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Midnight Cry Ministries: Mystery Babylon

Posted by soldierservant on August 21, 2008

This is an awesome article. I come across a lot of stuff that may be 90-99% right but this seems like 100% to me. I know that we are pretty aware of what is going on but this has helped further open my eyes. You know when you read the truth because it resonates in your spirit. I know you will love this and will want it for your own. This goes perfect for what you are doing when you are exposing the apostate church. This exposes the modern apostate church as descended from Babylon and is more
carnal than spiritual, which I have been knowing for some time now and is why I never found God in church. The whole idea behind these megachurches is the spirit of Babylon. This even talks about the remnant that is not happy, like comparing to when Israel as taken captive by Babylon, which is what is going on now in a spiritual sense. That is why we cannot find a good church because Babylon has taken over. Like this and what scriptures say that it will only get worse. The apostates will get more aggressive because they are under Satan’s power. But even they will be betrayed by their own.

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All Of The New World Order Information Right Here!

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is the one site that has numberous links of very powerful revealing
stuff. I don’t mean to load you down but I know time is short and have
to get the truth out. It is amazing. I even hear those in the newage
revealing these globalist agendas. I found that almost shocking because
I thought the newage would be one of the leading propagators of this. I
guess Satan can’t completely deceive everyone 100%, but still enough to
damn them though. I heard this David Icke (newager) talk about the
illuminati and their tactics, one of which is global warming propaganda.
I agreed with most he had to say except where he said that religion is
the source of racism and hatred. The only thing that would make someone
think that is seeing the example of Ann Coulter. But I found him bit
hypocritical because most of his ideas come from the Bible, like the
microchips/mark of the beast as well as refering to the nephilim of
scripture. Why can’t these people see their own folly by using the book
of the God they deny? If they don’t believe the God of the Bible then
why do these hypocrites bother with that reference? This is proof that
they know the truth but deny, having the form of godliness but denying
the power thereof. Some seem so close to the truth but yet can’t seem to
go all the way with it. Well, thank God we have some true christian
sources like CUTTING EDGE MINISTRY where it is 100% truth. One of these
articles exposes the HEAVEN ON EARTH deception as a modern TOWER OF
BABEL. I notice that they don’t push this churchism because they know
most churches are pawns of the antichrist that preach a BABYLONIAN
UTOPIA like these megachurch phonies. Praise God all these megachurch
phonies are being exposed left and right.

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Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

This is a very powerful article here. This indicates that the likes of these famous preachers is to deceive people into accepting and worshipping the antichrist.  I know we always talk about this to a certain degree but it is hard to fully grasp this major deception. This article kind of givesan idea how these imposters are everywhere and their end goal. We are already seeing a little taste of that now with Pat Robertson’s endorsement of a
most ungodly candidate that promotes homosexuality and abortion. This alone ought to wake people up. I doubt it because most Christians will probably make some flimsy excuse or downplay it.

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