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George Bush’s Law of The Sea Treaty Is Part Of The Anti – Christ Agenda

Posted by soldierservant on November 6, 2007

Have you heard about this LAW OF THE SEA treaty of the UN that Bush is trying to pass but few senators are fighting it? This is something we really need to pray against because this is the thing that the UN will use to enforce the one world order. All these stupid bushbot fools are running around like chickens with their heads cut off over Hillary when
they need to be concerned over Bush. Hillary is no threat at all. Even most democrats can’t stand her. That is why can’t undersand why they are so paranoid over her. Much like the liberals,the bushbots don’t make any sense either. This proves that Bush is on the same side as Soros (who all the hypocritical bushbots love to demonize). What is it about Bush that these morons can’t understand?

I almost pull my hair out even when listening to Michael Savage. While he points out the corruption of Bush he says he can’t understand why he takes opposing sides. Even a
braindead moron can figure this out. It isn’t rocket science. What is so hard to understand that Bush is not what he pretends to be?  When I see such stupidity even among the brightest of talk show hosts I feel it is all hopeless. Bush has everyone under a witchcraft spell to make them stupid and it is working.

According to that recent article I sent you that the so called evangelicals are supposedly waking up but I am wondering if it is too little too late. This treaty is serious stuff and
need to get word out a soon as possible. All the scoffers will be wetting their pants when they finally figure out what we have been saying all along is true but probably too late to do anything about.

It really doesn’t matter what Bush’s intentions are. He will not be judged by his intentions but by his actions. He has denied Jesus before men and so he will be denied by Jesus before the Father. Bush’s sins stack up like the tower of Babel, and like that tower it will topple. If this country can’t turn from it’s wickedness then we will get what we

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