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The UN Plan for Global Migration Part 2: The Emerging New World Order

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

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The Various Meanings Of Sin And Anti – Christ

Posted by soldierservant on November 23, 2007

There are many descriptions of the antichrist. According to my Bible
(NIV STUDY BIBLE) all of these descriptions are applied. I guess they
all are essentially sin. It says that he is a man of sin, lawlessness,
perdition, and probably a few other things as well. These other terms
are types of sin. While those in sin may have some ethics, like those
who are adulterers may not be murderers, and so on. Lawlessness is like
supreme evil. It is anything goes to which there are no ethics at all.
It is the very nature of hell itself. Murder, rape, thievery, is all the
same. It is pure chaos. This is why God establishes law and order. He
didn’t establish law as a means of oppression but guidelines for health
and spirituality. Jesus was very clear about the nature of lawlessness
by the likes of illegals. He said only a thief comes through a window
instead of the door. Liars like Mike Huckabee teach the opposite. He
says the Bible promotes illegals, which is flat out contradiction to
God’s word. Nowhere in God’s word does he reward any kind of illegality.
I don’t think we have to worry about him because he doesn’t have enough
of a following to make it. The illegals prove their wicked nature. 30%
make up our prison population. They have better chance of getting out
than our own criminal citizens. They are guilty of every evil under the
sun. They have terrorized our citizens through murder, rape, child
molestation, and rampant infectuous diseases. They are literally human
garbage. They are a big contributer to traffic accidents. They have
proven they have the very nature of hell. I cannot feel sorry for these
scum of the earth. They are useless to Christ and will be disposed of in
the fires of hell. Those who defend Bush are promoting lawlessness and
so are as guilty. These hypocrites like these talk show hosts as well as
my dad says that Bush is wrong on this or that. Well you do not support
the wrong. They trivialize serious wickedness as though it is some minor
character flaw. These hypocrites say that it is not clear cut black and
white, but that is exactly what the Bible teaches. They are calling God
a liar when they say these things. They always say that prayer is the
only answer. Again, the Bible itself refutes these lies. It says prayer
according to His will. Fools think they can pray any which way and God
will favor it. Also says that the prayer of the righteous availeth much,
not those of the unrighteous. Prayers from liars is nothing more than
witchcraft. The Bible also says that faith without works is dead. The
Bible is pretty clear that the illegal or illegitimate will not enter
in. These churches that aid these criminals are promoting lawlessness.
They are a part of this antichrist system. He won’t have to do much to
win them over into thinking that he is the real Christ. If Bush can fool
them anyone can. Many seem to think Bush is Christ. Well, as long as he
is a republican. That somehow makes the antichrist good as long as he
has an R next to his name, sarcastically speaking.

You have heard about Huckabee promoting illegals and even trying to
twist scriptures to back him up? I know there are scriptires about
treating aliens fairly, but that has nothing to do with promoting
lawlessness like Huckabee is doing. He is worse than Bush on this
illegal issue. Ron Paul seems to be the only one that is not tied with
these wicked groups like ILLUMINATI or BILDERDERGS. As powerful as these
groups may be they are not all powerful. Their biggest tactics are
deception by dismissing truth tellers as nuts. This is an old communist
tactic. Just like the Bible says that there is nothing new under he sun.
This is why I know that Ron Paul is for real and the only true one among
the candidates. Duncan Hunter seems too pro-war. Maybe the war wouldn’t
be so horribly mismanaged under him, but really no guarantees. All one
needs to do is to examine the kind of people that are opposed to Ron
Paul, all the phonies. That tells me all I need to know. I really hope
you don’t come to the defense of someone like Huckabee that promotes

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