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Surprise Surprise: Salmonella Outbreak From Mexico

Posted by soldierservant on August 24, 2008

It did not take a genius to figure out where the contamination came
from: Mexico. Just like I said before about what free trade is doing to
us. Well, we are reaping what we sow when no one stands up to our
corrupt leaders, or should I say servants. This proves how backwards the
american church is because it is like Chuck Baldwin says that the
authority in this country is “WE THE PEOPLE”. Since the people are not
leading then the servant becomes master. From the fruit of people’s own
corruption shall they eat of. God will not honor the prayers of those
who are too lazy to take any action themselves. Most get the idea that
God is some sort of genie waiting to grant our every wish, yet are not
willing to do anything themselves. Wicked and lazy servants will not
inherit the kingdom of God.

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Open Borders Prove “War On Terror” Is A Superficial LIE by Chuck Baldwin

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is ever so true. He points out that there is no real difference between McCain and Obama. That is because George Soros funds them both (but not Hillary). We know there is no difference between the parties
because there are republicans supporting Obama. It seems that the tactics of neocons like Rush are backfiring when he tried to divide the democrats in order for McCain to get it, when the republicans will end
up the most divided of them all. They are reaping what they sow. What Chuck said is true about WW2 being the last real war. Even at that, those world wars were inspired by the enemy because those wars are
Satan’s plan to bring about the antichrist. But besides that, Chuck is saying that every war since then has been for the sake of the UN.
Megadeth got it right by calling them the UNITED ABOMINATIONS. I seen a horror movie called UNCLE SAM that was right on the mark of what Chuck is saying here. There was a war veteran in that movie that was saying
ever since WW2 we don’t know what we are really fighting for. The villain of the story, of course, is a psychotic warmonger. It is so amazing how blind the church is. They are on the same side as satanic bands such as SLAYER, who always promote war and violence through their lyrics. You need to really bring this out that most of the apostate church is on Satan’s side. I realize you probably know nothing about this, but I do. I use to be one of SLAYERS biggest fans. They are satanic neocons. This exposes lying warmongers for what they are. The fruits speak for themselves. There are sites promoting these bands as republican, even AC/DC’s “Highway To Hell.” Well that speaks for itself. The republican way is the highway to hell. There are only very few bands
that speak the truth like Megadeth. It is hard to tell but I don’t think McCain will stand much of a chance because whoever he picks for VP will end up isolating one group or other.

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The American people were led to believe that America’s fine men and women in uniform were sent halfway around the world to Iraq and Afghanistan to fight a “war on terror.” Of course, everyone now knows that Saddam Hussein had nothing to do with the attacks on September 11, 2001. I am sure that most everyone also remembers that the vast majority of the terrorists who participated in those attacks were from Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. Yet, Saudi leaders continue to enjoy the coziest of relationships–and, dare I say, friendships–with President George W. Bush.

Does anyone besides me remember when Bush said that countries had to decide whether they would be friends with either terrorists or the United States, but that they could not be friends with both? Well, Saudi Arabia has probably financed, supported, and befriended more terrorists in the Middle East than any other nation in the world (except perhaps Red China), yet they continue to be “friends” with the United States.

Another glaring inconsistency regarding the “war on terror” is the fact that for some seven years since the 9/11 attacks, our nation’s borders and ports are as open and porous as ever. These open borders make the argument that “we are fighting them over there, so we won’t have to fight them over here” look absolutely disingenuous–even laughable.

If foreign terrorists want to bring the fight to America’s streets again, they still have plenty of opportunity to do so. In fact, we have no idea how many potential terrorists have already slipped across our borders and are right now living among us. Furthermore, we have no idea how many potential terrorists continue to pour through these wide open sieves that we call borders.

How can this administration look the American people in the eye with a straight face and claim that it is fighting a “war on terror,” while it does almost nothing to secure our borders and ports? As Marcellus said in Shakespeare’s Act 1 of Hamlet, “Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.” Amen. Something is also rotten in Washington, D.C.

Besides, why should al Qaeda attack us now? The U.S. occupation of Iraq is the best recruiting tool they ever had. Do the American people not realize (I think most of them actually do) that, thanks to our protracted occupation of Iraq, al Qaeda might actually be stronger now than it was when we invaded that country in 2003.

If the Bush administration was serious about fighting a war on terror, it would absolutely, resolutely, and immediately seal our borders and ports. It is nothing short of lunacy to send our National Guard forces to Iraq for the purpose of protecting that country’s borders, while leaving America’s borders wide open!

Not only does the Bush administration not secure our borders and ports, it wants to provide a “path to citizenship” for illegal aliens. It allows tax dollars to be used to pay for illegal aliens’ education, social services, and medical care. It offers birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. And it prosecutes and imprisons Border Patrol agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean for shooting (but not seriously enough to prevent his escape back into Mexico) a known illegal alien and drug trafficker.

No wonder the flood of illegal aliens has skyrocketed since George W. Bush became President of the United States.

And is there anyone who does not understand that a John McCain Presidency will be more of the McSame? A McCain White House promises a 100-year occupation of Iraq along with continued open borders and ports. Plus, McCain will also push forward with his plans to grant amnesty to illegal aliens.

In addition, when it comes to illegal immigration, amnesty, etc., there will be no relief from an Obama White House. Both Barack Obama and John McCain are pro-open borders, pro-amnesty twins.

Instead of fighting a “war on terror,” the Bush administration (and numerous administrations before it) is allowing our troops to be used as the personal militia of the United Nations and for the commercial benefit of international corporations.

Remember, soon after our troops invaded Iraq, President Bush explicitly reported that the reason for the invasion was to defend “the credibility of the United Nations.” But this has been the pattern of White House behavior ever since the U.N. was created back in 1945. Presidents from both parties have repeatedly injected U.S. troops into copious conflicts and wars, all for the purpose of enforcing and augmenting the policies of the United Nations.

In fact, the last constitutional conflict that the U.S. military fought was World War II. Virtually every war since has been a U.N. manufactured and manipulated conflict. The war in Iraq is no different.

I ask the reader, If you were President, and you sincerely believed that you were fighting a war on terror, and that you had to take the drastic action of sending other men’s sons and daughters to fight and die in order to wage this war (not to mention the prospect of potentially bankrupting the country to fight it), would you be so careless or indifferent as to not close the borders to the threat of terrorists who might actually decide to attack us? I doubt that there is a reader who would not agree that anyone who took such a task seriously would–at the very minimum–do this.

So, I repeat: the fact that George W. Bush refuses to seal our borders and ports proves that whatever else he thinks he is accomplishing in Iraq, he is disingenuous when he proclaims that he is fighting a “war on terror.” (Again, the country that had the closest connections to the 9/11 terrorists was Saudi Arabia, not Iraq. If fighting the terrorists was the focus, why did Bush not attack Saudi Arabia?)

And that means John McCain is disingenuous when he says he wants U.S. troops to stay in Iraq for 100 years so “we won’t have to fight the terrorists over here” while, at the same time, promoting amnesty for illegal aliens (which does nothing but promote even more illegal immigration).

No, my friends. The real war is not a “war on terror.” The real war is a war against constitutional government, personal liberty, and national sovereignty. It is a war against the fundamental principles of America’s Founding Fathers, that America should be a friend and trader with all, but engaged in entangling alliances with none. It is a war against the Bill of Rights. It is a war against the Spirit of ’76, the spirit that says America is a free and independent country, subservient to no international entity or interest. It is a war against the principle that would put America first. It is a war against the very heart and soul of everything this country has stood for ever since our patriot forebears stood on Lexington Green and Concord Bridge. And this war is not being waged from Baghdad or Tehran. It is being waged from Washington, D.C.

(c) Chuck Baldwin

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President Bush Defends Rapist-Murderer To Appease Mexico

Posted by soldierservant on November 10, 2007

Like I said in a previous message how Bush is exposed for his wickedness
each and every day.If Bush wants to keep the death penalty from those
who deserve it then one must wonder about those he excuted might have
been innocent.Seeing all this evidence proves that this one world order
is nothing glorious when innocents will be excuted while the guilty are
set free.Those who continue to lockstep with this vile administration
are exposed for the vile spirits they are.Just like the religious
establishment was full of the devil as Jesus had said back in his
time,so it is now.

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It seems President George W. Bush will stop at no lengths to appease
Mexico and place the United States under international authority. His
latest fiasco, however, twists logic, mocks justice, and defies

I am referring to the fact that President Bush is asking the U.S.
Supreme Court to overturn the death penalty of an illegal Mexican
alien convicted of brutally raping and murdering two Houston, Texas
teenagers back in 1993. (I wrote about this case already. See )

Here is Word Net Daily’s (WND) latest report of the story: “At issue
is the death penalty verdict for Jose Medellin, who confessed in 1993
to participating in the rape and murder of two Houston teenagers.
Jennifer Ertman and Elizabeth Pena were sodomized and strangled with
their shoe laces. Medellin then boasted of keeping one girl’s Mickey
Mouse watch as a souvenir of the crime.

“The Bush administration is before the U.S. Supreme Court seeking to
overturn the death penalty, at the behest of the International Court
of Justice, a division of the United Nations.

“Medellin and four others were convicted of capital murder and sent to
Texas’ death row. A juvenile court sentenced Medellin’s younger
brother, who was 14 at the time, to 40 years in prison.”

(See the full WND report at )

Why, you ask, would President Bush appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court on
behalf of an illegal alien who murdered two American teenagers?
According to administration officials, it is because “the Texas court
[that convicted and sentenced Medellin] is undermining the president’s
efforts to conduct foreign policy.”

You read it right. President Bush is defending a rapist-murderer,
because the man is an illegal alien and, therefore, should be turned
over to the authority of a UN “world court.” And, according to Bush,
for the State of Texas to refuse to do so undermines the President’s
efforts to conduct foreign policy.

One has to wonder: just what kind of foreign policy does President
Bush want to conduct? Apparently, Bush’s foreign policy determines
that it is more important to appease the Mexican government than see
justice done for two American families who had their teenage daughters
raped and murdered by an illegal alien from Mexico.

Remember, this is from a President who, when he was Governor of Texas,
signed more than 150 death warrants. This is the same man who mocked
condemned prisoner Karla Faye Tucker after she had accepted the Lord
Jesus Christ as her personal Savior and had appealed to Bush for
clemency. In fact, George W. Bush just might be the only chief
executive in American history to publicly mock someone who was about
to die.


See also

See also

In his autobiography, “A Charge To Keep,” G.W. Bush addressed the
subject of granting clemencies for people convicted of capital crimes.
He said that it was not his job “to replace the verdict of a jury
unless there are new facts or evidence of which a jury was unaware, or
evidence that the trial was somehow unfair.” He has now obviously
forgotten this principle.

Texas Solicitor General Ted Cruz is arguing on behalf of the state
court and its death penalty. He called Bush’s actions “breathtaking.”
He told the Houston Chronicle, “It is emphatically not the province of
the president to say what the law is. If this president’s assertion of
authority is upheld in this case, it opens the door for enormous
mischief from presidents of either party. What might these presidents
be inclined to do if they had the power to flick state laws off the

According to WND, Alliance Defense Fund Chief Counsel Benjamin Bull
said he expected justices Souter, Stevens, Breyer, and Ginsburg to
side with President Bush. For example, when Justice Ruth Bader
Ginsburg was General Counsel with the ACLU, she wrote a law review
article “advocating that American foreign policy be under the United
Nations.” According to Bull, the Medellin case “is manna from heaven”
for Ginsburg.

The Medellin case might be manna from heaven for Ruth Bader Ginsburg,
but it is rotten potatoes for the American people. And President Bush
is the cook in the kitchen serving up this garbage.

Is it any wonder that former Mexican President Vicente Fox told Larry
King Live last Tuesday evening that he and President Bush had agreed
to “create a new regional currency in the Americas.” (See the story at )

Fox was asked by a listener what he felt about the possibility of
having a Latin America united with one currency. According to the CNN
transcript obtained by WND, “Fox answered in the affirmative,
indicating it was a long-term plan. He admitted he and President Bush
had agreed to pursue the Free Trade Agreement of the Americas–a free
trade zone extending throughout the Western Hemisphere, suggesting
part of the plan was to institute eventually a regional currency.”

Is there anyone who cannot see what Bush is doing? He has committed
the United States to a trilateral, hemispheric government in which
each of the three nations–the U.S., Mexico, and Canada–are united
under one regional authority. This is why President Bush demonstrates
such stubborn resistance to any plan that would attempt to keep the
United States independent of this newly formed regional authority.

Because of Bush’s plan to merge the U.S. into a North American
Community, he is determined to grant illegal aliens amnesty, and he is
willing to demand that illegal aliens who rape and murder American
citizens must be turned over to a “world court.”

It is time the American people face the reality that President Bush is
deliberately and intentionally sacrificing America’s sovereignty and
independence in order to fulfill his elitist plans for global
unification. If our congressmen and senators had any real courage,
they would impeach this man and his Vice President for treason.

The sad reality is, however, many of our congressmen and senators are
just as guilty as Bush and Cheney. Furthermore, if the American people
themselves would break away from “American Idol” and their favorite
college football games long enough to see what was really happening in
this country, we would not have these bozos in Congress to begin with.

America’s biggest threat is not from al Qaeda; it is from these
conniving internationalists in Washington, D.C.  An al Qaeda terrorist
can possibly knock down a building or bridge and kill a few of us, but
these traitors (from both major parties) in Washington have the power
to enslave the whole country–and that is exactly what they are in the
process of doing.

So, in the name of “conducting foreign policy,” President George W.
Bush is doggedly defending a Mexican rapist-murderer. However, what he
is really doing is working to appease his elitist Mexican counterparts
so they together can implement their New World Order agenda. I don’t
know about anyone else, but it makes me want to puke!

(c) Chuck Baldwin
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