
conspirator.Why does he have to have secret meetings if it is
innocent?All evildoers do their dirty deeds in secret because they are
cowards.You don’t actually expect a liar to come out and tell the truth
about their own lies.There are those that have studied how communism
came about in other parts of the world discover that it is identical to
what is going on now.The European Union started the same way under the
guise of benevolent innocence.Of course,Satan comes as an angel of
light.There would be no support from the masses if they knew they were
bringing a monster into power.That is why cowards have to resort to
deception.We know we are very near the end the way or monetary system
will collapse at any moment.

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