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Midnight Cry Ministries: Mystery Babylon

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

This is an awesome article. I come across a lot of stuff that may be 90-99% right but this seems like 100% to me. I know that we are pretty aware of what is going on but this has helped further open my eyes. You know when you read the truth because it resonates in your spirit. I know you will love this and will want it for your own. This goes perfect for what you are doing when you are exposing the apostate church. This exposes the modern apostate church as descended from Babylon and is more
carnal than spiritual, which I have been knowing for some time now and is why I never found God in church. The whole idea behind these megachurches is the spirit of Babylon. This even talks about the remnant that is not happy, like comparing to when Israel as taken captive by Babylon, which is what is going on now in a spiritual sense. That is why we cannot find a good church because Babylon has taken over. Like this and what scriptures say that it will only get worse. The apostates will get more aggressive because they are under Satan’s power. But even they will be betrayed by their own.

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