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Republican Corruption At State And Local Levels!

Posted by soldierservant on May 28, 2008

This is a great site exposing the republican corruption. The majority of
them are serious crimes like child rape of boys and girls from those who
tout “VALUES.” This proves how phony all this “values” crap is. This had
links in here connecting to the scandals brought up in this. So I will
have to look more into this myself. Well, we already knew of some such
as Mark Foley and few others but there are a whole lot more than what
was covered by the national news. And here these neocon liars tell us
how the mainstream media is biased against them when they are covering
up the evil of republicans. Well I hope you get around to blogging this
to expose these liars for what exactly the perverted monsters they are,
even for your own blog. I know this is coming from a democrat, but they
aren’t as hypocritical, pretending to have good moral values. Some of
the stuff brought out in this we do know of, like Schwarzenegger, who we
know is pro-homosexual and pro-abortion. This is proof that republicans
are going to hell for all the child rapists that they are and those who
support these monsters. Corrupt man us willing to turn a blind eye to
all the evil and corruption. God isn’t! The republican’s days are
numbered. They are all the more accountable for pretending to be the
opposite of what they actually are. I encourage you to spread this info
to all republicans you know as a warning of where they are headed if
they do not defect from this wicked evil party. This party is on the
level of Sodom and Gomorrah. Of course both parties actually are, but
republicans lie and pretend they are against it, which makes them more
dangerous to the gullible.

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